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  1. https://www.cheffins.co.uk/fine-art/lot-view,attributed-to-c-jeffries-a-40button-anglo-concertina-late-19th-century_105147.htm Anglos are not my thing, but may be of interest to someone here?
  2. No, it's an ediophone I got from David Robertson a couple of months back. The Excelsior, although it had a very nice tone only had 5-fold bellows. The 6-fold bellows on the ediophone are the business. It's just treble range, but I'm really enjoying playing it, and getting around with Naomi.
  3. Carrick Hornpipe performed by Lea Nicholson (English concertina) and Naomi Randall (guitar). This tune was originally written for the Northumbrian Smallpipes by the legendary smallpipe player Billy Pigg
  4. Hi, yes I will probably be posting a couple more tracks over the next couple of weeks. Naomi (Randall) and I are doing some work together now, and so we have put down a few things to give people an idea of what we sound like live - nothing fancy, just pretty much as we are.
  5. For sale is my Lachenal Excelsior Concertina bought a few years back to contribute some tracks to the English International CD. At the time it was fully restored/refurbished and tuned by Mike Acott (the guy Chris Algar uses). He valued it at that time at £1000. Here are a set of very detailed pictures of the instrument (external and internal): http://www.flickr.com/photos/88179819@N05/ and here are some audio examples of the instrument being played: According to the dating algorithm posted here, I would date this concertina as having been manufactured round about the turn of the 20th century. Obviously you can do the same calculations as I did, since the serial number of the box is clearly displayed in the Flickr photographs I am happy for the concertina to be viewed by appointment at my home in Cambridge, England, and I am looking for offers in excess of Mike Acott's valuation. Regards Lea Nicholson
  6. FYI the jamring site will be closing round about the end of November. Thanks for everyone who visited over the years. I think most of the audio on there is available from archive.org or whatever the name of that site is. If I get time I might try and set it up so that the Concertina Record is available on iTunes, but this is not a current priority Perhaps I should add that I am alive and well, and that the demise of the site in no way reflects my current status! Cheers Lea
  7. Hi, I have now put some high resolution scans of various pictures that were taken for the original sleeve up onto the Jamring website. You should be able to get a fairly reasonable high quality print from these. Bear in mind that the original pictures were 35mm color slides and are now well over 25 years old, so don't expect miracles. That said, at least one of the pictures gives a fairly good view of all the concertinas that were used on the sleeve. These pics might form the basis for a nice Xmas card These are tiny previews: Cheers Lea
  8. Hi I only played two concertinas on the whole of the album. These were a tenor treble Wheatsone and a single action Wheatstone bass (both eight sided), which belonged to Neil Wayne. That was my favourite concertina of all time. I am not playing much concertina at the moment, although it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I might once again. The problem is finding sufficient practise time to get back up to scratch. The concertinas are not so easy to see in the sleeve picture. At the time some pictures were taken with them spread on the ground and they are easier to see that way. I will try and post some on the web site and will let you know when I do that.
  9. Hi everyone, just to let you know that I have now got Jamring.com website back up and running. The site now features MP3 download of most tracks from the album (i.e. all those where I hold publishing rights) Pictures from the original sleeve photo sessions Audio extracts from interview with Neil Wayne discussing ther making of the album You can also buy the cd CD using either Paypal or mail order all the best Lea Nicholson
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