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  1. colledge

    Use Tax

    The person at the IL dept of Revenue basically confirmed what Ross said. Because Dipper is in the business of making concertinas its a tangible item that I bought for use in Illinois, I owe the tax. I'm gonna read the statute, but it seems they justify the tax on the grounds that you hurt the state and it's retailers by living here and going out of state to buy, but they don't have an exemption if you can't get the item in state. Why would these geniuses do a silly thing like that?
  2. colledge

    Use Tax

    Thanks Moira, that looks good and correctly describes C&R Dipper. Dave, its a tax imposed on you for buying something out of state to avoid sales tax, by proving to you that you bought it, could have bought it in state, and essentially charging you the sales tax anyway to protect in state retailers.
  3. colledge

    Use Tax

    I thought I'd share this here, since it involves buying. 1 year ago my name finally came up and I finally received my long awaited Dipper Clare. A beautiful 33 button gem of marbled ebony. The sibling of this instrument http://comhaltas.ie/music/detail/comhaltaslive_380_7_mairead_corridan_plays_the_lone_bush/ Its a beauty. To say it was worth the wait would be difficult. They should do before and after photos of how much hair you have when you order a Dipper and when you get it, but I had one chance for something of this magnitude. Anyway I just received a notice from the Illinois Dept. of Revenue that they will be auditing this purchase to make sure I don't owe Use tax. Has anyone gotten this from their state due to the expensive nature of concertinas? I think its exempt and only applies to retailers. They want me to send them all of these documents and do their job for them. Maybe I'll call but this is annoying.
  4. Sorry I commented before reading the other thread. Not trying to stir up another emotional discussion. I'm very undisciplined on this forum for some reason.
  5. Why don't you just say that you backed out of the sale because someone else offered you more money for the item? Isn't that what really happened and it went into your spam? If you put it out there for the highest offer, and the transaction wasn't complete, I suppose it would be prudent to tell the person you agreed to sell to that they are invited to match the higher offers. Ultimately, I think you have a right to seek the highest price people will pay.
  6. Great intermediate concertina. Ordered in 1998. Delivered in 2000. Upgraded in 2006. Last tuned in 2009, all by H Herrington. I've played it at sessions regularly since getting it. Comparable to an Edgley, great tone and action. The size is a tiny bit smaller than the last Edgley I saw. Wood case included. Asking $1100 PM me if interested short vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zoQMBrDiMs
  7. Do you really think that a Dipper County Clare is in the same category as a Stradavarius? -- Relatively speaking, of course I do. I agree, and will add that in the scope of time that spans centuries, violins that are up to 150 years age difference are compared to each other. So in 2210, comparing an 1895 Jeffries with a 1995 Dipper could be likely, but Dipper's superior quality and artistry will be evident. A Jeffries would be close, but more like an Amati.
  8. I don't recall a new Dipper, from the source, ever being that high. Am I wrong? I thought it was more like £3-4000, depending on what you're getting. which makes this analogy very confusing, relative to this persons sale.
  9. Sorry Azalin, my bad. She's in US.
  10. If she's asking for an offer of US$10,000, I would think that conversion to anything else would be her problem. Meg, I'm sure the folks who low balled you are simply checking to see how badly you need to sell and how low you'll go, likely because they will attempt to turn a profit. There's nothing wrong with telling you to take it or leave it. If it's not enough just leave it. I hope you get $10,000 for it. It's beautiful, unique, and probably not the kind you could get them to make anymore. It looks like a modern relic. Even if you really need the money, I wouldn't go below US$8,000
  11. Um, I was referring the unique size, which he doesn't specify on his website, and may be a new model. I knew about the instruments.
  12. I played a really nice Thomas concertina here in Chicago the other day. It was small, maybe 51/2 inches. 31 buttons. Crisp, fast and loud. Wish I knew about them a few years ago
  13. I would think that a concertina w/ concertina reeds, in good playing condition just wouldn't be the cost as a hydrid, which is more what you get for $2000. So, a Wheatstone, early or late, those all have concertina reeds. I think I saw a later out on the internet market recently, but it was that cheap. I recommend the Tedrow Zephyr.
  14. The kit is a hybrid isn't it? It has accordion reeds?
  15. Sean, I couldn't get along without a B flat (A#) on the right hand accidental row but I see that you don't have one in yours as written above. There are several tunes that I play that are in the key of F and that B flat on that right accidental row is indispensable when it comes to playing them. Steve Thanks. I actually thought that myself so I changed The G#/G on mine map, to a G#/ A# and moved the G pull down to the bottom row extra pull, right next to the G push. That's probably better there as well. I did this of course because I think I need the button, but I don't really go looking for it very much.
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