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  1. Hello I am a new member and know absolutely nothing about concertinas! However I have been left an old concertina (in leather case) which has 48 keys. The oval maker's-mark says "Improved Concertina - Nickolds Bros - Woodbridge Street - Clerkenwell - London" On the other side, stamped under the rose-wood? fret-work is the serial number "604". It has green leather thumb straps (look original) fixed with narled brass fixings. White buttons are lettered, red buttons not. 2 rows of outer black buttons on each side. The bellows looks remarkably well preserved! and are (were) white with a gold linked 'X' pattern - all edged with dark green. Cannot as yet show photo. On my nil knowledge (research) does any expert out there (on the limited info given) know whether this is worth keeping and how much it might be worth? regards Brian
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