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  1. Hi, I am upgrading from a starter concertina Rochelle to next level. My cash situation will only max out to a Morse which appears to be a very good company. I have some queries you might be able to help with: I plan to go for the Morse Ceile anglo but as it is made to order I am not 100% sure of what I should order spec wise - any advice most welcome Would a Morse hold it's value over time? Layout wise is Jefferies ( with the extra c#) better than wheatstone layout. Thanks for your help which is appreciated
  2. Thanka Tina a great start - just what I was looking for.
  3. Hi Folks, I am new to the concertina (Anglo 30 key) and I have learned a few Irish trad tunes which is great. I would also like to play a few Irish Folk songs and I am trying to find out is there a simple method to play songs on the anglo concertina. Is there any chord charts on the web ( there are loads for guitars etc but I cant find any for the concertina). Or is the mehod a combination of chords and small melody runs - if yes, any tips would be very welcomed. Thanks:)
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