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  1. Dear Paul, the rogue limit is back on my post upload - says I even have more loaded than allowed, but in fact till yday it was zero I think. Tks! I had a limit set of 6 MB per person for the grand total of their uploads... I've upped it to 8 MB which still isn't a ton, but I don't have unlimited server space, so it's important to keep image sizes reasonable when uploading, and to use outside services where appropriate (use YouTube for videos, and Flickr or Picasa or any of the many free image services if you have lots and/or large images to share). Paul Thanks Paul but my difficult was not the volume allowed but the fact that I cannot see where this 6.29MB (yes it says 6.29) file/s is/are sitting - can u spot where it is hiding please?So I can zap it. tks
  2. 1 x Saturday Independent paper and all segments ................... :rolleyes: [/size][/size]
  3. There is a horror story from the four-yearly Citroen intl rally at Harrogate (8-12th)while the concert was on - this was attended by three or four thousand enthusiasts and a few thousand cars worth literally a fortune (one thinks of how much some tinas are worth...) I know it is not music gear but the issue is the same. Photo all your gear, and we need to be careful to watch out for each others' stuff in pubs etc. A couple of those motion sensor alarm padlocks could have been saviours but....for people camping at music events they are worth the few quid (was it aldi or lidl)on any gear inside the tent and on the steering wheel if gear in car boot while sleeping. A hassle, yes, but not if it saves you your boxes. This was no opportunistic target and there were other thefts during ICCCR 2012 it seems. If you want to read about the size and specialist items stolen from one car, see attached extracts from Citroen club. (It is refusing to load so last attempt or will try to add as a separate) Maybe cause system suddenly thinks 9again) I have used 7.87MB of my 7.81mb upload quota! Thefts at intl citroen festival in Harrogate aug 8 to 12 2012.doc
  4. Kalinka Калинка inkeyofC lyrics eng russ - see attached RUSSIAN MOSCOW NIGHTS - Подмосковные вечера Whitby2012 moscow nights in lyrics and score in keyofc earlink see attached- after this came along last year, someone there was planning to make the toon part of their regular gig routine, so will be interesting to see what has developed since.
  5. I'd lurv to sing that, as I have practised blubbering on the fish market in Bergen and that is the call they recommended to get the whales to breech out of the water, but I don't think my box keys will allow me to play-along... wot key is your's in please? It is quite a complicated "call sign" as you will see here, so could u give me that in ABC please Jack? :blink: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Db_minor_key_signature.png Which takes me nicely to an ITALIAN-ENGLISH tune/song courtesy of Mike SW. In his yoof he made a record of Shoals of Herring (Oh it was a fine and a pleasant day, and out of Whitby Harbour we were faring etc. He and his mates were broadcast on't BBC. They were so smitten (it's blubbering melody for him) they asked a herring skipper if they could join his boat to work on herring catch (secretly it was in order to learn shanties). At sea they eventually asked the Capn if his men would sing some of the songs they performed when working the nets -- for them learn. The Capn obliged and called on the lads to do a turn. The lads then started to sing: "Che sera, sera" It was all they knew!! MSW & Co scuttled back to land from the failed musical research trip. So, as we have not had any Italo-Anglo, and hoping MSW will turn up to play (and sing) it), here it is (incl his and Harry Scurfied tinas and othe instruments at Swaledale Squeeze 2011): Whitby2012 shoals of herring lyrics and score in keyofC (well the scores in C but gawd knows what the played version was in... )
  6. Kalinka Калинка inkeyofC lyrics eng russ - see attached
