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  1. Pauline

    What is the background music on your home page?


    BTW I am finding your play-along concertina book and CD very helpful. Although I have been playing concertina for 18 years I have not really developed chordal and contrapuntal playing. Your conac exercises and the above mentioned book and CD are really helpful because the exercises are not too difficult for me. (I am still recovering from the effects of two strokes I had 16 months ago).


    Will you be publishing any more books in the near future?


    The music is a solo improvisation on a song I composed and which I played in my exam in 2004 with pianist Jeroen van Vliet. This can be heard and seen on the DVD "Playing the Concertina" made by Bernd Out; produced by Pilgrimm Pictures. Preview on the website my webpage

    I hope to publish part 2 of my tutor this year. I am working on it at this moment.

    I am glad you enjoy the play-along book.


  2. Do check out this website Stuart Estell. If you have not heard him before you need to listen here.

    I had the opportunity to hear Stuart, first in the concertina weekend "Swaledale Squeeze" where he sang while accompanying himself in turn on anglo and duet concertina. It was a lovely little concert on the Saturday in this always lovely weekend.

    Then I had the opportunity to hear him together with Emma and Ian on Tuesday in Selly Oak, Birmingham. They used not only concertinas (Ian also plays anglo) but also some other instruments. Stuarts own compositions are really great and with the three voices and violin by Emma he worked out really nice arrangements for all the songs. Now we are all waiting for a cd ofcourse.


  3. Tuesday 23 May in Birmingham UK. If you are in the area do go and listen to Stuart's playing and singing. He is an allround musician. He is a great pianist and composer who is now also a fantastic concertinaplayer and singer. Look at his website for details. Stuart Estell

    Meet you all there I hope.


  4. :huh: :) After some problems with my Firewall and Simon's help I succesfully watched the first lesson of the course. Very good and enjoyable. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in playing this style of music. Also the opportunity to watch it several times over in order to take in the information and to practice and then listen again is very useful. Simon was the first concertina player I ever heard perform when I just started to play. I bought my concertina in July and in October Simon performed in the concerthall in Eindhoven. That was very inspiring for me. Although I have not adopted his special hold of the concertina.

    I look forward to the next lessons.


  5. Indeed Henk. They are for English Concertina. I will tell Hazel that she confused the names. On the compositions only "concertina" is mentioned.

    They are very challenging pieces. Some mp3 examples of new compositions are now on my website.



    Forgot to mention that the free downloads on my website concertina-academyoffer exercises which can help you prepare for starting on the new compositions.

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