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  1. It has nothing to do with "talent." It's about approaching learning the instrument in the right way, and in the right mind-set. A "talented" person is someone who has merely figured out what few could, not because he was the chosen one based from his genetics.
  2. Sheesh...I was enjoying the suberted thread.. fjb Concertina and piano. I have other interests, but I wouldn't want to go off topic. This is concertina.net after all.
  3. My roomate is actually learning how to play right now, and the sound of the concertina isn't very pleasing when he plays =/. Find an empty room to practice or when no one is home. practice practice practice, don't let whiny neighbors stop you!
  4. haha LTD, i totally thought your signature was a hamburger with sesame seeds!
  5. Haha, time travel! but yeah airport security is ridiculous. i always find it fun rather than annoying though.
  6. Loved it, keep sharing tunes when you can.
  7. Wow, thanks. Really appreciate this.
  8. i would imagine it would lean more towards male use, but it is definitely more gender neutral than a lot of other instruments.
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