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  1. Hello John. I've only just seen this message. Did you manage to get in touch with Jim in the end? If not, is your message still relevant? Roly
  2. Playing two Anglos at once is easier than it looks. I've done it at dances when I considered that the dancers took themselves too seriously.
  3. Does anyone know what tuning this instrument is in? ATB Big Roly The Jeffries Anglo, that is.
  4. Hello there. A French friend brought this to my attention: Lot No: 6 Concertinas An Anglo Concertina by Charles Jeffries Stamped C. Jeffries Maker on the left hand endplate the foliate nickel endplates with 46 nickel buttons, 7 folds of black leather (bellows replaced). (1) Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000, €2,200 - 3,300 (seen: 02/12/09. Should go under the hammer a bit later this month.) Does anyone know what tuning this instrument is in? ATB Big Roly
  5. Ça alors! Why was that? I've criss-crossed the old Manche any number of times, doing Roly's Famous Christmas Tree Act, encumbered by everything from hurdy-gurdy to rauschpfeife and never been expected to declare a thing, other than, what does a middle-aged man think he's doing, travelling by himself like that? (Can't be up to any good. Must be a crazed, drug-dealing Muslim fundamentalist paedophile suicide bomber with incurable bed-wetting...) I respect Her Majesty's Customs and Excise and Immigration services. They have a job to do. I'd sooner they didn't do it all over me... I urge all you non-Brits: never, never, say "I went to a festival" - even if it's a Bach organ festival - in the earshot of the U.K. border authorities. The word "festival" has the same effect as a pig gate-crashing a Bar-Mitzvah. And of course the x-ray image of a concertina never fails to create an impression. Best wishes, and sorry to digress. Big Roly
  6. Hello Dan, hello everybody. It's Fred West, Dan - Big Roly was referring to this nasty piece of work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_West We may be more curious about serial killers over here, as many Brits seem to know a lot about those from the other side of the pond as well as the home-grown ones... Oh...how awful. Way too young to be Scan's old friend, thank goodness. Sorry to get the wind up you! I lived in the same town (Cheltenham) as at least one of the non-concertina-playing West's victims - but enough of that. I see that Scan's chum Harry 'Bogie' Woolgar, played only one side of the anglo. Why was that? A disability, or was it because he could? I've given it a try, myself, clutching the 'tina between my knees, and attempting to play the drones on a set of Border pipes with my other hand. I suppose other people's opinion of me is quite justified really. All the best Big Roly
  7. We can add to this list George Cann (Bob's uncle) and his neighbour, or near-neighbour, Les Rice from mid-Devon. Bob Cann owned several Anglos himself.But I find the idea of Fred West playing an Anglo rather frightening. Was there no end to his villainy? Cheers Big Roly
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