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  1. Hi. any one know of a ebony ended linota for sale? any info would be great. thanks my email- 0872800980@vodafone.ie Sean
  2. Thanks for all the interest and offers. Will also consider any reasonable offers/trades? thanks
  3. Hi, a friend is looking to sell a metal ended, year old, wheatstone reeded wakker phoenix. Any one interested can send me a PM. thanks all.
  4. I will consider any reasonable offer for this concertina......
  5. Now up on ebay...............................................
  6. I have no choice but to sell this lovely Suttner A2 31 button C/G with ebony ends. number 407. located in ireland. bought recently for 5600. i will accept 5400. four year waiting list at the moment. Can ring me on +353 (0) 872800980 or send me an email.
  7. Still looking for a good home. 6900 ono - 27/05/09
  8. Hi. Selling this gorgeous Wakker Phoenix C/G with Ebonised ends. #889. Only a few made every year. Rivetted levers, metal buttons, in wheatstone lay out. Made with lachenal reeds. details can be found on the concertina conncetion website. just bought from Chris Algar. Located in Ireland. If interested please contact me. asking 4200 euro.
  9. Hi. still for sale as of 27/05/2009. 6900 ono.
  10. The intentions were good. Thanks anyways.
  11. Hi, any one know of any c#/g# wakker or suttner for sale?
  12. Hi, This is a jeffries 30 key ivory button c/g concertina, up for sale. Was bought from Chris algar originally. All new pads and valves. Lovely concertina to play. selling for a friend. Contact me by private message for any more info or details. Asking 6900 euro. Oh and its located in Ireland. thanks!
  13. Thats greats. thanks to everyone for any info. Its a great help.
  14. Hi, i'm just wondering if any one could suggest the best way to send a concertina over seas? Seems to be very expensive and some companies won't take them? Can any one recommend a good company/courier/service?
  15. Can you tell us what you think is something cheap? In comparison to a steel reeded rosewood ended lachenal maybe.
  16. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone might have an old mahogony ended 30 key lachenal. Even brass reeds. just something cheap. my email is 0872800980@vodafone.ie Any info or offers would be great. Thanks Sean O Fearghail
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