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  1. I have a 64 key Treble Baritone Aeola which I bough from Crabb around 40 years ago. I paid £160 for it. He had a tenor treble but that was £180. It's a useful instrument.Mine is ebony ended.


    The "natural" fingering position is the same as a treble but with the extra bass notes - down to F, so it's like a tenor treble but with an extra row of notes.


    I know someone with a "mirror image instrument" which plays an octave below so the fingering is like having a 64 key treble piccolo which plays an octave below. So here, "normal" fingering would be a treble which plays an octave below. Another quite useful instrument.


    I do no know which way round the eBay one is but it is sensibly priced for such a magnificent box. I hope it goes to a good home,



  2. Sold for $6600.


    Anyone on this forum lucky enough to win it?

    yes, i won it :-)

    So, about £3,960 then.


    Seems like about the going rate.

    Although, if someone over here bought it & has to ship it back to the UK, that is of course going to mean a rather hefty chunk will need to be added onto the final overall cost.





    I have imported eBay concertinas from Australia and USA and in both cases quoted UK customs commodity code is 9705000090 in the shipping papers which simply involved paying 5% VAT as a collector's item. Indeed I don't in fact recall paying anything at all but of course they may have tightened up. I bid on this concertina but chickened out pretty early. Delighted to hear it is coming back to the UK.

  3. I owned a concertina of the same specification but with ebony ends - that's the one I had stolen in 1984. I don't know how many were made but I assume it's more than two.



    Preliminary results show that between May of 1923 and July of 1943 approximately 123 Baritone-Trebles were produced, but only 33 were made of the model 16 (64 keys) with ebony ends. I don't know if any BTs were made prior to 1923. Although they are listed on a Wheatstone price list from 1920, the first citation I found in the production ledgers is 29678.

    Hello folks,


    I have one of these with ebony ends. It's number 29695 '. . 1923 I think, so again late 'best period. This one is an extended bass so is a 64 Key Treble Baritone. What a lovely box. It has been my companion for years.


    I bought it from Crabb in 1974 for £180. He also had a TT for slightly more money - £190 I seem to recall.


    No I won't sell it....

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