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  1. Great stuff! Some humour is breaking through. I feared to hear the jungle drums and the boiling pot.... I also hear some bodhran players have metal inside some of their beaters and I am sure they would be pleased to put the beat into an Anglo player trying to join in with a group of English players and vice versa for that matter.. for a small fee... That said, Anglo and English often find they can accommodate each other - just watch the odd one out, quietly and softly seeking some matching notes and chords! The happy people at the George Inn do it all the time. This is all definitely ON topic -- it is about encouraging beginners to get stuck in and feel at home, so keep up the positive comments folks. That way we will see Simon blossom into an angloish player who keeps perfect time (with his tapping foot hitting a double bass pedal on a parcel string soundbox (and banging a basshran=drum!)) while doing Larry Adler riffs on his neck-harmonica as he plays us Banks and Braes. He will also of course, have an underarm bellows pulsing out a deep and entrancing highland drone, accompanied by those humming along in the audience Welcome again Simon! And yes, I seem to prefer Scottish to Irish music but the most important thing is a good toon, whatever nationality it is.
  2. Ahh! The Perfectionisti! Howard and MSW: we should all remember that Confuce-us say: "For those who would begin, encouragement, from those who have begun, should be the beginning of a great adventure. :P So rather than 'don't', here is : 'HOW :P ' For those who want to tackle the triangle, you may start with finger tapping on the table along with the beat (unless session-masters have banned it) then foot-tapping along with the beat (unless session-masters have banned it), and you can also turn to Honourable Master Yu Teub Ping to hear and see how the young do it..... see urls below. As for the bodhran (or the tambourine. or the Morris dancer's leggy bells) the same principles apply (unless session-masters have banned them too ), you can learn the basic beat a lot faster than you might succeed with Jingle bells on a 56 button tina. instrument. I have seen a simple beat on such instruments bring a disordered, out-of-time mixture of session instruments into a semblance of order which helps advancing -players who like to run ahead, and also slow-to-keep up learners. And just to be seasonal before the new belt of snow sweeps across the music scene you could indeed start with Jingle Bells, or Good King Con-fucius Pinged Out: Beginning Band - Concerto for Triangle BTW it's all about fun and here is a triangle supremo at work, whom any beginner should be proud to copy....and have no trouble at all doing so: And experts tell us you can learn the bodhran basics with a dish-cloth in the kitchen (u learn something new everyday ) :lol:
  3. Nope, that's pretty much a provably false and ridiculous statement also. Anything can play diddley Scwot! On a lighter note - do, do go and have a go first as earlier recommended - BEFORE you buy. As a useless player I can assure you that there are so many ifs and buttons and scales and notes to which different tinas are tuned that you need to find out in the simplest terms what the tina does. And the only way is get your hands on one and there will be someone to show you ifyou go to a session or club. You also need to go to a session (take a triangle if you want to join in and feel at home) so you can see all the different types of tinas which people turn up with and watch them play. Have a look at the calendar - and if you go somewhere nobble a tina player and tell em u were asking questions about what to start on and they will give you some tips. In which country and in which part of it do you live?! That may help bring u some assistance. If its London then go to the George Inn London Bridge on Jan 4 2000 to 2300 and ask the tina players (and there is occasionally a double bass player turns up) http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,3223.0.html or there will probably be some at the Melodeon (all other instruments welcome) Walthamstow squueze on second tuesday in Jan and all months. http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,1355.0.html see calendar
  4. LondonGEORGE INN SQUEEZE 1ST MON cept BankHols GEORGE INN SQUEEZE 1ST MONday of every month except Bank Holiday mondays. Then it is on following Monday. Borough High Rd, Southwark, from 2000 to 2300== free. Just down from London Bridge or up road from Borough Rd Tube. http://tinyurl.com/yzaxekl Beginners welcome... with fiddle, concertina, melodeon, harmonicas, drums, guitars, sax, recorders, hurdy gurdies, accordions, harmonium, scot and northumb pipes (or Galician!), tin whistles, tambourines etc etc etc. Also see: http://www.gigcb.com/band.php Also see Tuesdays Walthamstow Second Tuesday of the month: http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,1355.0.html
  5. You said: "Not sure if I understand the reply. Concertina is not an accordion," Some confusion twixt us.... The players shown were all on melodeons which are same push and pull as an Anglo, unlike the keys on a standard keyboard accordion, and they use the shoulder strap (and their thumb against the side of the high treble plate) to hold the high note button side still while pushing and pulling with the bass side. Just thought it might be another solution.....
