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  1. Fellow Squeezers,

    I have something a little different, a little unusual, in which 2x left over decorative ends are up for sale.


    These belonged to my first anglo purchase, a 44key that aside from the reeds, was in rather warped and savage disrepair, hence after many years trying to get the instrument fixed, I ended up selling the reeds, but decided to keep the ends.


    However, they have been sitting in my office cupboard for years, and hoping that someone might have some use for them? 

    They have been professionally framed, and obviously made by Thomas Shakespeare - the RH side initials are T and S.

    Asking Price $600 AUD
    Happy to post internationally.
    Feel free in asking any further questions?


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  2. Hey Folks,
    Many of you in the US may not know of Richard Evans here in Australia, but he is quite well known ‘down under’ as Australia’s concertina doctor... plus maker of his own brand of Anglo called the “Kookaburra” concertina.
    I’m selling in particular one of his 32K instruments (No16) as pictured. I believe that I am the 3rd owner of this fine instrument & importantly have kept it in playing order with many a ‘seisun’ played here in Perth, Western Australia.
    Particulars as follows:- 32K, C/G, Metal ends & buttons, proper concertina style steel reeds (hand cut & tuned) 7 fold leather bellows, case kindly inc. $3000 AUD.
    Lastly, being a rather boutique instrument and not so recognized overseas, the price is modestly reflected here to assist this sale. I would happily arrange international postage at MY expense if it helps seal the deal... Please ask any questions as necessary? Sound file available upon request.
    Cheers & thanks, Sergio…








  3. Howdy Folks,

    A beautifully made Terry McGee flute to swap/trade for 26-38 key Anglo Concertina 'metal buttons & ends' in C/G??? Please email me if interested........


    Condition: Excellent, not even 12months old. ($3,400 AUD.)

    Model: Prattens Perfected in D

    Wood: African Blackwood

    Keys: 6 (Sterling Silver)

    Embouchure: Classic (typical)

    Foot: Long

    Case: Yes (Original)


    Cheers in advance for any interest... Photos available upon request!

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