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  1. Hello all.

    As I am buying a new concertina, one that I will play for many years to come, I am faced with the last choice in the process:

    Wheatstone or Jeffries?

    I have been playing a cheap C/G 30-button for a little while now, with Wheatstone/Lachenal layout. As I try to learn tunes and technique pretty rigidly (from recordings, books and videos, as I have no access to a teacher in Norway), I am moving along slowly but steadily. My concern is if I choose the "wrong" layout today, will that be an issue when I, a couple of years down the road, want to play tunes I already know (as a fiddler) in "trickier" keys like A maj or Bb.

    I also wonder what layouts accomplished players use.

    I have no plans (nor finances) to aquire concertinas in different keys, so future versatility is very important to me.



  2. Hello all.


    Does anybody have a link to diagrams showing Morse Ceili C/G 30-btn Jeffries and Wheatstone? I am buying one, and I ( think I) have Wheatstone-layout on my Stagi now. I am in the process of buying one, and just want to be absolutely certain.....


    Thanks in advance


  3. Alas, someone beat me to it, in the last minute (being 4:54 in the morning in Oslo....) the winning bid was entered. Anyhow, I think I will go for a Morse, seeing the maker participating here, and all the good reviews this make has gotten.


    Again thanks for the contributions.



  4. Thanks for insightful and humorous replies.


    Richard: Would the wear on the finish have a negative effect on the durability of the wood?

    I am probably going to start bidding on this shortly (watch out Frank ;) ), and all said in this thread indicates that one way or another, I will end up with a Morse box.



  5. This seems like a good beginners instrument that will carry long into intermediate, and if the price (and seller) is right, I just might go for it.

    We have a similar used one (but without the worn bits) on our shelves for half again as much, and they cost almost twice new.

    Rich, have you got a direct link to the one on the shelf? This thread just might end up in a new concertina for me, either way :lol:

  6. Hi,

    any opinions on this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=190270255227 ?


    I am currently playing a Stagi C/G 30-button, which, in my repairwoman's opinion is not worth spending any money on.

    I am very much a beginner, but as I am spending an alarming amount of time practicing the concertina, rather than my main instrument, the fiddle, I have considered moving up in the world, in regards to quality and playability. I have never heard the Morse, but i presume it has the "squeky" sound of a concertina, rather than the broader, accordianish sound of my first tina, a 1950s Frontalini C/G 20btn.


    This seems like a good beginners instrument that will carry long into intermediate, and if the price (and seller) is right, I just might go for it.


    I would however like to hear the opinions of those that have played before me :lol:





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