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  1. Ah! Lewes Folk club...yes, Ive heard a lot about them, but im a little bit scared of contacting them!!! Oh, that sounds so silly, but I think its my inexperience which makes me anxious. *breathe* i have to do it though, I know! Thanks all Ill give it a go Ive also contacted a localish band who send me updates of their gigs. I think there are one or two concertina players in their and I hope to get to one of their gigs soon - just to watch. I went to Gosport and Fareham Folk Fest a few times too and sat and watched in awe, as people played their concertinas...i love them!! Im still confused as to which style i like. Confused because I can hear what I like, but Im not sure what its "proper" name is - irish, english, erm...dutch?! Thanks for welcoming me xxx
  2. Hi Malcom, Im in Hastings, East Sussex. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I play guitar by ear and anything else i can pick up by ear. Nice to "meet" you
  3. ...i have Mick Bramich's book/let on "absolute beginners" and am sending off for the accompanying cd tomorrow.x
  4. I have a 20 button anglo concertina which i bought from Cambrige Folk fest some years ago. I absolutely love it!!! But ive searched for someone nearby who may be able to give teach me something, but to no avail! Im constantly looking on youtube at people playing beautiful songs....but where do i start? I dont read music, but my partner does - so theres always an option of learning. Where to start and what to practice?? Can anyone help, I d be most grateful, xx
  5. I just found it and will be ordering direct from Mick Bramich really happy!
  6. Brilliant - my partner bought me this book for my Birthday, is there an accompanying CD? Would love to buy it...any ideas?x
  7. WOW!!!!! i love this combination!!! Thanks for sharing it!!
  8. Yeah! great, ive been watching it all the way through....unfortunately, its just changed to opera!
  9. Thats fantastic, thanks so much everyone, for the replies. I can see that there are problems already with having labels under the buttons. For example, someone said to me the other day - play C,G,D - which is fine for me to play on a guitar, but when it came to the concertina, i found myself searching for the right buttons VISUALLY as opposed to "feeling" and "hearing"where the notes were instinctively. So I in part agree that the labelling may be a hindrance and may stunt my intuition. Also glad to hear that although 20buttons are limiting, that my concertina isnt down the plug hole! So the best way forward at the moment is to take familiar tunes - simple ones, and play them over and over and this way I wont even need to read music (at this stage). I havent phoned the possible concertina tutor yet, Im going to do it tomorrow morning. I also have an 8 bass accordion that ive been tinkering with - im learning a tune on that too, but find when i switch over, i forget the whole push pull thing!! Thanks again all - very much appreciated also as i realise this question has been asked time and time again here!
  10. HI all, I signed up with this fantastic forum about a year ago when I bought my first concertina - since then, I have to say due to a number of things I've not played it enough. I am getting more familiar with it and my partner has put stickers below each button showing me which note is which (very helpful). So, i have decided to revisit now i feel Im in a better position to start seriously practising. Ive bought myself an instructional DVD and Ive also sourced a possible concertina teacher in Hastings, where I live - so things are looking up! ive got to give him a ring later this evening What I do need help with though, is where to start?? I have a 20 button anglo which I bought new at Cambridge Folk Festival from Hobgoblin - its the red shiny one that cost around £100. Ive heard people saying that 30 buttons are possibly better to start with? Would my 20 button be redundant? Im not sure which style Id like to learn, or indeed, which styles are which!! All i know is that i love folk music, trad and more recent. Ive seen lots of people play live including concertina players and just new its what i wanted to learn. Also, i cant read music and learn guitar by ear. Luckily my partner can read music, so I have a good teacher on my doorstep. WOuld i need to read music to play concertina? What should i do first? Many thanks all and best wishes
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