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  1. I've ordered an A2s, 30 button. If Niall Vallely or Noel Hill can do that on a 30b 'tina, so I should - only if I had the talent!-.


    I completely agree with that....but I think the deciding point will be the spacing between the buttons. If they are the same, I might as well get the 38.

  2. The 38-button model will offer more note choices but, more importantly, may quell the possibility of an obsessive and obstructive plunge into a dense tangle of regrets connected with missing extra notes :lol: ;

    You're right, this needs to be taken into account!!

    however, Snorre, if you're like many of us you'll be fortunate indeed if you ever can play a 30-button model up to its potential.

    I am like many of us.

    Your button-spacing query should go directly to Mr. Suttner.

    Good point. The internet-forum syndrome strikes again...

  3. Hello all!

    I have decided to order an ebony-sided C/G from Juergen Suttner, and have met the following obstacle:

    30 or 38 buttons?

    I am playing Irish music, and have thought it handy to have a few extra buttons/alternates, but what are the pros and cons?

    Is there any difference in the spacing of the buttons?

    Slight weight difference.


    Most players of Mr. Suttner's instruments I have seen, have 38s with a few exceptions.


    regards Snorre


    (this is also posted at http://angloconcertinaplayers.ning.com)


    ***edited for punctuation***

  4. Muy buenos vídeos, Félix :)


    Por favor, ¿Qué sistema de micrófonos/amplificación usas? Yo había estado pensando usar Microvox, pero creo que va a recoger demasiado el sonido de los botones; así que creo que el sistema 'antenas' que parece usar casi todo el mundo da mejores resultados...


    Un saludo desde Madrid,



    You will of course translate the answer into English when you get it, Fer? ;) I am also wondering about the mics.



  5. OK fair enough.


    Tom Carey agreed, when put under pressure, to do a recording. Sessions have taken place recently and the CD is all finished and ready to fly.


    Kitty Hayes' daughter has produced a CD of recordings taken from Kitty's final cocnert appearances, mainly those in Bantry House at the Masters of Tradition festival and Kitty's Tribute concert in Glór in Ennis which took place in august and november 2007 respectively. The CD is a monument and final farewell to the good woman herself. Kitty is joined opn the CD by Dympna O'Sullivan, Martin Hayes & Denis Cahill, and the 'band' including Eoin O Neill, Josephine Marsh, Mick Kinsella and myself. All proceeds are going to Seanoiri Laictin Naoifa, the daycare group for senior citizens in the Miltown Malbay/Mullagh area of West Clare (Kitty felt she was too young to join that group but a lot of her friends 'take the bus' during the week and we played for a few sets and general entertainment there on many occasions over time).


    A little birdie told me there will be a special launch of both CDs on the evening of the Concertina recital during the Willie Clancy week.


    Oidreacht an Chláir has, like they did last year, produced a double CD with recordings taken from concerts that took place at the previous Willie Clancy week (all music on the official program of the school is being recorded for archive). Proceeds of the sale of these will go towards the establishment of AOC's local archive and teaching facilities (it's premises have just been renovated). Concertinaplayers appearing on these CDs are: Dympna O Sullivan, Jacqueline McCarthy & Tom Carey, Katie O'Sullivan and Hugh Healy. Many other players of other instruments and singers appear as well of course, providing a good cross section of music as it can be found during the Week Willie.


    OAC has also produced, again as a fundraiser, a calendar for 2010 which features a (photographic) tribute to deceased Clare musicians. OAC items will appear for sale at the Willie week and (from next week or so) at www.oac.ie


    Thanks Peter.

  6. People seem to accept some sort of assumption that (good) musical instruments will always rise in value - like the proverbial property market here in Ireland!! I can see why Lachenals or Jeffries instruments might rise in value - they don't make them anymore but the general norm with new used equipment is that it falls in value. You can still have a Suttner or Dipper or whatever made and what's a few years between friends :)


    Hmmm.....seems to me that the growing waiting lists indicating that more and more people are entering the market for high end instruments, and the market can't respond. Who knows how much a Dipper or a Suttner is worth 10-15 years after the maker has stopped making them?

  7. In no particular order, and not all solo cd's

    Edel Fox & Ronan O'Flaherty - Selftitled

    Kate McNamara - Are you the concertinaplayer?

    Jason O'Rourke - The Bunch of Keys

    Dymphna O'Sullivan - Bean Chairdin

    Nomos - I won't be afraid anymore

    Mary Macnamara - Traditional music from ....

    Noel Hill & Tony McMahon - In Knocknagree

    Andy Morrow & Tony O'Connell - Selftitled

    Padraig Rynne - Bye a while

    Various artists - The Clare Set



  8. The ability to play the melody with some stylistic ornaments comes first, then sounding natural playing melodic variation. Adding our chords and octaves are very similar to getting the feel of regulator accompaniment.


    Although I don't play regularly with good pipers (I wish I did...), I agree with you. I also want to say thanks for formulating the progression of learning Irish music on the concertina. First the tunes, then the variations, then the chords/octaves. This makes sense, as I am very much in the first category of getting as many tunes, and as much playing-time as possible, to establish a sense of security when playing.



  9. Hmm....tricky though. I couldn't make head nor tail of the anglo when I started, but practice does seem to do the trick.

    Would changing interfere with the music you play/want to play? I only play Irish music, and the change over wouldn't do it for me.

    However, good luck, and maybe when you find your way with the EC, you might find your way back to the Anglo:-D

  10. I have a "Tune of the week" that I start and finish every practice (1 hr + a day). Last week it was "The Trip to Durrow", this week it's "The New Century". Some days I can practice seriously, other days I am just noodling, but I am serious about my tune of the week (that has usually come out of a noodling-session the week before). Sometimes it seems that "supercompensation" works: If you are used to playing every day, try NOT playing one day. I find that my senses are sharpened after a one day break.

  11. April is a good month in Northern/Western Europe in general:-) I haven't been to Ennis in 15 years or so, but now I am going to get some concertina lessons. It'll be a nice long weekend: Invited to a session in Cois na hAbhna on Friday, lessons on Sat and Sun during the day, and (hopefully) sessions at night, bus to Dublin on Mon, where I hope to get a few hours in the Irish Trad Music Archives, session at night (Hughes' maybe?) and then home to Oslo and the rest of the Easter week fishing sea-trout and practising the concertina :lol: Happy days!


    So who will you be taking lessons with? Oslo seems like a very nice city, will hopefully visit one day.

    I don't know yet, as Custy's are setting it up for me.

    Oslo is a nice city, you are welcome anytime. Our session is pretty open, so do bring your instrument if you're over!

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