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  1. Big_Roly

    Double Concertina Case available in Edinburgh

    Playing two Anglos at once is easier than it looks. I've done it at dances when I considered that the dancers took themselves too seriously.
  2. Big_Roly

    Query: Jeffries Anglo for sale at Bonham's

    Does anyone know what tuning this instrument is in? ATB Big Roly The Jeffries Anglo, that is.
  3. Hello there. A French friend brought this to my attention: Lot No: 6 Concertinas An Anglo Concertina by Charles Jeffries Stamped C. Jeffries Maker on the left hand endplate the foliate nickel endplates with 46 nickel buttons, 7 folds of black leather (bellows replaced). (1) Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000, €2,200 - 3,300 (seen: 02/12/09. Should go under the hammer a bit later this month.) Does anyone know what tuning this instrument is in? ATB Big Roly
  4. Big_Roly

    irish customs help!

    Ça alors! Why was that? I've criss-crossed the old Manche any number of times, doing Roly's Famous Christmas Tree Act, encumbered by everything from hurdy-gurdy to rauschpfeife and never been expected to declare a thing, other than, what does a middle-aged man think he's doing, travelling by himself like that? (Can't be up to any good. Must be a crazed, drug-dealing Muslim fundamentalist paedophile suicide bomber with incurable bed-wetting...) I respect Her Majesty's Customs and Excise and Immigration services. They have a job to do. I'd sooner they didn't do it all over me... I urge all you non-Brits: never, never, say "I went to a festival" - even if it's a Bach organ festival - in the earshot of the U.K. border authorities. The word "festival" has the same effect as a pig gate-crashing a Bar-Mitzvah. And of course the x-ray image of a concertina never fails to create an impression. Best wishes, and sorry to digress. Big Roly
  5. Big_Roly

    History Of The Anglo In England, Pre-1920

    Hello Dan, hello everybody. It's Fred West, Dan - Big Roly was referring to this nasty piece of work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_West We may be more curious about serial killers over here, as many Brits seem to know a lot about those from the other side of the pond as well as the home-grown ones... Oh...how awful. Way too young to be Scan's old friend, thank goodness. Sorry to get the wind up you! I lived in the same town (Cheltenham) as at least one of the non-concertina-playing West's victims - but enough of that. I see that Scan's chum Harry 'Bogie' Woolgar, played only one side of the anglo. Why was that? A disability, or was it because he could? I've given it a try, myself, clutching the 'tina between my knees, and attempting to play the drones on a set of Border pipes with my other hand. I suppose other people's opinion of me is quite justified really. All the best Big Roly
  6. Big_Roly

    History Of The Anglo In England, Pre-1920

    We can add to this list George Cann (Bob's uncle) and his neighbour, or near-neighbour, Les Rice from mid-Devon. Bob Cann owned several Anglos himself.But I find the idea of Fred West playing an Anglo rather frightening. Was there no end to his villainy? Cheers Big Roly