  6. London and where and when http://www.gigcb.com/band.php have u got a concertina (or spoons, or drum, or guitar, or recorder or melodeon or harmonica.....? if u can play one note you will be welcome at the George INN just down from London Bridge. All kinds of instruments turn up and everyone plays along even if tghey have only one note to contribute!
  7. Shoulder strap (s) Lots here on seated Melodeons and of course John Kirkpatrick standing up
  8. That's a steel guitar or a Dobro. Played with a slide, and pretty common in C&W music. NNY DOBRO Dare I say it? It must have got its name after Stalin took up playing it in the Kremlin after moving from Georgia....and all the lackeys shouted "Dobro! Dobro!" even tho he was hopeless.. Nah! "Dobro" means nothing in this context. It's like saying that when Clinton picked up sax, all the lackeys of the White House shouted "Wilcome, wilcome", that's how he got his name. HiLLAryious!!! v.good
  9. STRAPS - there used to be lots somewhere here about ergonomics of various straps by someone called Goran Rahm and I see there may be discussions with him on mudcat, though I have not really used it. Different message layout. Praps u can try him. sthing came up here: http://www.mudcat.org/detail.cfm?messages__Message_ID=2309093
  10. Anyone think this could have a use for tinas? comes from hurdy gurdy gear via melodeon.net quote: What about 'Slippy Stuff'... Teflon powder suspended in white spirit... created by Neil Brook as a dry lubricant for Hurdy Gurdy keyslides. It's a similar problem, so I'd proffer this as a similar solution... and less drastic than pulling the keyboard apart. More information here http://www.hurdy-gurdy.org.uk/accessories.html (then again... the white spirit might react to pearloid covering... Undecided so be careful...) end quote BTW bulk manufacture of concertina reeds - stumbled on these people who use 5,000 per annum!! Perhaps useful technical details http://www.mfg.com/seo/en/rfqs/Machining-for-Buyer-in-Massachusetts-United-States-of-America-325975_en.html
  11. If one wanted to replace plastic/bone buttons with metal ones where would one find a supplier to buy a batch of newly made ones so they all match -- China?
  12. CARELESS LOVE dots a nice slow one for after xmas pud when tipsy visitors will not notice your bad notes and you can sing along to yourself while they caterwaul or u can jazz it up like Harry Scurfield - will try to find Harry's audio over the Break..... midi and lyrics http://www.tradition...reless_Love.htm and has everyone got their Auld Lang Syne up to scratch?! U should find it in the same place
  13. That's a steel guitar or a Dobro. Played with a slide, and pretty common in C&W music. NNY DOBRO Dare I say it? It must have got its name after Stalin took up playing it in the Kremlin after moving from Georgia....and all the lackeys shouted "Dobro! Dobro!" even tho he was hopeless..
  14. Righteeho & tks...for #Whom the fret tolls#" as it were! Come to think of it, there is a guitarist in Translatlantic Sessions who plays a guitar flat on what looks like a pub table...
