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  1. I have been carrying one of the small screwdriver tips that go into a cordless drill - nothing remotely like a weapon, but at a pinch, can be used to take the end off a concer.
  2. Heated objections indeed - may it prosper and grow forever!! "Unless there are heated objections I think that next year's should be the last game." Chris
  3. Autoharp and concertina go together very well IMHO. My wife plays the autoharp as a chordal instrument, and the combination with my concertina seems to work. The sound of the autoharp is not loud, and so I have to pull back a bit now with my Suttner. The Lachenal didn't have the issue, being a naturally quieter instrument. Her's is not the Oscar Schmidt type of instrument, but is a European form (we haven't seen anywhere else). It has bars and strings to play in C.G or D (or the minors), but this is also a good match with the C/G concer. It is not played from behind like the OS models, but as a table top instrument (like a zither). Hope you enjoy playing together - we do
  4. Thanks for the advice - now we are into detailed planning. We are aiming for Whitby, but will be looking out for any other possibilities. By the way - speaking of long drives - Google shows driving time to get from Whitby to the Mull of Kintyre fest as over 7 hours!
  5. Thank you all for this info. We should be able to plan a little better this time. (Visiting Rome, we even missed seeing the Sistine Chapel - I think they said they were painting the ceiling). As to distances - we've also learned that distances are not as they seem from here. Sure, 400k is an easy morning's drive here, but probably not in the Scottish Highlands. (We got into a long and very tiring drive in Hawaii from Hilo to Kona - and that was only 200km or so, and don't talk about the "Forgotten Highway" in New Zealand - we are trying to forget that drive). Slightly off-topic - we are going to the National Folk Festival in Canberra - anyone else planning this?
  6. We are planning a visit this year, mainly to Scotland, Ireland and England sometime around August. When we travel, we usually arrive in a place a day after some interesting event, or have to leave the day before. Can anyone help with concertina or folk music related events that might be on about then so we can be a bit better prepared this time? Thanks Maria & Rod
  7. I think the 1a-10 part is described here http://jodykruskal.com/tune_of_the_month/fly_around_assets/Concertina_tab_explaination.pdf but the layout is a bit different.
  8. Thanks Chris, This makes me feel a lot happier.
  9. Any news from Richard? The news last night was that Bells Line of Road was cut by an out of control fire, and that Bell was isolated. I have e-mailed Richard, but as he is probably got other things on his mind now, I don't expect a reply soon.
  10. Been there - got the t-shirt. It used to be Art Altenburg's concertina bar, and when we visited in 2005, Art was still in residence. It was much quieter when we visited (in the mid afternoon), and we had a great afternoon, with Art playing his big Chemnitzer, & I squeezed out a few tunes on my G/D Kookaburra. We also had a few drinks and left feeling very mellow. (is there a "nostalgic" smiley? )
  11. It has always seemed to me that the worst danger is to instruments played for Morris sides. Standing in the drizzly pre-dawn to ensure the sun rises on solstice can't be great for man nor machine. At least in a focsle there are some dry spots. I did see one metal-ended EC owned by a live-aboard-er with verdigris on the fretwork, but he still played it well.
  12. I think I qualify as "concertina only". I can play a few tunes on button box and piano, and came to the Anglo via harmonica, but only play the 'tina on a regular basis.
  13. Definition: Concertina Hard Case: Anyone with more than 500 posts on this website.
  14. A great festival! It was great to meet Dan Worrall in the workshops. He presented his research into the Anglo, and the early techniques in Australia, South Africa, Ireland, England, US, ... This is great research, with surprising results, and I am trying to work up some pieces in octave style. The only problem was that they scheduled his sessions in conflict with the "settlers session", and one was at 10 am (which in NFF terms is the crack of dawn). There were lots of concers in evidence - on the stage, in workshops, in the session bar, and a lot of people I did not know were carrying around square cases. (in answer to the other thread - many more than PAs). Concers are certainly healthy in folk music in Australia (based on my very unscientific research).
  15. Thanks for all the tips - We'll be following up as many as possible. Now I wish we were staying for 3 weeks (but then I'd probably want 4 weeks ...). Also thanks for the tip about Mistaken Point Ken - we saw David Attenborough walking around there on the tv, and wondered if it was possible to see the fossils there. (I was going to search that out next).
  16. But we have conclusive proof that frogs play concertinas with vast numbers of folds.
  17. And another - complete with cruelty to animals and (even worse) concertinas! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/df/Katzenjammerknerr32324.jpg
  18. We are planning on going to Newfoundland for about a week. Anywhere in particular you know about? Thanks again Rod
  19. Thanks Bill That's just the sort of thing we are on the lookout for. We will try to get there. I don't think I will have an instrument with me, but we would be going to listen anyway. (There was some amazing Cape Breton fiddling on the radio here recently - its almost worth the hours of flight time just to hear some more)
  20. We are planning a trip to Canada shortly, and will be visiting the Maritimes (based in Halifax) between 11th and 25th May. (Also visiting Montreal 25th May to 1 June). This is a long way from Australia, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some music events or things to do there during this time. We will have a car.
  21. So that's what's going wrong - I work just across the road from the Gabba (cricket ground)
  22. G'day,

    I just booked our flights to Canberra - see you soon.


  23. Clearly a few players must now be saying to themselves, "I'm sorry, I hadn't a clue" when they look back and see Samantha's huge, um, hint. Well played, Woody. Time to put the game to bed for another year. Chris A great game this year - with some inspired moves. Congratulations to all (and especially to Woody of course).
  24. I look forward to this each year. It is apart from all else, a wonderful spectator sport. To see a well planned and executed pincer movement on the circle line collapse into a knipp (or nip as it is sometimes spelled) is almost worth putting down my concertina for. Thrilling play so far this year - keep it up!
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