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  1. Hi David My client is the one who will decide if he wants to buy the reeds or not. You can send me the total price including postage at melodona@gmail.com. Thank you. Julie
  2. Hi David Thank you for your answer. They're brass. At 440. Where are you situated? Not Hobart... Australia? Julie
  3. Hello I'm in Montreal and would like to know which would be the best closest place for me to order replacement reeds from. Got a Lachenal & Co with two broken reeds. E4 & E5. Thank you. Julie
  4. [*]The extra holes in the fretwork don't seemed to be matched by levers (with or without buttons) on the action boards. [*]There are, however, mechanisms for "novelties" in the reed pans (and one in the LH pad board), which also don't seem to be matched by levers/buttons in the action. (Two in the RH are even sealed off.) that's what I mean by "I don't know what to make of all these holes" found a number in there : 1110 I'll ask my client if he still thinks it's worth it thanks again to all Julie
  5. Thanks for all the answers Which members do you suggest I contact for tips on this restoration? Julie
  6. hi again here are closer looks It'll be a challenge to get it air tight enough, so I should probably go back to the "no air button" situation. Easier than getting an extra weirdly positioned valve not to leak. I know it's hard just from pictures, but if you have any recommendations (aside from "forget about it!"), I'm all eyes. thanks again Julie
  7. Lachenal... hmmmm... so my client was misinformed by whoever sold this to him? You're sure about it originally being a air-button-less model? I do have the missing air button - in a bag separate (but it could have been added later). I'm just not sure what to make of all these extra holes... I'll look again for a serial number next time I open it. here's a few more pics... (on the overview one, the left side is on the right and vice versa) My client knows it'll never be back in top shape but would be happy to have it just be playable. My supplier doesn't carry concertina parts. Any recommendations in north America? thank you Julie
  8. hello a client brought me this Duet. He bought it on EBay and was told it's an early model (circa 1850) probably by Wheatstone. Serial number is gone. Needs work everywhere but aside from that, the various modifications it seems to have gone through over the years are what puzzles me... Concertinas are not popular here (Montreal) so I don't get them often. It's a wonderful challenge so I'd like to try my hand at it but there's a few concerns and the air button is the main one. It's seems to have been switched from right to left (though it's now missing), a rode and a hole... many holes in fact have been added and some blocked. Perhaps seeing pictures of how it originally was would help me decide which way to go from here... back or forward. Any help is welcome. Thank you and good day Julie
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