  7. GREEK Greece Τα παιδιά του Πειραιά Ta pedia tou Pirea (The children from Piraeus) from film Ποτέ Την Κυριακή (Never on a Sunday) Ap'to parathiro mou stelno ena dio Ke tria ke tessera filia Pou ftanoun sto limani ena ke dio Ke tria ke tessera poulia Pos tha 'thela na iha ena ke dio Ke tria ke tessera pedia Otan tha megalosoun ola na ginoun Leventes yia hari tou Pirea Oso ki an psazo Den vrisko allo limani Trelli na m' echi kani Apo tou Pirea Pou otan vradiazi Tragoudia m' aradiazi Ke tis pennies tou allazi Yemizi apo pedia Apo tin porta mou san vgo Den iparhi kanis Pou na min ton agapo Ke san to vradi kimitho Xero pos xero pos Pos tha ton onirefto Petradia vazo sto lemo Ke mia ha ke mia ha Ke mia hantra filachto Yiati ta vradia kartero Sto limani san vgo Kapion agnosto na vro Oso ki an psazo Den vrisko allo limani Trelli na m' echi kani Apo tou Pirea Pou otan vradiazi Tragoudia m' aradiazi Ke tis pennies tou allazi Yemizi apo pedia Pos tha 'thela na iha ena ke dio Ke tria ke tessera pedia Homa pou gennithika Pote mou de s'arnithika Spiti mou spitaki mou Ayiatrefto meraki mou Ki an ton kosmo yirisa Konta sou xanayirisa and ZORBA THE GREEK The ear and dancing bit
  8. NORWAY - Devil's music - be great if we could get a handle on something like this at Eurosess. maybe this toon on the hardangerfele is easier? Again, profane associations meant that Hardanger music was banned from churches, and charismatic fiddlers were sometimes even ostracized by the Christian community. Before the Nordic service at Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Ulvin begins playing her fiddle outside the book of Celtic Christian prayers from... composersforum.org/sites/default/files/SeptOct 2007.pdf
  9. Ah but to be fair David that was a church/legal matter. Popping some Devil's Dance Music up over on Whitby 2012....
  10. Well that's sorted them then. Sounds like a broiler for dinner from Whitby Sainsbury's is on the menu! to the melody of Sole Mio O Pollo rosto, Vecchio e duro :( ITALIAN O Sole mio and Santa Lucia OSoleMio inkeyofGscoreandlyrics.doc bass ear version tenor O sole mio Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole n'aria serena doppo na tempesta pe ll'aria fresca pare già na festa che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole. Ma n'atu sole cchiu' bello, oi ne' 'o sole mio sta nfronte a te 'o sole, o sole mio sta nfronte a te sta nfronte a te. Quanno fa notte e'sole se ne scenne me vene quase 'na malincunia sotto a fenesta toia restarria quanno fa notte e 'o sole se ne scenne. Ma n'atu sole cchiu' bello, oi ne' 'o sole mio sta nfronte a te 'o sole, o sole mio sta nfronte a te sta nfronte a te. Santa Lucia - Tu sei l'impero Del armonia!! (with Czech words !!) overlaid And B voice santaluciaSul mare luccicaLYR.doc midi abc etc here http://abcnotation.com/tunePage?a=trillian.mit.edu/~jc/music/abc/Italy/2010NEFFA/0026
  11. IRISH We know you are feeling left out and raring to play so praps you can kindly help here:)Tho the speed this chappie is playing at you may have to go The Ship in the evening with the Irish Thrashers and there are more obscure ones to be identified http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the++unknown+song+concertina&oq=the++unknown+song+concertina&gs_l=youtube.3...21954.32706.0.33124. :)
  12. "The past is a wound in my heart". Google's Turkish dictionary isn't good on archaisms. He got stood up. The storyline is basically "Annie McKelvey" with added tango melodrama. Gluggle? - Moi?! Stood up? Absolutely! I was working from the Turkic, based on the Sanskrit root, which clearly shows that Genghis Khan sang this song of complaint when his latest bird failed to turn up (they were due for a night out on the town) at the 33 bus stop outside the mosque in Samarkand . That's why he massacred the locals the next day.
  13. IRISH/SCOTTISH Danny Boy DannyBoy Whistle letters and score and lyrics in KeyofG attached for printing or your video, tablet, kindle, wongle etc Although initially written to a tune other than "Londonderry Air", the words to "Danny Boy" were penned by English lawyer and lyricist Frederic Weatherly in 1910. After his sister-in-law in the United States sent him a copy of "Londonderry Air", in 1913, Weatherly modified the lyrics of "Danny Boy" to fit the rhyme and meter of "Londonderry Air".[2] Jane Ross of Limavady is credited with collecting the melody of "Londonderry Air" in the mid-19th century from a local fiddle player. for bass accompaniment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLzNL_tywK8 Whitby 2012 The minstrel boy lyrics score in keyofG - attached Thomas Moore (1779-1852) who set it to the melody of The Moreen, an old Irish air
  14. Mazi - the wound of my heart ( is clearly the dark version of George Garside's Middle Earth regular workshop piece... Daisy, Daisy.......! I like yr snappy midi version Jack and, as we have the space at the Resolution ( we ALSO had dancing last year: for those who ain't been) I will provide the rose and you can give us the moves across the dance floor.
