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  1. The "just go in there" sounds like a good option, though I am not at the point right now where I am looking to buy. I figure I will go to the meet-up happening on the 28th around my area and listen in. Also, I looked up the Elise on ButtonBox and it is priced the same as the Rochelle. Only drawback would be the lower count in buttons over a different duet, but would work well to learn on and to find out if the concertina is for me. I figure after the meeting if it looks like something I am interested in then I will looking into renting such an instrument. -Yote
  2. So it seems I shouldn't really ask the question "which is best for this?", as I will be thrown in the middle of it all. Seems I just need to listen to all the types, talk to people in person, and so forth. I might end up still going with the Anglo, as it may be the more economical option for me. -Yote
  3. Thanks for the reply, yes it is him. Hopefully I will be back in the area from going to Thanksgiving in time to do the meet-up. -Yote
  4. I think I will have to find the Bay Area meet-up and just get opinions and info there. Anglo is easy to learn but limited due to the keys but not limited... I just need to hear them more I figure to tell what works best for me. I made a separate post as I had lost the message, but who got in contact with me about the Bay Area meeting on 11/28?
  5. Sorry for asking this if it is listed elsewhere. A member here sent me a message about a Bay Area meeting on 11/28. If you are the one who sent it to me, please contact me or reply, as the message got deleted with a computer glitch and there is no record in my inbox. Or, if you happen to know who is the organizer of said meet-up, if y'all could let me know, it would be appreciated. Thank you all for your time. -Yote
  6. *blank stare* That is you? That clip of you playing Whistling Rufus is what got my interest into the concertina in the first place! Love your playing and all that. I am liking the idea of a "little piano" as I would say without having to go with an accordion (as in large range of notes and such), so it seems the duet may be for me, rather than the Anglo. Thanks for the input! -Yote
  7. Yeah, is starting to look like if I had the money for it that would be the way to go... I am now fighting between which style/sound I prefer, and which fingering system would be the easiest for me to figure out. The English may be the easiest for me as the pattern is pretty straight forward. I bet the Anglo concertina makes sense to someone who knows their keys and such music theory, but as I am new to that, it looks almost random to me, and would be straight hard memorization rather than patterning. The Duet seems like it would take a while to figure out, but the patterning is fairly understandable. Plus, the links you sent me is of a fellow I have seen before on youtube, so makes it appealing on that as well. ARGH! Asked the wife which style she would prefer, and after listening she said she liked each for their own reasons. Not much help there. I understand that each can be robust in the hands of a skilled player, so makes it harder to define a specific style for one or the other. I might just write each type on a piece of paper, stick them on a wall, toss on a blindfold and throw a dart. edit @ Yankee: I agree, authenticity doesn't really matter as long as it sounds fine and is fun.
  8. Anglo, English.... and now duet. Y'all are trying to confuse me I would have gone straight to Anglo, but trying to make sure it will be appropriate for the styles I am interested in. I like the idea of playing hornpipes, jigs and so forth, but also wanting to do ragtime and jazz as that is what my friends play on their own instruments. I'll be having to read up some and listen to some playing to figure out what really works best for me. Default is Anglo, just want to be certain.
  9. Thanks for the really informative email Leo! I looked through a good amount of that, got some good info. As I play the bagpipes and that is very restricted in the style it can play, I may be leaning more towards the English as it seems more robust in the styles capable. Being an engineer and thus terribly stuck in patterns, I think I can learn how to read music. Besides, the idea of being able to play ragtime on a concertina is kinda charming as it were, and seems the English may be more capable of such. I got meself some thinking to do. -Yote
  10. I never really tried playing by ear, as when I played the banjo I used tab, and with my bagpipes I do read sheet music but it is only 9 notes with no sharps or flats. So I can't really say that I play by ear as my ears suffered some damage, though I can work on it, as well as sheet music.... I figure it will just come down to which I try and seems easier for me! @Leo, I may come back and ask your opinion if I figure I would prefer the English to the Anglo. I know such a decision is one that has to be made my the player, as I am fighting the battle, but figured the Anglo was a good place to start for someone who has limited musicality knowledge.
  11. Thanks for checking, yes I understood how the rental part went towards the purchase of the same instrument, but was unaware of the full credit to the upgrade at another time. Pretty good to know though, so if I go with the Rochelle I then have some good space to upgrade at some point if I so see fit. I figure now all I need to do is get the rental probably later this month, and find myself a good book for teaching myself this instrument. For folks still reading this, any recommendations for a "teach yourself" book? -Yote
  12. They are surprisingly reasonable on their rental prices (buttonbox). It is not a full credit to a new instrument however, but a half-credit. For a Rochelle I was quoted today $25 USD per month with a 3 month minimum, plus shipping. So after three months that is $37.50 credit, not so bad. May be willing to give that a go a bit sooner than I thought, I figured it would be a lot steeper. -Yote
  13. As I would not be looking for an exquisite instrument, just acceptable for my purposes, that would be no issue. One day I will call them, when I find the time in my day to call them.
  14. Yeah, $350 isn't much as far as that goes, but still I am going to wait a month or two before going for it, maybe as a holiday present to myself. Right now money is tight as I took hits with the whole surgery/wedding/honeymoon thing *waves goodbye to over $10K USD* but I will get the money back to a useful area where I can buy fun things from time to time. I'll ahve to hit up that Oakland store around that time.
  15. Question is then, if I go in and "try out" the Rochelle concertina, how the heck am I supposed to tell anything about it? I have no experience with such things, and I have no friends who play such an instrument. I may look into the rental place, and see what the rates end up, despite it being many states away. -Yote
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