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  1. It is interesting that the instrument is described as "created by maker Jurgen Suttner". While Suttner is a well respected maker, the instrument in the image is a photoshopped Wakker W-H1. (Mirrored.) See this page: http://www.wakker-concertinas.com/H-1.htm The wood is padouk, and I believe the instrument pictured belongs to our colleague Boney.
  2. I'll add my name to the hat as an interested party. I have a copy of Anglo Int'l, which I found to be one of my most valuable resources learning to play the Anglo. I've since picked up a Wicki/Hayden duet, and would very much like to have the Duet edition!
  3. Thanks for the best wishes everyone. Will pass on regards to Space Needle, the Orcas and the Bald Eagles. Wife and I have been learning to sail on Lake Union, with views in the background: http://bestseattleparks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/IMG_0668.JPG Wakker Central is a few hours away, but do imagine I'll find an excuse to a visit at some point! My best, Lloyd
  4. Hello Geoff, Were you meaning moi...? I've actually recently relocated to Seattle. All the fuss has meant I haven't been able to keep up with TOTM. Hoping it won't be too long before I can get back to it.
  5. Hello Robert, The instrument (which started this thread) is currently available through The Box Place via this link: http://www.theboxplace.co.uk/purchase/jef45cg/prod_392.html Unfortunately I don't have a sound example, but I can say it has a typical strong Jeffries sound.
  6. Hello Matthew, Yes, really understand the dilemma. Is great to have a this difficulty in choosing 'middle range' Wicki-Hayden instruments. I ended up going from an Elise straight to a W-W1 as when in the market the Peacock and Beaumont had not yet appeared. As with the advice above, I'd suggest trying out the instruments. Not always easy due to geography, though.... And... Of course you know that you can take advantage of Walker's upgrade programme. This is what I did when I purchased my W-W1... Which then felt like a down payment. If I were doing it again I expect I'd have gone from the Elise to the Peacock... And then later upgraded to the W-W1. In any case, I'm really enjoying my concertina reeded instrument, and am very pleased to have it!
  7. BTW, I have started with this one, but haven't had enough time recently to do much playing. Hopefully, won't be too long before I can put something up.
  8. Hello Don, the time in question is: 10-11 sec. and 39-30 sec.
  9. Reiterating my earlier comment, I didn't originally find it to my taste, but went with it.... Now am used to the "shock" after working with it for the month.
  10. I don't know that particular instrument, but I have a similar 45-button C/G (which I should be posting for sale) and had a 45-button G/D, and both have the LH "drone" (thumb) button opening on the same chamber as a button in the fourth row. Different levers and pads, but the same chamber, hence the duplication. On my C/G, it's not a true drone, but F/C. I believe there's a discussion of this "feature" in an earlier thread, but I haven't time to look for it right now. Maybe in a few days. Hi All, this is indeed the situation. There are different levers/keys for the same chamber. At one point I'd thought that I'd swap an F reed in, to have F on the press, but this isn't possible if one wants to retain the LH C drone under the thumb. If you're in Whitby, have a play!
  11. The chord makes perfect sense in D minor if you think of it not as an Ab diminished but a G# diminished. G#-B-D-F. It's essentially an E7 chord (five of five) with the E raised to an F to add tension (and isn't that what diminished chords are all about?). Another way of saying... vii/V is a substitution for V/V. And, of course, V/V is a substitution for ii. So, you can think of vii/V as a chromatic substitution for ii, where ii usually leads to V in the circle-of-fifths.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments. In all my listening and research on this tune I came across the Wallace arrangement and thought it would be an interesting challenge to bring Wallace's take to a Wicki/Hayden arrangement. With that in mind I tried to do the following: 1) respect Wallace's tonal language and chord progressions 2) where possible, maintain similar voice leading on inner parts 3) (re-)compose sensible bass with good voice leading 4) make it sound like concertina! Interestingly enough, this is actually one of those places where I wouldn't have chosen what Wallace has.... The chord in question is a fully diminished secondary seventh chord of the dominant. In functional harmonic notation: vii7/V Spelled out in d minor, the key I play the tune in this is: g-sharp, b-natural, d(-natural), f(-natural). It ends up sounding really surprising because the g-sharp and b-natural are both outside the key. In my arrangement, I've dropped the d and doubled the f. The chord is "surprising" (or "abrasive!") enough on the concertina without the d. On the piano, it is a different matter. Meant as an overly melodramatic theatrical moment. As a unisonoric instrument the Wicki/Hayden doesn't need to breathe like this, so clearly an affectation of some sort. I tried a few things, as well as vibrato, but went with this... imagining myself channelling a chap with a top-hat and waxed moustache. Thanks for these! I appreciate the feedback.