  15. dies irae of course that first coupla notes pic is defnitlee esra supra t. but..... and, after clicking on pic, this time may need control + + + to see it clearly. There are more possibles here and of course they are all in C http://interletras.com/canticum/Eng/translation_deceased.html
  16. Should I take it as my motto do you think? (I think you may have found guitar tablature there by the way; not much use to you, just use the notes) dirge irae, dirge Illus would be classier and more Happy Reaper! (Or grimDge Reaper..) Do you have a photo of this guitar table instrument? Would be interesting to try playing one.... The notes are ok as I can work them out - just wondered if those numbers were chords which could work too on tina... the numbers are placed on the stave as though indicating a note on the scale with the length on the flat line, tho it does seem a bit esra super titum We are in the danger zone (0130) and could be left on our own boring each other (as per usual) if we keep this conversation up. pps - I did try to get someone (last summer in the Yorkshire Alpine pastures) with a monster bass tina, interested in playing dies irae plain chant version but they gave up after five minutes... but do u reckon it is a goer? It sounds like a piece for the massed tina concert at the Albert Hall which no one is interested in Here's the score - some nice slidey notes for fancy boxes with oval headed metal buttons I shall try it tomorrow so I dont risk waking up the cows in the barn. Nmad - wont load - I will put up in separate post
  17. 'Live and Let Die' quite appropriate for Dirge.... I think I can probably claim to have the smallest ruportoor of anyone here, but (in keeping with dirgey type stuff I hope to learn) wot are these numbers /dots under the main toon line? I think u may have to control ++ to see them in this tiny pic. OOPS - no! Just click on it Up to end of line one it fits plain old 20-butt Anglo quite nicely.
  18. Tks Michel - they fit on one page squidged down in size.
  19. Hi Kautiliya You only need to copy the text that is part of the abc. Not the remarks with the % on the left, and the last line of % 21. The Tune-O-Tron works for me. Copy from X:1 to the last line like here. ABC just takes some getting used to. The Tune-O-Tron will give you a PDF suitable for printing, and a MIDI to listen and download. Thanks Leo Tks Leo!
  20. okeydoke! downloaded. bit of a learning vertical! I think I gave up once before.... Any quick tip to display all pages at once - tricky to keep up with the music and the buttons and leaping to the cursor to get the next page to show up ... Spes in omnibus!
  21. http://openhymnal.or...ni_Emmanuel.abc cut and pasted into tunotron a few times but not coming up. just name and then blank score page and or no midi music in mediaplayer... would it help if you defined start and end of each version? making clear where cut starts and ends? Or are we supposed to copy the WHOLE sderies of coded versions and paste? tks
  22. CAN TINA BUSHING EXPERTS TRANSFER KNOW-HOW? some clackety clack here
  23. will make it 1600 hits.....! much fun! (judging by the poor attempt to hide the mike amongst the bullrushes I assume you had MI5 set it up for you!) For those asking earlier about mikes... - it is a Zoom?
  24. "Will Fly and the new repertoire Ballroom Dance Music" Some audio - videos?? plse Al. Does this include Glenn Miller and The Tower Blackpool type stuff? (how much are you getting paid for afternoon tea peformance? http://www.theblackpooltower.co.uk/ballroom.php ) Just looking at an old Glenn Miller record (off the market...) to see if there were some toons to try - but they don't ring a bell.. Sunrise Serenade, My reverie, Pagan Love Song (must be pre-Xmas version!) I see it will be anniversary of his death Tuesday Dec 15 (1969) so suggest you take the Tunnel for that next French gig and you can also do up a Big Band piece by end of day this Tuesday... (Let me know if u want to borrow G MIller record - they are the original slightly hissy recordings on a 33 vinyl pressed at Victoria Works, Edgeware Rd)
  25. Know one v good repairer who just uses ordinary beeswax (as in full beeswax candle or pure beeswaxx (don;t know these sellers but e.g.: http://is.gd/5eq0Y Repairer says its goes a bit hard but does the job and suits them). Get soldering iron with small point (Chinese will do) hold machine/reed block at a slight angle pointing downwards, put soldering iron at top of gap you are going to fill, hold beeswax just above soldering iron and when it starts to melt just move both together downwards and gap is filled....
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