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  1. Check out this thread for more 20-button playing: -Lep
  2. If you meant "can I ignore the extra buttons and play it like a 20 button concertina?" here are my 2 cents... You can make a lot of great music with a 20 button concertina, but eventually you might feel limited. For some good examples of 20 button playing, look up some recordings of Mrs. Crotty. I don't think you'll have any regrets with a 30 button. The third (extra) row is an accidental row with all your sharps/flats. The other two rows should be more or less identical between the 20 and 30. The accidental row adds a whole lot of options and the opportunity to play a wider range of tunes. If you do decide to go the 30-button route, look closely at the accidental row layout of both the Wheatstone and Jeffries layouts and see which one fits you better. Depending on your budget, a Rochelle from concertina connection is a good place to start. Best of luck, Lep
  3. Depending on how high end you want to go, this might be an option for you. http://www.concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/?concertina=3300 -Lep
  4. Bringing this thread briefly back to life rather than start a new thread. I just ran across this video today of Noel Hill playing his A/E concertina.
  5. I would highly recommend investing in Dave's book. It has a plethora of good tips and trick, that can extend to free reed instruments in general. "The Concertina Maintenance Manual" Dave Elliott https://mcneelamusic.com/the-concertina-maintenance-manual/ And then you can build yourself one of these nifty tools with a dowel and some 400 grit sandpaper!... My apologies Dave, I actually had to sit and think for a second to figure out where I'd first seen this done. Haven't needed to use it on concertina reeds, but it worked great on harmonica reeds.
  6. If Juergen doesn't reply to an email, I would say he is definitely not ignoring you. I've experienced this email problem as well. Over the years I've sent my fair share of emails to Jurgen and some he replies to and the others I am certain he simply does not receive (probably a spam setting on the email... or something more technical out there in cyber space that I am unaware of). I would say just keep trying to send him emails until one gets through. Ok, so you take the end screws out and you can't get to the reed pan? So are you able to separate the bellows from the end plates or is it all stuck together? Is this metal ended or wood ended?
  7. The curved handrests on my Suttner are subtle and super comfortable; I'm planning on curved handrests for my Dipper as well. Definitely don't don't mind playing "traditional/standard" handrests, but the curve is a nice ergonomic accommodation.
  8. Ross, that's an interesting consideration about speed and playability, but if Cormac Begley is any evidence, I guess one can adapt to the individual needs of the instrument with enough practice At this point I'm leaning towards placing an order for a Suttner A4 in A/E (just got an email from Juergen and while I couldn't find it on his website, he will produce A/E instruments!). The idea behind this would be the sweet mellow tone for solo work and if I ran into the odd session in B. Appreciate the input from all and if there's more thoughts, keep them coming!
  9. Great replies from all, so a few more things are coming to my mind now. From the get go I have been leaning toward an Ab/Eb, as I'm kind of partial to the lower option, but I have been finding the mention of the A/E and that it would be a nice "compromise" between the Bb/F and the Ab/Eb especially for solo work. So now... how bad would it be to tune up an Ab/Eb up to an A/E? For example one of our fellow members has a lovely 38button Suttner in Ab/Eb up for sale that could be tuned up to A/E... I haven't seen a lot of A/E boxes floating around out there. Just exploring some different ideas here. -Lep
  10. Would like some thoughts on which key to expand to first after C/G. I found this discussion from back in '07, but was hoping I could get some additional and fresh input. And if your opinion is there's no need to have anything but a C/G; I'd like to hear your rationale behind it. -Lep
  11. Still for sale, would make an excellent Christmas gift! PM me for a video or any other details.
  12. Maybe not so helpful, it's on the pricier side, but button box has a nice 40 button Wheatstone on their website https://www.buttonbox.com/concertinas-in-stock.html -Lep
  13. Hi Ann, If you're thinking of placing an order with the Dippers, definitely reach out to them. http://www.johndipper.co.uk/concertinas/contact.htm John Dipper is quick to respond to emails and immensely helpful about answering any questions about their instruments. My understanding of their models is that they have "models" but this is a loose concept as they allow a lot of customization for every instrument they make. Their general models are based on size/shape/clef and then specific "type models" are all the extras/upgrades that you can pick (this is all on their website). As far as button dimensions, your best bet I'd say will be to try a variety of concertinas and take some measurements on the ones you like the best (and of course the Dipper's can walk you through the choice as well). Best of luck! -Lep
  14. Trying to gather some interest for a concertina class at the 2019 South East Tionol. This year the Tionol is in Oviedo, Florida at the Canterbury Retreat Center February 8-10th. More information can be found here: http://www.floridairishpipers.org/page13/page13.html Right now there is no concertina class, BUT... If we can get enough concertina players interested, we might be able to get a concertina class/instructor for it. They've had some great concertina instructors in years past, but it's been a while. Speak up if you're interested or feel free to reach out to Kathleen Cavanagh directly, her contact info is in the Tionol link. I'm not associated with the SE Tionol, but Kathleen told me I could see if there was any interest here on cnet from other players. -Lep
  15. I'm working on thinning out the herd to make way for my Dipper. Up for sale is my Crabb (from an email discussion with a knowledgeable authority, this may actually be a Shakespeare). I purchased this from David Robertson. The following is his description of the concertina. "32k Crabb Anglo concertina in C/G, circa 1900, with unusual slightly raised ends, probably made by Crabb to special order. Fully restored with new 7-fold bellows, new pads, valves, bushes, phosphor-bronze springs and straps. Metal ends, buttons and fittings polished, woodwork refinished in French polish, and all chamois seals replaced. Tuned to modern concert pitch (A=440Hz) Original leather case modified to accept 7-fold bellows and re-lined." All in all, it's a beautiful instrument, standard size about 6 inches across the flats. David did an absolutely wonderful job on this 'tina. i believe it was originally in Bb/F, now it is in C/G. Asking $5750.00, I'd rather keep it in the continental US for ease of shipping. Would be willing to possibly meet+deliver in the Florida/Georgia area. If sold on the forum, an appropriate donation will be made. PM me for any further details. -Lep
  16. Hi Wolf, It's seems a bit quick to me too, but that's what Suttner's website currently says "Current delivery estimate 2.5 years." Perhaps it's been a while since he's updated it...
  17. Might be hard pressed to find a 38button Suttner or Carroll on the market. You can try contacting Chris over at barleycorn concertinas to see what vintage stock he has http://www.concertina.co.uk I believe he usually has more than what's listed on his website. I own a Suttner myself and I've had the opportunity to play a couple Carrolls, absolutely wonderful instruments. Might be worthwhile getting on one (or both!) of their wait lists. Both are around a 2.5year wait (according to their websites which isn't really too bad). You might save some money this way too. A few years ago I waited almost 5 years for my Suttner to be built and I can say it was definitely worth the long agonizing wait!
  18. Haha well now I think I'm torn between Drowsy Maggie and Fig for a Kiss. I guess I'll just have to rotate between the two ?
  19. I really like the sound of Fig for a Kiss. I can't find any music (tried youtubing them and the session) for Aileen Og or the Dancing of the Sheets though. Perhaps alternative names for them?
  20. Alrighty, I could use some input. So I want one or two tunes to launch into after Scarborough Fair (open to any suggestions reels, jigs, etc.) One tune set I've heard played at sessions is Star of the county down (it'll be sung) and then afterwards everyone launches into Cooley's Reel and then Rakish Paddy. I'm looking for something along those lines (yes I know SOTCD is a barn dance followed by reels while Scarborough Fair is a waltz followed by... ) -Lep
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