  15. from RUSSIA to Lidl Whitby via Sainsbury Great news and much music related! "If food be the muzack of lurv": then the Coop in the harbour was not only despised for its high prices by starving musicians but even the staff and locals - they told us so. It's like the few petrol stations - it was the highest price we had ever seen outside motorway stations at the time, and locals had no option as the nearest competition was over in Scarborough. Only found the Lidl (above town: Stakesby Road Whitby North Yorkshire/YO21 1HS - with parking) at the end of the week last year and it was a belated relief = and the croissant and pain au chocolat from its new bakery were excellent and very cheap. Oh, and we only found Poundland down Flowergate ( 45 Flowergate YO21 3BB - limited parking in front)on the Thursday.. bacon at a quarter the price of the Coop. I suppose one could now have a song about France's first cheapo store, Le Bon marché, (even it is from Québec!)for the Eurosession and it takes us nicely to Gazprom and the Russians trying to sell cheaper gas in the UK(!) with a flashback to Soviet realism getting into the 21st century music advert scene (LoL) and of course that takes us naturally to the gas of Siberia and the Siberian Sakhalin song by The Siberian Russian Folk Choir and where would we be without a banyan (Russian squeezebox or two) and "There is no Russia without its forests" words: 3. Нет без леса России, Без снегов и озёр. Нет без сумерек синих И без розовых зорь. Нет России без луга, Где от маков светло, Где ромашковой вьюгой Землю всю замело. (Н.Дементьев) (Rough -!!-- translation There is no Russia without its forests, Without its snow and lakes. Without its blue tinted twilight And the rose light of its dawn. No Russia without its meadows, And their shining poppies And snowstorms of chamomile petals And no Russia lest all snowflake powdered (more if that tickled your fancy... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=The+Siberian+Russian+Folk+Choir&oq=The+Siberian+Russian+Folk+Choir&gs_l=youtube-reduced.3...182193.182193.0.183881.
  16. This may be easier to read as a Word file so I have attached it also as well as putting it here (Cnetperosireadingmusic) Faskinating! we should discuss in Middle Earth at Whitby when trying to start a song which a)suits the fixed key instruments (DG/CF/Bflat melodeons, CG Tinas, unkeyed D whistles, so the majority can accompany the tune). B)Not sure whether it is in the 1) mind's ear (from memory on 'how it goes', or )2 in the eye from the page. If you don’t read the dots it must be 1) unless of course your brain is seeing the dots as sounds in your mind's eye, flowing up and down in the air (not on the paper). When I want to start something I KNOW, I (I think)half hum/ almost soundlessly whistle it. I may be starting in a lower or higher pitch, but if it "sounds right" then I can carry on in pretty well perfect pitch. If I hum it 'off' key (I hear it sharp or flat) it will seem "not right" and I so I adjust a little till it sounds 'right'. The difficulty for me is when I have to start it in a key which matches the 'fixed' key instruments, rather than them following me. Now that may simply be due to my having heard/sung/played it many times before; and it is just a question of triggering the memory button. Like fish - you don’t need to be a fish scientist to know if it is bad - the fish will "tell you" (by smell) that it has gone off! An example or two: melody only: Fanny Power by Carolan - just halfwhistle/hum/sing try the first two bars with its repeating two note phrase, half whistling under your breath. If you sing it flat or sharp it will 'sound odd'. Then you adjust till it sounds right: More complicated: I have been trying to track down a polyphonic piece by Perosi (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenzo_Perosi ) I do not have the score for the four-part and have not seen it for many decades (ok! I first sang it aged 10,a year before Perosi kicked the bucket in October 1956. I know exactly in my brain/halfwhistle how the piece concerned (Kyrie and Gloria) starts for the treble part - he is a pretty lyrical and schmaltzy sounding composer. So I start searching (off an on over the last 10 years) and fail to find anything matching what is in my head. I could find some utubes of various Perosi masses ( but they were not the 'right' melody to me). So perhaps my memory/brain/halfwhistle/were recalling something which my music memory bank had transmogrified. Also, some were down as three-part not four=part and I wanted the latter. Here is one performance – listen to a bit and try to keep the melody in your head: As soon as I listen, I know it is NOT what I am looking for or remember, unless, I think, my brain is addled. