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  1. Hi Piet,

    Great videos on YouTube!

  2. Good day Is there somone on this whole wide earth who can help me with drawings of a 40 key anglo german reedpans. Both sides. TopS and bottoms. I''m struggling every day with this. I'm busy trying to build myself a concertina. The body of the concertina is nearly finished. The reeds i already sorted out, but not the reedpans PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP. Thanks Piet Visser South Africa
  3. Good day to all. My name is Piet Visser, South Africa Can anyone perhapse tell me where do i start with a reedpan. In other words - how to build and design my own angl german 40 key reedpan for a 6 sided concertina. What tools do i need. I don't have any machinery. Only hand tools, like a router, skill saw, etc, etc. NO CNC Cutting machines. A lot of handmade and home made tools yes.. What size router bits do i use, or suppose to use, and what else. I know it must be dovetail router bits, and thats that. Is ther any blueprints somewhere on this planet or is there someone who's willing to help me on that please. I'm struggling with the reedpan for nearly 2 years now.. I'm busy to build my own 40 key concertina. So far so good. The concertina is nearly finished, but not the reedpan. The reeds is not a problem. Thanks Piet Visser South Africa
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