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  1. Why are pirates so cool? (pause) Because they arrrrrrrrrrrrrre
  2. You should come and play with us at the BASS session in Alameda. It would get you an idea of the tunes. You are quite talented, and I know you would pick up very quickly. Go to their website to see their core tunes and directions http://www.slowplayers.org/BASS/ . Most of the core tunes (some are reels) I have played easily enough on the anglo. The two easiest are Cup of Tea, and Maid behind the Bar. You would see a couple of famliar faces, and depending on the Sunday, there are two anglo players that go (myself included, but I'm still trying to get up to speed) Cheers, Kiminca
  3. My old 20 button will never be played by me again, as it is very poor quality. But, it does make for a great loaner and has infected others to love the concertina. Mr. Edgley will be pleased that my old Hohner has given him 2 orders for concertinas, and will be on the move to another infectee when the current player receives her awaited instrument. If the 20-b were of better quality I would still play it as I'm a sentimental person. As a matter of fact I have decided that when the Hohner finally breaksdown, it will be turned into a lampshade. Now how's that for sentiment!
  4. My friend and I were wondering if there was a list to post to if your box was stolen, and if prospective buyers ever check the list? Would a list like this actually help perpetrate a fruad?
  5. I'm wanting to buy a G/D Ceili, thinking that it would be good for those Irish tunes I'm trying to learn. But, atlas I can't convince my husband. Kimberly
  6. As Frank Suggested, Nature's Miracle works great on Cat "oders". I had to use it all over my car after taking the cat to be fixed (Yes the cat was in a carrier, but he found ways to spray everywhere. Should we equate your playing to a visit to the vet? Just kidding Kimberly
  7. Just to correct your ideas about Peter, have a look at the picture below: In fact you can admire a nice collection of Peter's pictures on the C.Net site at this page and also this one! They are all nice, but some are a bit nicer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And to think, I've been resting the 'end' of my concertina on my knee... Weren't most of the Salvation Army players women? Kimberly
  8. Not blackmail, I don't have it in me. Perhaps if you wanted them, I could send them to you. I read your post and recognize your sign-in from when you sold it. I was quite interested in it at the time, but the price was out of my league. I think with the way the prices have jump in even the last year that I have given up. The concertina that you sold is almost what I am looking for in a vintage. I am currently very happy with my new Edgley. But someday I may have both..... Kimberly
  9. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> BTW, I'd send photos of the arrangement, but I no longer own it.........F <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have pictures of your old reed pan....
  10. The Barrow's House Jig was my first tune (I think), It was easy and I knew the tune well. It was a fun dance to learn, so I also learn the music. I have found that most the dances I like I also like to tunes as well. I have since come to the realization that I should learn to play the music to the dances I don't like to dance. This way I can dance what I like and play when I'm not dancing (at least someday when I can play good enough) Cheers to Helen for doing a solo while learning, takes guts. Kimberly
  11. I once bought tickets online and choose not to select a seat when I purchased the ticket. I didn't care where I sat. This turned out to be a big problem for me, as I had a ticket, but not a confirmed seat, and the flight was over sold. It was recommended to me for the flight home to call and confirm a seat on the airplane to make sure I had one. Just confirming the reservation was not enough. I can't remember what airline, but now I like to know about seating before hand. I guess my advice to to call the airline to confirm that you have a seat reserved. Good luck
  12. " Robin Harrison Posted Today, 06:40 AM I've just got a concertina that makes me sneeze every time I play it ! I wonder if it's possible to be allergic to your concertina ( as some fiddlers are to rosin).Robin " Robin, I was allergic to my first concertina. At first I thought it was my new cat (got them at the same time). Turns out I was allergic to the wood that the reed pan was made of. The allergy got better as the wood dust all got blown out. Even though I was having a hard time breathing I still played
  13. As I had predicted, since the moment I received my new Edgely Concertina, my low end concertina has not been touched. What a joy this little box has brought to me. It has a bright cheerful sound, and the bellows take little effort to use. The notes all sound with about the same amount of pressure (unlike my old one where I had to really force the air though a couple of the notes). Also, my fingers are more properly placed. This was a problem for me on the right side of my low-end, I think the hand rest wasn't properly placed. All in all I love the feel and the sound of my new Edgley. I received the concertina on Thursday, which allowed me to take it with me to a Morris Ale here in California over the week-end. I was able to pass it around to other concertina players (a couple of them c.netters), and got to try theirs. I don't know which I enjoyed more, trying a variety of concertinas or hearing mine being played by talented players. I wanted to thank c.netters and this forum that helped me of formulate what I wanted out of my concertina. The discussions here and others offline were very valuable and truly led me to the right direction. This is a great forum. Thanks Kim in CA
  14. I feel that I myself a very sceptical person when it come to dealing with my personal information over the internet. My behavior on the internet is judged by how I think I might aviod being put at risk. It has only been since I bid on a pretty little concertina from a good (to the best of my judgement) seller, that I have been hit hard by several scammers. Even the poor seller got scammed. I had six "second chance" offers, all not from the seller. When It came to the one where they acussed me of stealing thier identity, through eBay FORWARDING system, I stopped opening any of the e-mails. These e-mails have since stopped. With these incidents aside I will not stop using the internet for certain transactions. Just be warned that you need to have guarded reacations to how you handle a response to a "forwarded" message from e-Bay Here is the warning that e-Bay gave me when I reported the guy who claimed I stole his Identity. ------- Thank you for writing to eBay regarding an email message you received. We have reviewed your report and have found that the message you received was made to appear as if it had been sent by an eBay user, however, it was not. It appears that this email may also contain a keystroke virus. If you clicked on any of the links in the email, you may have exposed your computer to this virus. Cheers to all, Kim in CA
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