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  1. Hi Gorwel Well, we've corresponded privately on this already, so that you'll know that Craftydab's reply is about spot-on. Really, with the 20-button you stick to tunes in G major (or, for Irish tunes, most in A minor, since 90% of Irish tunes in A minor are in a mode [Dorian] which uses the same notes as G major. C major is also fine, and although not common in Irish music, it's a good key. Following Martin Hayes (fiddle), we often play the jig "Hole in the Hedge" in C, followed by "Cooley's Jig" in G - both of them easy (the first is really easy played along the upper row on the 20-butto
  2. Oh, and I should have added that our Facebook page is Trad For All. Do check it out. Heather
  3. I'm glad if you're finding "The Concertina Diaries" useful, Ron. It's selling well to learners around the world as well as in shops and online to Irish concertina learners, and getting great feedback, which is very gratifying. A couple of days ago, Dick S from the UK emailed me to say "What a treasure this book has proved to be...". Robin T emailed me a short while ago saying: "Progress is being made (albeit slowly) thanks to your really good book. Our local friend Jan S bought one too after hearing about mine,..." And if I might mention Ron: "Just received the Concertina Diaries boo
  4. PS: AND sometimes playing all along the C row (except for the higher notes on the RH) especially for tunes in A or E minor. The Geese in the Bog, a jig in Emin (the natural minor of C) plays easily along the middle row.
  5. If I were attending a Noel Hill workshop, I would consider getting a concertina maintenance person to convert the instrument to a Jeffries (easy and cheap to do). AND make sure, when asked to play a scale of Dmaj, to use the LH middle row D, and the RH pull B. True exponents of the Noel Hill method seem to play Jeffries or similar layouts - 2 or more (eg Carroll has 3 C# buttons as standard) - and often gloss over the difficulties of NOT using the lower-row B together with that C#. But in my view the lower row push D (on what my notation in "The Concertina Diaries" - see IrishTunebook.
  6. That smily in my post above was actually "(b)" when I wrote it...
  7. Hi Marcus Heather Greer (author of "The Concertina Diaries" here. I thought I'd just post a response to say that I wrote this manual because, as a learner, I had found it so difficult to obtain a tutor which (a) was sufficiently comprehensive enough to show a beginner what buttons to use, where the notes actually are on different types of layout, and ( didn't follow some one line of thinking that says you MUST use a particular button for a particular note - or more usually that you must NOT use a given button (for example, for some reason many players, including good ones, just forbid the
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