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  1. On 11/3/2018 at 4:14 PM, Geoff Wooff said:

    Just this last week  there was an interesting  Wheatstone English  for auction  on ebay france.  Interesting because it was a model  7  ( which is a flat  ended Hex.  56 key  Tennor Treble)  which is quite  a usefull  budget  model.  Also of interest was  the address  of the seller  ,    the town of Guérande on the coast of  Brittany,  a place famous  for  its  salt industry and  sandwiched  between  the sea and  a large wetland area.


    I was encouraged  by the  low bids  to look hard at  the photos  but every  steel external part  had  sure signs of rust. Short of detailed internal pictures  I decided it  might be  too much of a gamble,  with the distinct  possibility  of  rusty reeds.  I hope that  whoever   the winner is  finds a good set of reeds   !

    Even though all the rest of the parts are fairly corroded on the outside,  the reeds are surprisingly OK! Small bits of rust but I have come across a lot worse. Maybe it didnt live there for long. Or was never played once arriving there. Everything is in very good shape apart from the steel parts on the outside. 


  2. And just while we're on the subject... I recently serviced a concertina that was only a few years old.. That now lives in Doolin, (on the Atlantic coast) in an old enough house... The reeds that were closest to where the case closed, were already starting to form rust on them...!!! About 6 of them... 


  3. Hi lads, I'm back in business after a very, very busy year. The best way to get a hold of me is to send me an email at - 


    or other details will soon be on the website. I am now permanently located in Athlacca, Co. Limerick, Éire

    Best wishes and happy squeezing to everyone! ?

    le gach dea-ghuí,



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  4. I hope that people don't mind me adding this post but I have put together a little website.




    I have been repairing all kinds of concertinas for a good few years now and I just wanted people to know that it's there and is an option for people.


    I have a huge amount of people to thank for their support, knowledge and patience. (A lot of people read and contribute to this great site.)


    I won't name people as I will probably leave someone out.


    Thanks and best wishes to all,


    Seán Ó Fearghail

  5. Hi Would anyone be interested in a full set of short scale/ normal scale Wheatstone reeds from a wheatstone maccann in old pitch...... untouched..... 2% donation to concertina.net if sold here..... ofearghail@gmail.com or 0872800980.... Located in Ireland....

    from the 1910/-1925 period.... i'll check what date concertina when i'm home next.....

  6. Very good. Thanks Stephen. Yes clamping plates were rectangular and had gaps on either side showing the screw threads.... Yes very similar to pictures of nickold reeds. The action looks like crabb though.... But shinny... Might have been replaced... Ill add a picture.


  7. I've come across this concertina that might be of interest to people. Inside i found the stamp of T. Bostock (maker) in it. I know he had a connections with the Crabb family which is very evident. The levers are rounded with the middle flattened and the levers are parallel but rotated by 60 degrees on either end. I'll put up a few pictures of the fretwork..lovely little box. C/g. Just thought it might be of interest. Was it bought from (or in parts) from Crabb and sold on?



  8. Thanks a million guys. Really appreciate the info. Interesting about the 40 keys. I understand that there was a lot of reeds to pack into that space but imagined that they would be the longer scale... But still.. Suppose if the clearance is good it makes a huge difference. Thanks again! If i ever win the lotto... Ill get one of each and compare...

  9. Hi, A question for the experts......

    What would the difference have been between

    'Steel Reeds' vs. 'Best Steel Reeds' vs. 'Best Tempered Steel reeds' in the Anglo/duet 1920's wheatstone price lists?

    I know that the long scale reeds were considered the best but would the 'best steel reeds' be long scale reeds as well?

    I know it has probably been discussed before but i can't find a definitive answer.

    And unfortunately i don't have one of each to compare. :)


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