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  1. Micha

    FS: Suttner A2

    The concertina is now SOLD. Thanks for your interest! Micha
  2. Micha

    FS: Suttner A2

    Hi everybody, I've been reading and sneaking around here for a couple of years now, but never posted anything. Sorry about that. Now the first thing I am posting is being posted, because I'm not playing anymore. Sorry for that, too... Having tears in my eyes, I'm selling my Suttner Anglo concertina, a A2 model. It was made for me by Juergen Suttner in November 2009 and it is a real beauty, talking about both, the looks and the sound. Here's some features: - 31 buttons - slightly modified Jeffreys layout (the first two buttons on the right hand accidental row are c#/c# and eb/eb) - 31st button is a drone, played by the left thumb. I made Juergen build it sounding in "d" instead of "c" - well - for obvious reasons, playing Irish music... - RAISED ebony ends are something really rare. It looks astonishing, it sounds somewhere between wood and metal ends. Really lovely piece of craftsmanship. - Of course it comes in its original case (which I padded a bit in addition as it was a bit too big...) It's in a really good condition, just having 2 or three really minor scratches. Of course it is fully working and in tune. I'm selling it because I'm not playing anymore, I think such great instruments should be played and not just be collecting dust. And - to be honest - of course I could use the money... The instrument is located in Essen, Germany. If you're around, you're invited to come and test it. I am selling actually to everywhere around the world, but please note that outside Germany, the shipping costs will be your deal. And of course - if you're outside the EU - the customs, taxes, whatever will add to the price: it's your part. Here are some pictures: Thanks for your attention. Micha