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  1. Could anyone expound on the "traditional Irish 'ornaments'" that Daniel is talking about?
  2. Wow now I'm really excited about the Tionól this year. The trip out is definitely going to be worth it.
  3. Thanks for clarifying Greg, sorry, didn't mean to misquote you.
  4. Talk to John Mahan He was trying to sell a 26 button Jones a while back http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9935 I think he wants around $1200 for it. He got the price from, I believe, Greg Jowaisas (who did some work on the concertina) and I talked to Bob Tedrow who said the price sounded pretty good if it's in good condition. Hope this helps. -Lep
  5. So how much would a basic 30 button Jeffries fetch these days if it's unrestored but still in playable condition and the key it's in is uncertain?
  6. I'm not much one for using normal wood fillers. Most of the time when woodworking and I need to fill in a hole or ding I just mix some fine sawdust with wood glue. You can make this as thick or thin as you like and it dries nice and hard if you use a good glue like tight bond. -Lep
  7. I don't know about most, but Frank Edgley and Bob Tedrow use Antonelli which I think are completely made in Italy. Herrington and Marcus just say Italy. But I'm really not sure about the whole 'hand forging'.
  8. Be careful what you say Azalin, Suttner's wait list is long enough without all the alien orders
  9. In a little under two weeks I'm heading off to college in Jackson, Tennessee and I was wondering if there are any concertina players around there
  10. What exactly is a 40 button anglo? Is it like a C/G/D or something? I played around with a 40 button Jeffries before and couldn't figure out what note was what.
  11. Hmmm, ok. Thanks for the advice and info. Lep
  12. Does anybody know the current value of a Dipper Clare?
  13. I got a laugh out of the comment from the other thread about how the levers looked like wires and the reeds shrapnel. Sorry about this repeated subject.
  14. Ok, how many other people have had airport security thinking that your concertina is a bomb or something? I recently was flying across country and couldn't leave my concertina home alone for a week, so I stuffed it in my backpack. The guy at the x-ray machine kept staring, I should say squinting, at my backpack making it go back and forth in the machine. He even called a buddy of his over to look at it too. Then, finally called a bag check.
  15. No that's ok, I'll just have to work at it a bit.
  16. Thanks for the music. Not the easiest to play on the anglo though.
  17. I'm just curious on how big lachenals are across the flats. I'd like to know the measurements of the Anglo 26, 28 and 30 button models. Thanks, Lep
  18. So, I was just glancing at a book of traditional music that the author wrote from the viewpoint of playing the English concertina. Now my question is, what is the main difference in playing styles between the English and Anglo? Can they really do basically the same thing? Can an Anglo player play all the tunes in a book written from the viewpoint of an Anglo player?
  19. If I can hold the end with my thumb and pinky, I will not need palm rests and strap. When I use hand straps, I imagine it will be more comfortable with palm rests. I think it is also related with button rayout. According to the photo, air button of the Tedrow mini can be played with index/middle/ring finger, Norman is not. Cheers, -- Taka Thanks, that sounds good and logical to me. -Lep
  20. Sorry if there's some confusion about handles, I'm talking about the palm rests
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