  13. Theo Gibb will have this instrument for viewing at Whitby Folk Week.
  14. Theo Gibb will have this instrument for viewing at Whitby Folk Week.
  15. A bit late... but here's my version. Inspired by the Wallace arrangement (Victorian!) for piano.
  16. Soundcloud submissions now in a set. Some great stuff here! I haven't recorded my version as of yet... hopefully will add to SC by tomorrow....
  17. The C Jeffries CG Anglo with 45 keys I have may be of interest. This page also lists the keyboard layout, so you'll be able to have a look. I started out with a 30 key Lachenal and moved to this instrument after hearing John Kirkpatrick play very lyrically on a 40 key instrument. The extra keys give a lot of choice for bellows direction and chord spelling... which is what I was looking for. Since then, I've moved on to the Wicki/Hayden system, which I'm very much enjoying. (And as a result am looking to re-home my Anglos.) In any case, if you're interested in trying out the C Jeffries CG Anglo, be in touch.
  18. Great to hear where you're up to! Is coming along well. If you're looking for suggestions on further progress, I'd add that you may do well to think about adding rubato. In particular, I'd encourage you to play the tune as if you were singing it. At the moment the pulse is very regular. There are many moments where you'd either speed up or slow down if you were singing. With rubato you'd bring more expression to your playing. Think you're well on the way to something charming. Looking forward to the next instalment!!
  19. Excellent. For me is good to know you're playing a Wicki/Hayden... as gives a lot of context. Ah... understand how that goes. The great thing is that there are a number of Wicki/Hayden instruments now on the market, so there's quite a choice when you do splash out! Looking forward to hearing more from your Elise.
  20. Looks (and sounds) like a lovely instrument. With Soundcloud the big issue (how you pay) seems to be recommendations to listen to paid-for promoted pop-artistes which have absolutely nothing to do with what you have shown interest in. That, and a less than ideal search/tag engine. On the other hand, it has to be "paid for" somehow.
  21. Thanks for the compliments. Interesting for you to hear "a Morris touch". I did start out with the Anglo, so would say that much of my initial feeling as to how something could sound is related to my experience with the Anglo. Maybe another way of saying this is the Anglo "sounds like concertina" to me, and when playing the duet, I'd like to "sound like concertina". Regarding the bass run, accompaniment, etc., with moving to the Wicki/Hayden I've been trying to take advantage of what the instrument can do "easily", that I'd find would be "much trouble" on my Anglo. To my ear, independent counter melodic lines really say "duet"... so have been looking to throw this sort of thing into my efforts. As to some specifics... when I first got my W-W1, Boney played an arrangement of The Ash Grove on it which included a stepwise run in the left hand. That stuck in my mind as an ear-catching moment... and thought something like that would work nicely in my efforts with this tune. On the Anglo side... there was some thinking about Jody Kruskal's arrangement of Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss. Setting up a Soundcloud account is fairly straightforward. Details on doing so can be found here. Having your own account gives you the ability to control your copyrights and other issues. Would love to add your version to the set I've put together. At the moment, though, I don't feel especially comfortable hosting material from other authors. (You might guess I've had some experience of the matter in another context...) Yes, so if you do set up an account, just PM me and I'll throw you into the mix!
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