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  1. sounds like i'll have to get some expidited shipping on the repair manual, man up and learn to tend to issues as they arise myself. on the left side one reed fails to fully sound(higher pull G) and on the right just yeaterday a reed started continuasly sounding (regardless of if the buttons down) i was warned california weather isn't always exactly hospitable to concertinas, but i've done my best to keep it from getting to dry or hot in the room where it's living.(its a newly acquired 32button llachenalc/g, and has already brought no end of joy!)I'll update if i can manange to muster the courage to take a look inside(hate the idea of accidentaly damaging anything in there) p.s.-i should mention the box was superb on arival, so i'm inclined to think the weather or alot of continuos play mite be the culpurate??
  2. any one know of any competant concertina repair person in the sacramento area?>
  3. Some one once told me in a pinch the dial tone is close enough to such and such a note that you can tune a guitar to it relatively easily.
  4. The fact that the Anglo concertina seems to have been overwhelmingly associated with 'Folk' music, Morris music and Irish traditional music provides no logical reason to fear that if interest in these styles of music were to seriously decline the Anglo concertina itself would necessarily be heading for oblivion... but, as things are at present, it would obviously have a significant effect. I guess that there are those like myself who have very limited interest ( if any ) in Folk, Morris or ITM yet derive endless pleasure from playing ( or at least attempting to play ) the many other totally different styles of music to which the Anglo is equally well suited. I couldn't agree with you more rod.And as for availability, one of those cheap chinese boxes has lasted me years and given me dialy enjoyment the hole time.That being said can't wait to make an upgrade!
  5. it seems pretty limited whe you think along the lines of people inovating within the traditional syles already established. I think the more unique and original music that is written with or for any kind of concertina, the brighter it's future becomes.
  6. I think you should find both a brass and steel reeded anglo of the same size, and simply swap an end. I did this with my crummy chinese english and anglo boxes (the screw holes matched up perfectly). wait, so the end product of that switch was two half anglo half english concertinas??
  7. Bravo! what tunes do you figure the angel of death would enjoy playing?
  8. we're there any peices written specifically for this instrument?
  9. Does anyone own one or know where i could go on the net to hear how one sounds? Are these the sort of thing that aren't generally restored due to their historic importance?to play on a fully functional instrument that old would be something else!
  10. thanks for the link greg. I think you're right in that it would be an easier way to acomplish the more balanced chrod to melody thing i was talking about. Still curius about the way brass and steel would sound together, but i didn't even think about that different amount of time they'ld take to respond etc. just something neat to think about i guess.
  11. Would it be possible to construct a 20 key anglo with brass reeds on the left side and steel on the right so you could sustain full chords without drowning out single line melodys on the right side? would this even be the case? i can see how tunes that go from one side to the other would come out sounding a bit odd, but i think playing simple chord/melody style with both kinds of reeds would sound real nice.
  12. i too could not see anything about the original post that was in questionable taste.
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