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  1. Hi I've just sent you a message re this itrem Ian
  2. In an earlier topic brightfield kndly mentioned that Concertina Academy have a tutor book/CD for the English http://www.concertina-academy.com/ click on tutors/grading I was wondering if anyone has purchesed this CD or its compamion and if they could pass on any comments - I'm a total beginner, well 4 weeks with the Jackie tutor) Ian
  3. Simple question realy Are there any Video/DVD tutors for English. I've just started, playing sittting down and resting the concertina on my knee, I rest the bellows is that right or should I be resting one of the ends? Playing makes my hands/fingers ache. Am I doing something wrong or is it the same fpr all beginners?
  4. Thank you very much to everyone who replied. After taking all that has been said into consideration I have orderd a 2nd Edition As it is my 1st concertina I will not be used to the double keys so I guess I won't miss them. Running out of notes would be far more inconvenient. Now I'm waiting eagerly for the postman with a big box. Mind you I haven't had an email comfirmation of my order from Concertina connection yet
  5. Hi I'm a complete newbie to concertinas - though not to keyboard instruments. I'm seriously just about to order a Jackie, want to see if I have any ounce of concertina talent b4 commitig mysely to a more expensive model. But the question is which one. Jackie 1st Edition: 30 keys, ranging from G below middle C to the second A above middle C. The notes D#/Eb and G#/Ab are doubled Jackie 2nd Edition: 30 keys, ranging from G below middle C to the second C above middle C. The 2nd edition goes 3 notes (Bb, B, C) higher than the 1st edition, but misses the double notes. Concertina connection say that the 1st Edition 1 is great for playing chords, not being a player I wouldn't know how hard chords are without the double keys. Are these keys doubled up on 48 key concertinas? I.m leaning towards 2nd Edition - the xtra keys seem v useful, but I'm open to advise. Thanks in advance Ian
  6. Hi guys I'm new here & new to concertinas so forgive my innocence. For yrs I've been full of intentions to get a concertina, and now the desire has been refreshed once more. A friend of a friend of a friend has one for sale and says it is a LACHENAL 20 button (10 each side) and that each button plays the same note whether squeezes or pulled. Can this br true? A 20 button English! Did LACHENAL make Anglos, from the little reading I've managed to do on your website he was a rival to Wheatstone who made English style concertinas. I don't want to go upsetting anyone by suggesting they are tone deaf, exactly how much of a difernec is there between the note played when pushed and that when pulled on an Anglo. Are they next to each other in the scale, or tones apart. Thanks in advance Ian
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