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  1. Are you looking for single or double-action? Where are you based? I have three Aeola basses for sale...
  2. Where are you based? Is it possible for another member to visit and test-play?
  3. conzertino


    I asked the seller a couple of obvious questions. The only answer was: 5000 Pound 😏
  4. I have reported them on ebay Germany... Let's see.
  5. Or to be precise: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334373048567?hash=item4dda2fd0f7:g:OI8AAOSwuAdiN8wA
  6. I'm quite sure that it is in fact a model 22, which is a better instrument. On Model 21 the endplates are flat and held by screws from the top, on model 22 the endplates are bent into the wooden frames - as far as I know... I had several of both models.
  7. I have a German-made instrument with the same layout as Peter's - piano on both sides.... I had hoped to be able to play it easily, as I play the piano, but it works quite differently...
  8. I noticed this Eddy at auction. I'm not sure what kind of system it is. I guess that it could be a Jeffries duet!? Link
  9. What exactly is he looking for? Double or single action? C- or G-bass? I might soon be sellig three different Aeola basses... Located in Germany.
  10. I sold several concertinas to the US as "small accordion" and there never were any duties...
  11. As it looks, the piccolo is sold now...
  12. In the very early days my friend Jürgfen Suttner restored two of my Jeffries and my Linota and took measurements of the instruments. As a good German engineer ( his father had an engineering company ) he further developed the principles while sticking to the traditional ways. I had both my 38 key Jeffries and a metal ended A4 on a skale. If I remember rightly, the Suttner was 400g lighter. Sound and action are quite different, but it is realy hard to decide which one is "better"... Try to play as many as possible different instruments before you spend so much money! If you can make it, go to Chris Algar's place and spend an afternoon testing. I picked my ES ME TT out of a dozen similar boxes.
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