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lrhry2SR7s Then another wrong’un (my memory tells me) : but it has me in serious doubt as it seems to resemble what my sound memory is telling me I am looking for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt9i4abDqxU and another wrong'un and another wrongs’ (led by Captain Picard trying to take off at the back of the choir…) and another and another (going flat too early on – see reference below) and another wrong'un (with some great bass notes in the Agnus Dei for Dirge - partikerly at end of Sanctus around 24mins but elsewhere too. They are generally spot on key wise – it is the Coro Vallicelliano di Roma. and almost one to convince me my memory was wrong: THEN just two weeks ago, while suggesting various pieces of music for someone's player in their car, THEY found another version on youtube and bingo! My memory had been exactly right in terms of melody and the pitch. The mass was the Missa Pontificalis Prima. One should be able to pick out the main melody on tina without a problem. And if you stick it through a mic and speaker the full voice/organ melody should be amazing. OK – this is the newly found (the one I was looking/listening for, starting with the Gloria, but note it is mixed three-part (miste tre parte) and I know I should be looking for a four-part.: Coro Voltrimusica And ditto the ‘correct’ Kyrie** below (and Mike, listen to that great schmaltzy shift in key by the sopranos/trebles at 1.min 23!) and the tenors climbing lyrically at 2.00 Now, of course, I do not know and I have no score to look at, what the key the piece is actually in – but I KNOW it SOUNDS exactly right and I can hit the start note spot on without any help. ** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESlNESoCWaE and here is the ‘correct’ Gloria again, with four-part incl. trebles and and you can hear the core melody which started in the Kyrie repeating here in the Sanctus In conclusion what I had in my mind-sound-bank was the Missa Pontificalis PRIMA. In general this is probably why I like the midi facility – I may know the name of the tune, but do not “hear” the dots as I read them on the page. Whereas the midi takes me straight to the sound in my memory to get me going and THEN the dots on the page become an aide memoire, like a satnav voice tipping me off whether I go up or down at the next junction…... So for me, the weakness that needs sorting, is how to work out in my head what key something is being played in by others. My other option (which many of us do) is to squeeze my box quietly until it sounds ‘in tune’ with the lead/other players and then I can work out the key from my cheat chart on my tina or by the letter on which of my harmonicas matches and does not sound out of tune. I would love to sit inside the mind of those who, when you ask what key, stare into space listening for a moment, and then tell you! Real talent! Finally for folk who start off sharp flat or missing the note altogether, the crude trick is to sound louder than them and drag em into the right sound over a few bars. Or sing before them at the start of the next section with the right note and then they tend to come alongside. Mind you, you also have singalongers who jump YOU at the start of a section of a song or melody and who can also be right off key. I know a string player who always plays a little off at the start and other string players ‘pull’ him slowly to the right note/key. Choirs often go flat as a piece continues (and you can hear that in one of the youtubes – the one with OldBoat in the url!) at about 3mins). Another trick is for the lead singer to be a fraction ahead starting when a new phrase/verse begins to bring everyone back to the correct level. That’s another Whitby Middle Earth trick, if you start a song which is a little familiar to the punters, and do it really loud you can shut up the chattering drinkers at the main bar and they even start to join in! PS You could play around with this plain chant of Victimae Paschali Laudes, so see how it is interpreted in lots of later polyphonic versions by composers such as Perosi. Hear and see the composer list for further search at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxi_4D87hYM&feature=fvsr Hope that was not too boring! PPS I believe you can find the three-part score here: read the rights' notes.Perosi composed the M P Prima in 1897ish http://imslp.org/wiki/Missa_Pontificalis_%28prima%29_%28Perosi,_Lorenzo%29 The Vatican does not seem to have a proper music/sound archive... you could try ringing their number VAT 69 but it may drive you to drink.
