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  1. Two tunes this time at concertina-academy under downloads One is a hymn "Hark, the herald Angels sing", provided by myself from "100 Sacred Melodies" and the other is an arrangement, also played and sung by Ken Bongort of "Over the Hill and Over the Dale". He kindly offered this to be published. The sheetmusic for this last tune is also published in the Newsletter of the ICA which should arrive at the doorstep of the ICA members before Christmas. I hope you will enjoy the tunes while studying them and I wish you already all the best for 2008. Pauline
  2. This time an arrangement by George Case of the tune "Auld Robin Gray" (scotch). With some chords, some sixths and a lot of thirds to have a go at. Look at concertina-academy Enjoy. Pauline
  3. A suggestion maybe that we can put to the librarian: If anyone requests music that particular piece or pieces can be scanned and digitalized for future uses, thereby gradually at least digitalizing any music that has been requested. And we could also consider to put that particular music in the music supplement of the Newsletter at the same time. Jon could help the librarian in that aspect maybe. It would be slow but cheap .....??? And thanks Alan for the compliment on the Newsletter. There are a lot more interesting articles and interviews already coming in for next editions of December 2007 , March and June 2008. Pauline
  4. This time a solo piece for English concertina with a real challenge. Therefore I have not only provided a copy of the dots and the mp3 file but also a video where you can see especially one side of the concertina. You can see how I hold the instrument and how I position and use my four fingers. Have a look at concertina-academy. In the ICA Newsletter of November/December I intend to give a full description of how to actually learn this piece. How to overcome any difficulties. Have a good time with this. Pauline
  5. And I just have replaced the music with the correct version. Pauline
  6. Just published under Tuition-downloads, the new tune, music plus soundfile. Have a look at concertina-academy.com Have fun playing Pauline PS Someone noticed that bar 25 should be repeated as you can hear in the mp3 file. Total should be 28 bars. I will try and replace it soon. Sorry about that.
  7. Here is something classical to work on expression. Listen to the mp3 file. Look at concertina-academy under tuition for the downloads. Enjoy Pauline
  8. Here is again something different.Exercise Click on the concertina photo for the downloads. Have a good practise. Pauline
  9. Temporarily at an alternative place, but here is the new exercise. Click on the photograph on concertina.nl. Enjoy the music. Pauline
  10. Due to problems with my webserver I cannot place new downloads on my website at the moment. I was going to give you a nice New Year tune. But that will have to wait now. I hope to find a solution soon. For now i wish you al a Happy New Year with a lot of playing the concertina. Pauline
  11. This film is made by Bend Out from Pilgrimm Pictures and is available from concertina-academy.com. Look under dvd or under tuition. Best wishes Pauline
  12. This month there is a Christmas song on concertina-academy (under downloads) which was handed to me by Ken Bongort. He asked me to look at the arrangement and after some emailing this is the result. We hope you will enjoy the tune and maybe you will play it during the festivities of Christmas. Have a good time also on behalf of Ken Pauline
  13. Soon the downloads for December will be published. At the moment the server is not available for uploading. As soon as the technical problem is solved you will find a Christmas song arranged by Ken Bongort and myself. Pauline
  14. Having played these downloadable exercises, you may try to transpose them to other keys.... Have a look at concertina-academy.com Enjoy Pauline
  15. Thank you very much Steven Though I have been reading a lot at some point in time I never came across this information. We could only wish that Allan would have carried on performing on such platforms from that young age. Although of course Allan fortunately has supported and still is supporting the English concertina in as many ways as one can think of by writing books and organising recitals. And maybe other things I do not know of as this just shows. Thanks again Pauline
  16. Well I said it would be a challenge. I thought that for a change I write something more difficult for some people who like to do something challenging. It is not so difficult once you have worked the notes out. It is always important to analyze first what you are going to play, even if it looks easy.......and more so when it looks difficult. Have you noticed how the topline remains the same every 8 bars?? And only the accompaniment changes, but again not in notes but in rhythm. Once you know how to play the first 8 bars you have got it. So go ahead and try it. You can do it. Pauline
  17. Thank you Allen for your message. How good of you to get to that level of playing and I am sorry about the "collapse". I am certain you have performed in that period successfully in other places in order to get a performance there. Did you perform a lot? I did not know. Best wishes Pauline
  18. Thanks I will try that but thought that maybe someone once heard of it. Pauline
  19. Here is Conac 36 for October on concertina-academy. A real challenge this time in music reading. Enjoy Pauline
  20. Apparently in the 1960's a concertina soloist made it to Carnegie Hall to perform with accompaniment by pianist Samuel Sanders. However the concert was then cancelled because the performer supposedly fainted. Has anyone ever heard about this concertinist? He or she must have been good....to get there at all. Pauline
  21. Barbara I am trying to reply to email you but it keeps bouncing back. Mail me again. Your provider keeps sending it back to say that I sent spam. Maybe you need to adjust your virusscanner. Thank you Pauline
  22. Something different this month. A change in rhythm........ I hope you will find this a new challenge. Look at concertina-academy Have fun Pauline
  23. Hi Peter Maybe in Witney we can try to get some more people interested to go this Festival. The organisers certainly make the effort to keep the concertina part of it. See you in Witney Pauline
  24. Are there still competitive festivals? Regards, Peter. Yes there is the North London Music Festival in May, in which the concertina at least up to recent years had a place. There were however usually only two or three participants despite efforts to get more participants. Pauline
  25. Because of the summerholidays these downloads will be available until 15 August. Then they will be replaced. Pauline
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