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  1. Spanish - or Castilian, for to be more precise - Galician and Catalonian share the same origin from latin. Nobody could tell were the Euskera came from, so traditionally they put it with finnish and hungarian in the 'odd languajes drawer'. But not too many years ago were discovered some clay pieces in an archeological digging & they discovered they were iberian - pre roman writing - and translated them. It seems that is very close to euskera. So, would be a fine irony if it was the most spanish of all lenguajes - if you know the basque country issue -. The 'trikitixa' word is not totally accurate. The real name for the instrument is 'akordeoiak', and it's a D/G or C/F melodeon with 12 unisonoric basses. The fact - ver few known, and often mistaken - is that 'trikitixa' is the ensmble of melodeon and tambourine. Very good tune, Fer. Not too bad for an english
  2. Hi, Snorre! The Morse is OK, as you said a good run for the money! At first a bit slow... http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs142.snc3/16959_1291022446484_1557947578_734248_4186299_n.jpg ...but improving quickly, the LH pinky falling were it has to, and picking up tunes more easily. Not surprising your straps broke, that leather is quite thin... The brass fittings in the handels are slowly getting rusted due to the acidity of my sweat, and the paint is peeling around the most used buttons. BTW, wich colour is yours? It's funny that under the black painting of my Ceili (#407) there's not raw wood, but a WHITE sealing stuff that gives a curious B & W look to some areas of the 'tina... Cheers, Fer
  3. Me too. But it's not because of the fingering, I think it's because Bm in ITM tends in a very annoying way to become B Dorian - F#, C# and G# - and I don't like very much the way the high G# is located in a 30b Jeffries layout. On the other hand, what's the point of having some extra buttons if you aren't using, or avoid to use them? Instead you could have got a 30b concertina. I mean, if you have some advantage, go and use it! Cheers, FEr
  4. Fer, the keys used in ITM are a bit different from 'usual' keys. I mean, you almost never play A minor in ITM as the relative minor of C, but the Dorian mode of G (1 sharp, thus) and likely; A major a lot of times is played in the Mixolydian mode of D (2 sharps). With 2 sharps you play too the most found mode of E minor in ITM music, E dorian. Takes a bit to understand the modal approach nstead of the tonal, but is very easy to understand the tunes afterwards. Cheers, Fer
  5. TG4 works fine as well in Spain. Now I wonder how to download the video... Cheers, Fer
  6. Spanish: For piano or piano accordion keys = teclas , keyboard of any kind = teclado for melodeon, concertina = botones for the keys of a flute, etc. = llaves (but 'llave' is also for the key who opens a door) for, say; treble clef or bass clef = clave de sol (G clef) clave de fa (F clef) Cheers, Fer
  7. My 2 cents: I've been hired for to play, - and paid for it!! -, got drunk for free, got stoned, played for fun ´til the cows went home, scored several times with beatiful - and not so beatiful - girls just because I was playing on a stage, busked, and learned tunes at flight past during a session & forgot them at the next morning. I supose I'm a musician. Good or bad, is to the listeners to say. Cheers, Fer
  8. Well, actually some of the stuff recorded in those years was already published - there're a couple of tracks featuring Patsy Tuhoey -: http://www.properdistribution.com/latest-releases/album-details.php?pg=5&id=512 I bought this 4 cd set five years ago & I think it's amazing, how different was the music played in those times... Anyway, the Dunn's page is quite impressive, thanks for the link!
  9. Look, a three headed monkey! I like this one more than the one of the scumm bar. Of course, has nothing to do with the fact it's played with an anglo
  10. John, you have to be an amazing fiddler I begun to play when I was 22 - I'm 40 next October - & still think I'm a decent fiddler: You're very lucky of being born in the tradition - something I'll try to fix in the future with the next generation -. For sure I'll not try to force my child to play. I think my very strong magnetism will suggest him / her to play the fiddle BTW, I've visited your page - although I can't understand german - & seen the pictures of you and your band playing. This seems f*****g good. I really like that! Cheers, Fer
  11. Now my Mum is very proud about my music... not when I begun! So, I reckon that if you want your child - works even better with teenagers - to be a musician, simply try to discourage him/her to try it! By Nature laws, he/she would do exactly the opposite you adviced... Cheers, Fer
  12. I think she tested my 'good one' side. The wild rogue is not working since a long time ago, now... Unless you refer, of course, to the gas man - spanish version for the milkman, about this subjects :lol: - Cheers, Fer
  13. Thanks everybody for your kind words!!! I'm really excited & feel a mix of happiness and being scared to death at the same time This is our first child - and, probably, the only one; given the fact that we both are just entering our forties -. Anyway, the new arrived just in time: 18 March is my wife birthday, and 19th is Father's Day in Spain Being a person who would grow in a home with two languajes, don't think he/she would have much problem learning music as a third languaje, so we'll give it a try! Cheers, Fer
  14. That's really beatiful. And is a very good guideline to have into account, even more now: yesterday my wife made a test & realized that 'we' are just 2 weeks pregnant. I've no words. Cheers, Fer
  15. He,he! I hope that the guys from Comhaltas don't read such a sacrilege, or you'll burn in hell! - and, as anybody knows, the Irish hell is, of course, english! -. BTW, beatiful picture. Cheers, Fer
  16. I was thinking about the opposite some days ago. My wife plays lovely piano - Scott Joplin rags and such - but couldn't be dragged to the dark side of the force - it is, the oom - pah to back my playing -. I'm the first - and only - musician in my family, so don't know what's going to happen to my two fiddles and my Morse when I kick the bucket. Anyway, surprised myself with the soppy idea of a child of mine playing my Morse at the same time I play my Suttner... oh, well Cheers, Fer
  17. It seems, according to the foot note ( my first horrible pun in english ) and the idea of a non-gipsy girl with a gipsy boy that it could be some sort of flamenco dance - with heavy heel beating -. I'm not very good at reading the dots but if it was flamenco or with its flavour, there should be some funny syncopations in the rythm. Indeed, the authors name reads 'Quiroga and Castellanos'. I'm sorry not being able to take anything else out of this. Cheers, Fer
  18. Well... yes and no: The only thing I can tell you about is the title 'calé' means gipsy in their own languaje - romaní or caló - and 'payo/paya' is masc. and fem. for the non-gipsies - and it seems it's a quite derogative term -.So, isn´t spanish but understood by almost any spaniard. Just my bit. Cheers, Fer
  19. It's about a friendly chat between m3838 and me that was quite left but apparently being stirred again - not by me, BTW -. So it's seems can of worms is being newly opened. Edited: Just make clear I was requested to finish it, and so I did. Fer The "can of worms" picture seems to be attached to any post that already has an attachment. Another proof, then, of how clumsy I am with this forums stuff
  20. It's about a friendly chat between m3838 and me that was quite left but apparently being stirred again - not by me, BTW -. So it's seems can of worms is being newly opened. Edited: Just make clear I was requested to finish it, and so I did. Fer
  21. Virtuoso expression by drunks suffering from the DTs -- they can hit all buttons in rapid succession I'm not sure if I understood you . What I meant it that I feel OK in here, maybe I'd have to say not feeling a geek. It's not usual to find in my enviroment somebody who plays a musical instrument, leave alone an old fashioned instrument as the 'tina. So, most of times, when I've to explain somebody what a concertina is, I feel a bit embarrassed and/or scared - you know, jokes about sailors, clown-certina and all that sh*t -. BTW, what's DTs, Please? Cheers, Fer
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