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  1. Just realised when it comes round to Melodeons & More 2011 it will be 3.5 years since I started concertina and 3 years since I started playing melodeon. Scary.
  2. Hi Fernando My whistling is not very good but you can listen to a midi version of the tune by clicking here . Chris Thanks for adding it Chris.
  3. It's not a transcription error. 'H' is ABC coding for a fermata or pause. Ta! I wondered what it was called. Looked like Dalek head looking straight on to me.
  4. he, he. Paste it into the tune o tron then you'll see what it does
  5. Here's a little tune I wrote (hopefully not channeling any other tune - I've listened to it back so many times I can't tell). So here it is.... X:2 T:Speed t' Knitting C:LDT N:Inspired by a challenge set by TSMB N:Composed on C/G Tedrow Anglo Concertina N:Thanks to Steve for transcription of my playing M:6/8 K:G P:A HD [| "G"G2A BGB | "D"B2A B2 c | "C"c2B "G"ABA | G2 F G2 E | G2A BGB | B2A B2 c | "C"c2B ABA | "G"G2 F "D"D3 :|] P:B "G"G2A B2A | G2B "C"GFE | "G"G2A B2A | "D"G2B "C"FED | "G"G2A B2A | G2B "C"GAB | "G"G2A B2A | "G"G2B "D"HD3 :|] comments welcome p.s. I have no idea with the chords....they are just a guess-timate.
  6. I have a concertina and melodeon....I've finally got my family to use the right names (correcting them every time)...just they tend to confuse the two.
  7. The youtube version for those who have issues with getting omnvoice to work
  8. Planxty fanny power http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=33593 Me on melodeon, anglo concertina and fiddle. comments welcome
  9. I like raspberry and echinatia tea (with a naughty bit of honey to sweeten it)...and I've recently been giving redbush tea a go. I only nave normal tea twice a day. Once when I wake up and one after dinner.
  10. The Ralph Jordan floodgates have opened. Watch out! Unlikely Jody. It's a cheap website, and I've almost filled my Upload capability! maybe an album is in order...you could call it "Now that's what I call Ralphie"
  11. Heard on a nursery rhyme tape originally.....this is my attempt on Melodeon, concertina, fiddle and tamborine. "We can play on the big bass drum" http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=32526
  12. I don't tend to play the concertina in 'open sessions' (if I get your meaning right) as not only can I not keep up (its like jonesy from dads army playing a concertina....always a little delayed) but I can't hear myself so have no idea if I'm playing it right.
  13. Well; the technique is coming on. I hope that you take stock of where you are, musically, compared with where you were (say) two years ago. The touch sounds a lot lighter; maybe playing the (M word) has helped, in this respect. I've got better but I'm still rubbish.
  14. two more tunes Jockey Boy http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=31936 Parsons Farewell http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=31935
  15. LDT

    High Barbaree

    IMO. A virtual duet is when two (or more) people record a song without actually meeting in real life and playing in realtime. For example. for this song. I recorded the tune, sent it to kate, she told me to speed up and add in some 'bridges' for her to take a breath. She recorded her singing unaccompanied so I could get the general pace. So I recorded the tune while listening to her singing in my headphones, sent it to her (sans voice), she then re recorded her vocals to fit my playing. And voila! The result.
  16. LDT

    High Barbaree

    I'm probably only marginally more experienced in this area than you, though there's a lot of people here with centuries more experience than either of us. SO, take any advice I say with a grain of salt. When I play with a singer I try not to (if they're a good singer) play exactly the same notes as they sing. Well, like 80% of the time. I like the little musical bridge you did between the verses, a nice touch! What I do is try to play a 3rd, or sometimes 4ths or 5ths from the note being sung. A little easier is to play the melody, but include the higher 3rd. (You're on an Anglo, right? So just do the next one up.) BUT, I try not to over do that, doing it on the chorus for stronger emphasis perhaps. Also, when the main verses are being sung I like to lighten it up a little bit (play less strong), and for notes that repeat (if playing along with the singing, or vice versa) I'll just hold. Or say it goes C-F-F-G-C-C-C, I'll do C---G-C--- (just as an example, dunno if that's a tune). Not quite a drone, but more like playing the song slower with the important bits held. Or something. (Sometimes though I like to quickly do it as a scale, CDEF-G-GFEDC, sometimes.) Naturally, playing along with another musician or a singer is a difficult beast all to itself if you're not playing from the notes, but adding or expanding your own playing of a song. Annnnnd... everyone does it different, of course! I have to say you've come a long ways in the time I've been hearing you play! Patrick Thanks for the comments and critique. The 'musical bridge' was to allow her to take a breath between verses. Kate (the singer) has said next time she's going to throw a song at me and let me make up a tune from scratch... ------- btw. I've re-uploaded on youtube for those who have trouble with the other link.
  17. LDT

    High Barbaree

    All comments welcome. I've not played for singing before.
  18. LDT

    High Barbaree

    High Barbaree http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=30643 this is a virtual duet inspired by Jon Boden's Folk Song a Day http://www.afolksongaday.com/2010/09/16/oats-and-beans-and-barley/ I used these dots http://www.folktunefinder.com/tune/23022/ and transposed to C. Voice: Kate Akers Anglo Concertina: Me
  19. well I quite like it.
  20. High Barbaree http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=30260 transposed into C from this version of the ABC http://www.folktunefinder.com/tune/23022/
  21. I have to type for work and | ten to use my RH little finger more than left hand...and consequently notice a difference between sides when I play the concertina.
  22. unless someone wants to donate one for free....that's not gonna happen, no matter how much I want one.
  23. I think we all understand the problem. Even in England you'd struggle to find somewhere where you could find this range of hybrids together - or even just a couple of them. For instance I've been playing quite a few years now yet to my knowledge I've never even seen a Tedrow or an Edgely let alone played one. That doesn't get away from the fact that the only way to really know which one of these is "right" for you is to physically play them. There have been a lot of discussions on this site about the qualities of the various makes and comparing two side by side. A bit of searching may give you a lot of the information you are looking for, though you may need to do a bit of detective work to piece it all together. If you can't try them in person search youtube and find vids of them being played. I have a Tedrow...which I bought for sevearal reasons. 1) I thought it was prettier than the other makers IMO 2) I liked that I could follow the progress on twitter 3) It was in my price range 4) The waiting list wasn't too long. 5) I read some comments about the buttons being closer together. And I have small hands so that suited me as I struggle with reaching buttons on other 'makes'. 6) I liked the sound. 7) and since I've got it I find its suits my abilities. I know several cnetters (who are much better players than me) have tried my concertina and I don't think I've had any major criticism of the box. hope this helps.
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