  17. FRENCH LA MARSEILLAISE see attachment:Whitby2012LaMarseillaiseScoreLyricsABCMidi inkeyofG
  18. Just a bit more (some of which was in the previous attachment "Sorry this is so late, we've had technical and other glitches; it's five weeks this Saturday - if you've nothing better already arranged then it's an amazing weekend as you know, even just to come along and look/listen (140 visual artists to see and buy cheap from, quirky houses, 5000 punters, eight music venues etc etc.) PLEASE COME AND PLAY! We've attached the brand new recruitment poster (please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested, or print a couple off and put them up wherever musicians might see it), and the unfinished Outline which tells you stuff you'd need to know if you'd been before - the Notes for First-timers will be sent on next week, but you can probably get most of it from the current draft. Our 'slots' are self-service by the way, the PA will be ready and hopefully the previous Act on their last song if you arrive ten minutes early, or an empty stage if you arrive bang on time. TO BOOK IN, JUST REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH:- 1. Performing name 2. Description (max 7 words for posters and listings) 3. Your own name and phone number (latter for emergencies only - see (4)) 4. Contact info to put on Listings (mobile, facebook, website, UTube, whatever) 5. Saturday 12-5? 6. Sunday 12-5 7. Both or either? 8. Interested in stuff after 5pm? 9. Trzvel expenses needed if any? 10. If you think you're a 'Special', what you'd need to be able to come here. Email is much easiest when we have 120 slots to fill! Hope to hear from you very soon - for technical reasons, if you reply to info@OMinW it will take us half a week to see your email, if you reply to davesoke it will reach me same day (but might take half a week to reply) - I'll tell you about our technical glitches (now all solved) if you ask It's gonna be a good un - don't miss it! Get the dates in your diary NOW! xx dave smith for OinW Team PS Please don't use my mobile number if you know it, use email - if you aks me by email to ring you I can do so when I'm sat at my laptop with all the paperwork beside me, but otherwise I'll forget whatever we might agree! Thanks" ends
  19. Just take your own executive jet for a maintenance check at RR Derby and then they only need to pay your bus fare from there............. It does sound fun and last year there was an effort to get a few squeezebox players and singers together with the aim of encouraging passing spectators to sing along to well know tunes, giving em wordsheets; but in the end the problem of finding accommodation and a lack of political will meant that particular effort did not take off....
  20. Don’t call the organiser on his mobile (if you have it!) but use email. davesoke at btinternet dot com Accommodation solutions may require some imagination (if memory serves right). see link and attached file. http://www.outdoormusicinwirksworth.org/events.html
  21. Search for Englitina and or Eskin on this site- then beg borrow or .... an ipad and iphone or an android tablet and u can get playing without needing shouder belllowsing action - just the fingers are needed. Sing along as Dirge suggests and also follow the other tips for( watching and learning the notes as they go up and down on the page ) and all will flow from there. you will also get some help from the scores and midi sound files in tuneotron which you get to by clicking on it at the top of the home cnet page. have fun.
  22. Is there a way to get them in/from the US? I couldn't find one. I'll be passing Aldi again on Wednesday morning. If you wish I can get one for you and send to US. In the meantime I'll PM you with an idea of postage costs. Steve I might be interested, depending on the shipping cost. Thanks! Do you have any idea if there would be a customs/duty/import fee issue? Can't be certain about customs - but the value is only around $15 so I'd have thought it shouldn't be charged. cant get link to to copy. Go to walmart and search for fishing bag and there are quite a few similar which will do the job at $20 or less. The thing to ensure is that your bottom does not get wet (the aldi one has a section at the bottom which can be used for carrying screwdrivers (non alcoholic and alcoholic etc and is water resistant for when you areplaying AND fishing in in the rain or just unpacking the boot [trunk] andneed to put bag on the ground
  23. No mention of the Isle of Man? I have put a few Manx tunes in the Tune-O Tron, have a go at Peter o'Tavy. It is normally played a tad slower than the midi file. Hope to catch up with the session this Well you learn something new every day! Tku!- i did not know there was a whole set of toons on the main page!!! wonderful and tks
  24. Wow!** Tks Jack - Had no idea about this amazing woman. talk about prolific: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sofia_Gubaidulina Can Dirge compete at the bottom and top ends? - surely yes! ** Dunno. Don't like it. CBA to try... Nor do I partikerly (!) but it is impressive. Remember young man, if you don't eat your greens you will never grow spinach in your ears to reach the notes others cannot!
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