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  1. It's a treble. However, I believe I've sold it. If you'd like, check back in a few days. Thanks, Bob

  2. Bob, is your Morse a Treble or Baritone?

  3. I do want to sell this concertina. It's better than new because it's well broken in. No issues whatsoever, not a scratch on it, good as new, just broken in. I think it was manufactured in 2004. I've played it a lot, but no longer so much. I concentrate on my Anglo. At any rate, I'm willing to reduce my asking price to $1,500 and I'll split shipping and insurance. I won't sell out of the USA. I think Morse sells this concertina, a treble, for $2,150 new. So, $1500 is a decent asking price. If there are no takers by this weekend, I'll list it on e-Bay, although I'd much rather sell it through this forum. Thanks, Bob Poulton Torrey, Utah I can be contacted either through the forum, or by telephone at (435)425-3004.
  4. I posted a couple of weeks ago. I have a very nice Morse English Concertina that I'd like to sell or possibly trade for a Martin D18, or HD28 guitar, or a nice banjo. I'm asking $1,700 US for the concertina, plus shipping, but am open to reasonable offers. I'm located in south central, Utah. I will not ship the instrument out of the USA, but, am willing to pay for postage and insurance via UPS. I spend most of my time with my Anglo and the Morse doesn't get the use it ought to have. If sold through Concertina.net, I'll make a contribution to the site. Thank You, Bob Additional photoghraphs are available if you ask, and the hard case in the first photo is included.
  5. My home is in south central Utah. I enjoy all kinds of music and have been playing both an Anglo and English Concertina for a couple of years now. There are no other players around here so I've been on my own.

  6. I would like to sell or trade my Morse English Concertina. It's 4 or 5 years old I would guess. I'm it's 2nd owner. I spend most of my time with my Anglo. I would trade for a nice Openback Banjo, or perhaps a nice acoustic guitar. Or, I would sell the concertina for $1700. It's in fine shape and has been well cared for. If any of you are interested I'll provide you photographs. I'll also explore other options, but, I doubt I'll list it on e-Bay. Thanks, Bob
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