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  1. Would have thought it would have been your perfect genre You mean you don't like rhythm? Has no idea what a gimble lock is
  2. after over a year...I still think I'm beginner. Doesn't help when my fave type is grunge-goth-rock-emo pop (think Evanescence, AFI, Nirvana). I don't think I could keep them 'putting up with' my playing for an hour.
  3. I think I've got some learning to do ...only one I could play off by heart out of that list is speed the plough. You see now I'm tempted to do that just to see.....
  4. Any that you find appear all over England whichever session you attend? (The beginners session I go to just work from the Mally book 'easy peasy tunes')
  5. What would be the top 5 tunes essential to memorise/learn for an english session? I somehow think nursary rhymes won't feature.
  6. So which is better learn lots of tunes in a just about presentable fashion or just concentrate on being really good at a handful?
  7. Can you do this trick? "While sitting cross your right leg over your left. Make clockwise circles with your right foot. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand." I saw it on the One Show...Apparently they could only find drummers that could do it. Its all about left and right...and different parts of the brain or something.
  8. I find my right thumb (right hand in general) isn't as flexible as my left (and the knuckles click more). But then I blame my un-ergonmic set up at work for that...and the cold. But maybe that's just me then that thinks LH airbutton would be a good idea?
  9. which then begs the question - why not at both ends? not being an Anglo player I ask (in innocence!) would it be an advantage to be able to use an air button at either end, would there be a benefit in having the choice during a tune? chris Where air buttons exist on concertinas (excluding "bowing" valves!), the custom is to have them on the right. I'm guessing that Anglos were the first to have them, and there is a case to be made that on English/Duet systems, they are a "nice to have", rather than "needed". On the Anglo, it's air button under the right thumb, drone button (if it exists) under the left thumb. Ah but why is it the custom? Who decided that was the correct way?
  10. Question: I've noticed air button is on the left for melodeon but right for anglo concertina (do other types have air buttons?) And I wondered is there a reason the concertina air button is on the right? Could it be put on the left. The reason I ask this is because I find the air button being on the LH easier then on the RH, as I swap between instruments. And always find that the hardest bit of the swap is I've used to the air button of one and changing to the other. Has anyone ever experimented with the air button on the LH side?
  11. Here are my latest recordings oats n bean n barley grow farmers in his den we can play on the big bass drum
  12. No metronome, I turned it off ages ago coz it annoyed me and kept putting me off. These tunes are from a CD (I broke the original tape playing it too many times) I had when I was a little girl. I remember I used to memorise all the words and the dances/movements that went with it too. It was called 'Oranges & Lemons' which I prefered over the other tape 'Wheels on the bus'. I like both...just concertina takes me much longer to get the hang of...I prefer tunes on melodeons and songs on concertina, things with words I just find easier on the concertina, where as on melodeon its distracting.
  13. thanks. My latest attempts 'Farmers in his den.....' http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10712 Oats and Beans and Barley Grow http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10713 sorry both have mistakes in.
  14. I like red...but on forums it usually means Danger/Bad/Anger. I find it rather disconcerting, like I've been naughty or something.
  15. Hey! I just noticed I've got a -1 on one of my posts!? my reputation is now -1 Neutral...I don't like it being Red though. > (just noticed you can + & - your own posts to affect it)
  16. Why? hmmm....its coz I'm fed of just smiling and nodding when anyone uses music speak around or to me, but actually not having a clue. And I think not knowing is holding me back from progressing a bit. Coz I'm stuck in a rut between reading music and playing by ear and not grasping either one properly. And for reference I play English style (lets not start an argument by that I mean tune on RH, other stuff on the LH), on Jeffries layout.
  17. I've got charts but they don't help...its just too slow a process. I want to just do it and know what note it is not be forever looking it up like I am at the moment.
  18. Has anyone got a way of remembering the names of what notes are on what buttons? I've tried saying the names to myself as I play the scales but it isn't working. > Has anyone got a pneumonic (sp?) for remembering? Coz for example if I got asked to find a C# I wouldn't know where it was or what it sounded like or even where it would be in a stave. I keep trying but it won't stick.
  19. I just can't tap my foot and play...I can sway to the music but just can't co-ordinate foot and concertina (or Melod*n)
  20. Last nights episode of 'Argumental' on the channel DAVE. (UK) So the 'argument' was that Morris was cool. in the words of Marcus Bridgestock 'Give me a jingle' lol! I'm sure I spotted a concertina amoungst the morris dancers...anyone else watch it?
  21. Thank you both. *blushes* I'm glad my random progress postings are encouraging. I still have to look at the music on 99.9% of the tunes...I don't seem to be able to memorise tunes for long. lol!
  22. my latest attempt http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10152 song - we can play on the big bass drum
  23. Its working perfectly again this morning....its really odd how problems seem to come and go overnight.
  24. I was serching for keyword 'concertina' and came across this pic of a canine playing a concertina Maybe it wanted to get its own back on all the humans playing theirs.
  25. I thought I'd get my new Tedrow (Anglo) Concertina out the box yesterday and try a few tunes (nursary rhymes if you ask) but I found a little problem. The buzzing has gone, but now when I press the air button it makes a note (no don't know what note). Have I broke it? I've hardly played it. WARNING: I am no good with technical things. I've been known to take apart a pen and once I've put it back together its not worked ever again. I don't even own any tools.
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