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  1. I used this thing called a [whispers] melodeon.[/whispers]
  2. Little Lady Polka, named for all those short people like me. I know...I went off on a bit of a tangent no repeats and three parts. lol! here's the audio http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=22250 and ABC X:1 T:Little Lady Polka C:ladydetemps M:2/4 L:1/8 K:G P:A G>A Bc | d2 e2 | d>e dc | B2A2 |G>A Bc | d2 e2 | dd ec | B4 || P:B de dc | B2 G2 | BB cA | GG GA |GA GG | B4 | GB cA | G4 || P:C G>A Bc | d2 e2 | B>G DG | B2 A2 |G>A Bc | d2 e2 | c>A DG | G4 ||
  3. I usually record stuff coz a) I want to try playing along with the video/recording later (practice) I want to share a sample of an enjoyable experience that will hopefully make others want to go see/hear/listen/enjoy themselves.
  4. For me it depends on the situation sometimes you can't ask everyone...like with sessions, which I judge on a situation by situation basis. But if its for a 'paid for' gig or event I try to ask first/afterwards. (In which case I usually burn a copy to give to the person for their own records for them. Then if they've said no but in the future want to put it up then they can.) Or I at least give opportunity if I do put it up for the person in question to see it and if they say 'don't like it being up there' I'll take it down. Both situations have happened before but I won't mention who the artists were (so I speak from experience). (But places like youtube are great places to 'advertise' musicians. Especially if your wondering 'ooh should I go see this performer(s)/band(s)' and then you find a youtube video and think, yes I will.)
  5. I'm definitely finding its providing more insight into another instrument and being a multi-instrumentalist makes you a more considerate player especially in sessions as you can 'asses' what other instruments are capable of and tailor tunes to suit. Like I'm starting to realize what would be a easy tune on melodeon/concertina...is hard on fiddle and vice versa. But have resolved if there are fiddlers in the room to play a tune in D. btw. if anyone is interested...my first attempt at a whole tune after 4 days practice. I have to say annoyingly my sister asked for a go afterwards and managed to play much better than me after only 15mins practice. > But then she's used to playing stringed instruments.
  6. That's a very good point. It was ten years of exclusive fiddle before I felt it was ok to try something else as well. Well its been nearly 2 years on concertina, and about 18 month on melodeon so far.....
  7. Antoni 'duet'...but I didn't buy it. I got it given to me by someone who no longer wanted it coz he found it too hard to learn... Thanks. Managed a squeeky strangled A part of speed the plough last night....I'm pleased to just get a sound out of it.
  8. I have to admit when I first picked the fiddle up (before my first lesson)...I kept wondering why I couldn't get a different note on 'push n pull'. lol!
  9. This may turn into a bit of a a blog...anyway. Yesterday I had my first violin/fiddle lesson. And I'm finding that the fiddle kinda fits into the concertina side of my mind rather than melodeon. I think its the whole crossing rows is like crossing strings, maybe? I suspect some of you play both instruments have you found similarities or advantages to having played one helping the other?
  10. The worlds gone topsy turvey. You've taken up concertina and I've got myself a violin.
  11. I'm waiting for the first video of you playing. You'll be playing on more keys by the end of the week I suspect with that kinda rapid progress.
  12. LDT

    Grey Day

    Is that good or bad? I wouldn't call casual doodling "a tune". casual doodling? well it seems everyone else disagrees with you there as they are calling it a tune. thank you.
  13. what about? Yellowcard - Believe http://www.youtube.c...h?v=7A3cXMyE8sw blame it on the boogie or maybe a bit of Brit Pop... Year 2000
  14. LDT

    Grey Day

    Thanks. Obviously a lady of taste. Is that good or bad?
  15. LDT

    Grey Day

    This is a tune I wrote the other day when stuck inside on a bank holiday coz of that horrible weather. Love to hear the results of anyone who thinks its worth playing. Thank you to steve for transcribing this for me. the original recording http://www.onmvoice....lay.php?a=19894 X:1 T:Grey Day? C:Ladydetemps M:12/8 K:Em P:A G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" B6-B2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" E6-E2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" B6-B2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G |1 "Em" e6- e2 :|2 "Em" e6-e2 z z3 || P:B |: "B" d2d d2d "Em" ^c2B G2B | ^c6-c6 | "B" d2d d2d "Em" ^c2B G2B | "B" A6-A6 | "B" d2d d2d "Em" ^c2B G2B | ^c6-c6 | "B" d2d d2d "Em"^c2B G2E | "B" D6-D6 :| W: W:Tune as recorded by Sarah X:2 T:Grey Day? C:Ladydetemps M:12/8 K:Em P:A G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" B6-B2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" E6-E2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" B6-B2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G |1 "Em" e6- e2 :|2 "Em" e6-e2 z z3 || P:B "B" d2d d2d "Em" ^c2B G2B | ^c6-c6 | "B" d2d d2d "Em" ^c2B G2B | "B" A6-A6 | "B" d2d d2d "Em" ^c2B G2B | ^c6-c6 | "B" d2d d2d "Em" ^c2B G2E | "B" D6-D2 G F2 G| "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" B6-B2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" E6-E2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G | "Em" B6-B2 G F2 G | "B" A6-A2 G F2 G "Em" e6- e2 |] W: W:Tune structure amendment suggested by Steve Dumpleton W:(sounds more complete to finish on A-music) (btw. there is a 'chorus' "its a grey and stormy day today, that's why I can't go out and play....") there is discussion of it over at melnet http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,3983.0.html
  16. what about the zutons - valerie, or confusion http://www.myspace.com/thezutons or the white stripes Seven nation army, or ugly as I seem evanescence 'hello'
  17. I have that trouble too...although I now have 3 tunes I've 'memorised' on melodeon. Just got to find a tune I can do the same with on concertina. (I'm also on melnet)
  18. I was gonna say I'd like to hear a nirvana cover on concertina....smells like teen spirit or, come as you are.
  19. it was nice to meet you...if only briefly
  20. Got some vids from Oxford Folk Festival this year (some featuring concertinas)...will slowly upload them over the week. For the moment.... some pics (click on image to view)
  21. Ready to do the Hip Hop version next, Ralphie? Chris not the hip-op version then?
  22. its on youtube if anyones intrested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u_fdLpjyhA fave quote 'us dancers have got to stick together'
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