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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has a set of concertina microphones for sale? Fingers crossed! Ken.
  2. That truly was a bargain! I have a 56 key Aeola similar to that with raised ebony ends, I was hoping it would be worth more like 4 or 5 grand. I would never sell it tho' so I guess price doesn't matter Ken.
  3. Your label is just what I've been looking for!, thanks for posting it. Ken.
  4. yorkieken


    Hi,I never thought to ask Chris Agar, I will now. If I have no luck then let me know if yours becomes available. Regards, Ken.
  5. yorkieken


    Hi Geoff, unfortunately I don't have a case to swap, I just have one of those soft padded gig bags. I would certainly be interested in buying your case tho', if you are willing ?? Regards, Ken.
  6. yorkieken


    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has a original leather case for a Wheastone 56 key treble with raised metal ends, I know it's unlikely...but you never know till you ask ! hexagonal box would need to be roughly 7" across & 9" deep inside box. go on have a look inside your wardrobes & under the bed.... Ken. York UK
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