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  1. Yes indeed, I received my copy last friday. Though I must admit that I have no comprehension of their mailing schedule. I seem to receive them catch-as-catch-can. Mark
  2. Hi All, I bought this exact model one year ago. Because it is an Edgley Professional, it plays exceptionally well. But the point of my comment is the beauty of Indian Rosewood. My opinion is that it is stunning in an Anglo concertina. Gather Ye rosewoods while Ye may! Mark
  3. Hup, I agree with John, though I don't think I would have said 'piss of.' I don't fully understand the original post, but I do believe the OP might want to consider Frank Edgly as a source for concertinas in either Wheatstone or Jeffries configuration. Mark
  4. If, as michaelpier suggests, players can also be builders, Frank Edgley (Canada) should be considered. Mark
  5. Friends, I am about to receive a Frank Edgley baritone concertina. It is the same tuning (transposable) with my Edgley Tenor. I know these instruments are far betwixt. Is there anyone who can describe the the feel of this particular instrument? Mark Taylor
  6. Dear Rod, I'm sorry, I should have understood you were looking for an English, not an Anglo. I apologize for my mistake. Regards, Mark Taylor
  7. Hi Rod, If you can stand the wait, you might call Frank Edgley. Good luck, Mark Taylor
  8. Cruachan, Salute the Maple Leaf and call Frank Edgley! Mark
  9. Good evening, Can anyone tell me the name the English use for 'Minstrel Boy'? Regards, Mark
  10. Daniel, I know Frank Edgley offers angled reed pans on his Professional models. Is this a help or hindrance to your list? Best regards, Mark Taylor
  11. It seems to me that the question is does it please you; if so, hold onto it.
  12. Gusten, I understand your hesitancy, I feel that too. I have been playing a Rochelle for the last three months. My skill level, and the rental cost [buttonBox] have been appropriate to my learning curve. I recently received a custom Edgley from Frank, and it definitely sounds, plays, and 'feels' better. But the Rochelle felt fine while I played it, even beautiful at times. I know nothing about vintage instruments, except from recordings. But my Edgley is even more beautiful to my ears. It seems to me that a skilled player can make a silk purse from a sow's ear in almost all cases. Move to your level of comfort when you're able. The Rochelle is a fine instrument. Stick with it until you need a better instrument. Mark
  13. Happy New Year, Yesterday afternoon, I received my new Edgley. I have been practicing on my rented Rochelle [ ButtonBox ] for three months now. I'm competent enough on the keys, but I haven't yet gotten a hold on the bellows. Nonetheless, the Edgley is a work of art. Mine was made with Indian rosewood; beautiful grain and subtle brown coloration. The bellows and I will still need to break-in; time will resolve this. I am still amazed that Frank Edgley charges as little as he does for a custom box. God bless him. Best regards, Mark Taylor
  14. Catty, Thanks for your comments; much appreciated. Mark
  15. Hello all, While waiting for my Edgley concertina to be finished, I have rented a Rochelle from Button Box. Can anyone comment on this instrument and its suitability for a beginner? Thank you, Mark
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