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  1. It says over there that one sign in is good for the whole site but I am signed in here and it don't work there. I even tried signing in over there but that didn't work
  2. I was at the tune-o-tron part of this site trying to get my own tune book going. Is it a whole other signing in thing?
  3. I clicked on the middle one on the right hand side (the mp3 one). Is that what I was supose to do? I think that it sounded very dark and scarry. To check it out you could take it to a graveyard tonight at midnight and listen to it In the lyrics they are pulling a barge against the Volga river's tide and singing. I don't think it's a fun happy song. Was that you playing what I listened to? I thought it was great
  4. I'm not sure how well I'm playing it but the Song of the Volga Boatmen sounds to me very dark and spooky DUN - DUN - DUN - DUN
  5. I have had my concertina for a little while now and I've been having fun with it I found some sheet music for JAMBALAY and printed it out then I researched and wrote the tabs on it. Well it and a few other songs made me wonder about what all effects playing speed. Being a new player makes me play slower. I read that new concertinas have stiff bellows, is this true and does it make you play slower? Can you play some types of concertinas or accordions faster then others? Can you play english concertinas faster then anglo concertinas? Can you play piano accordions faster then button accordions?
  6. I was just practicing with my concertina and the book that I have for it (Mel Bay's Deluxe Concertina Book By Frank J. Converse) when I came to the song in the book Good Night Ladies and found that the 2nd part of the music didn't match the lyrics. I hate it when that happens The 2nd part of the song is actually Merrily We Roll Along which is earlier in the book on page 17. Does anyone know the lyrics for the second part of the music that they have printed for Good Night Ladies? I'm thinking about doing some cutting and pasteing? I found out that this is a sea shanty
  7. I love this video I wanted to embed it but didn't know how so here is a link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP96JSE1zLU From what I can tell it looks like Skip Henderson wrote this song.
  8. When it comes to sea shantys I use the broad definition of the term. Technically the theme from LOVE BOAT is a sea shanty Shiver My Timbers from Muppets Treasure Island is one of the best I just got the book Mel Bay's Deluxe Concertina Book By Frank J. Converse. Is this a good book to start learning on?
  9. Welcome aboard! Sorry you couldn't afford a bigger pennywhistle, but we don't want no killin's 'round here. I'm curious, what shanties do you prefer? I don't think I've ever met a sea shanty that I didn't like. Drunken Sailor Blow the man down The Fishes Whiskey O Yo Ho Ho Quare Bungle Rye The Admiral and the Enlisted Men The list goes on and on. I love Billy Bones by Skip Henderson. What sea shantys do you like?
  10. Hello I'm new here I mostly play mandolin and a little pennywhistle. I just got a black IOLITE 20 button 40 reed anglo concertina. The mandolin & pennywhistle mainly do melody and I wanted something for chords and accompanyment. Did I pick the right instrument in choosing a concertina? I also love sea shantys and a concertina makes them killer
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