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  1. Brilliant Ralphie....I'm going too have to catch up with you on that Navy Lark tune (although I've been only playing it on melodeon ). lol!
  2. SO I spotted three concertinas on TV over tha past week. 1) Victoria Wood Special - in the spoof about lark rise to candleford (near the beginning) 2) Victorian Farm - in the final episode 3) Morcombe and wise show that was on at the weekend - In Eric's hat when he was playing wellington
  3. If, on the other hand, you're talking about playing in an ensemble of some kind then that's quite a different kettle of aquatic beasties. There you will probably end up in quite detailed discussions about how to capitalise on the advantages and work around the disadvanges of each instrument in the group. That's fun, and I can't recommend it too highly. The situation is a small group of people who let me play one tune at a barn dance, and I've finally managed to pursuade them to do a 'practice' with me. Got asked if I had some tunes I wanted to play....and I'm worried what to choose (I think they all read music). My friend (Violin) says she's picked out some tunes that were played in the titanic film. Having never seen the film I don't know what to expect.
  4. Respecting other instruments Just something I was pondering the other day. When you play with other instruments do work within their limitations or do you play what's easy for you and have them keep up with you? Or is it a bit of both. how do you know the limitations of other instruments without knowing how to play them...or maybe is that why so many folk musicians seem to play so many different instruments? Because I always worry if I play with others that I pick tunes everyone can play. Discuss.... FYI I'm cross-posting this on melodeon.net too, to maximise responses.
  5. Yep, it's a tune I know, and I think it would work well. Haven't I heard an old recording of this done quite well on duet before? Another march I've thought of doing is The Liberty Bell, which is even more fun because of its association with Monty Python. I do like Madness...wow, it'd be hard to pull it off on concertina, though. Maybe "One Step Beyond" would work better? I've never seen or heard those two shows, and I'm sure most of the charm in the music is in having it when you were young. In that vein, as I said in another thread, I have started (barely) working on Super Mario Brothers. And maybe I'll work up a simple Trumpet Hornpipe (Captain Pugwash) someday. Goodness, I guess I do like the silly and fun aspect of music, and the concertina does seem to suit that admirably. hhmmmm...silly aspect. What about Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band: Monster Mash?
  6. All the roads except one near me are just sheets of ice.
  7. Proper snow...but still had to go into work...boo! But might build a snowman at lunch to make up for it.
  8. It's raining Police men (and women) here! Looks like a fairly big manhunt, as there were a stream of cars racing to my area as I came back from shopping. Invited a charming WPC into the house, as my window gives a good vantage point. Still several shivering Police on view. Will you be serenading her with your concertina playing? lol!
  9. its started snowing...finally...been threatening for ages. (so snow tunes?)
  10. Well its not folk music...but what about Madness-Baggy Trousers ( )the theme tune to Rosie & Jim (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxnrAi5y5JU) Magic Roundabout (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFHyA0oCXGU)
  11. I posted a similar observation a while back under the title 'two steps forward one step back'...lol! I do find it hard to see my progress on concertina especially when my development seems to be sooo much slower in comparison to the melodeon.
  12. Maybe we should all turn up; that would be a laugh! And your an antique show veteran Well, as Tim Wonnacott is no longer on Antiques Roadshow, I might not be rumbled. Well you could always wear a hat and fake moustache...oh wait...that wouldn't work. lol! btw. I haven't got any antiques...most stuff I've got is no older than me at its oldest.
  13. Maybe we should all turn up; that would be a laugh! And your an antique show veteran
  14. Had another go...tried to keep going for longer though Farmers in his den http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=11275 Oats Beans and barley grow http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=11274
  15. Most of the tunes I *want* to play are in the 'In your Dreams' catagory for me.
  16. Let's hope she doesn't shove Shrek in the sea, then! Ah...But Prince Charming might get knocked into the sea.
  17. And to think that kids used to learn their nursery rhymes at their mother's knee! Still, learing them from 'Shrek' is better than nothing. Funny thing is Princess Fiona kinda reminds me of the maiden from 'Outlandish Knight'. lol
  18. forget the competition aspect then I just want to see a wide range of music played by members of this forum. that's why I won't sign up for mudcat....I'll pop in anon but that's all...its like jumping in with the lions at the colosseum, one wrong word and your lunch. How can you be sure of that? Did you use crystal ball or time machine? lol That's a surprise.
  19. For me genre or band or performer is not what I go by. I take every tune/song at face value. I like a strong riff or a lot of groove in the music and you can find that in any genre if you look hard enough. I have a very eclectic cd collection.
  20. Anyhow, I have no particular favourite that epitomises anything but try this one. spot who left out the middle tune and who went into it regardless. Lovely. Got a bit of a groove going on there.
  21. *waves white flag* Lately I've noticed quite a few threads that start off with a simple question but then seem to descend in to scary arguments. Its seems to me any mention of the words 'style' or 'tradition' coupled with the words 'English' or 'Irish' are particularly vulnerable to this. Why such hostility? Can't we all agree to differ? (this is by way of explination of why I was scared to post this) Personally there are genre's of music I don't 'get' but I'm sure if I tried hard enough I'd find something I liked in them and the same goes for others. But how can we find out what we like if we haven't heard the music in question? I'd love to hear all the different types and what others like. Well here is a proposal...A competition. Why not record yourself playing your favorite tune that you think epitomizes your favorite genre.Open to all types of concertina. Then we'll have a vote on who the forum think is their favorite.... and I'll make a prize for the winner. *dives for cover* *sigh* its probably a silly idea anyway.
  22. Not heard of that one before. Here's the best I can do - it's also known as 'La Belle Catherine', and I found it under that name. It's not quite the way I play it (they put extra notes in the last bar), but it'll give you the idea: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=_qCCV0dHsnw So you don't have gunshots when you play it? I notice the nursary rhymes have alternative 'grown up' titles. "Not my gumdrop buttons!" Ah shrek...love that film.
  23. Not heard of that one before. I do when I get the time...also buying albums as fast as my 'pocket' will allow. (But a lot of the time I need a reccommendation so I know which to get) Every time I go to a festival I discover something new.
  24. Absolutely right. I'd also say the if LDT has nursery rhymes in her head already, then she's already got a good grounding in English traditional music. The first things I learned to play on the anglo were nursery rhymes. I can do nursary rhymes (loved them as a child..got quite a few tapes and books) I still love them especially the slightly morbid ones. My fave is 'Oranges and Lemons'. But feel they are sort of 'looked down upon' by adults as something childish. That I won't be taken seriously playing nursary rhymes.
  25. I only 'discovered' folk music just over a year ago....so that's hardly going to be something I'm most familiar with is it m3838? Pop music would be what I hear all the time. And the closest thing to folk I'm familar with would be nursary rhymes.
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