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  1. Hello Pam I too had a concertina Christmas. My husband got me a soft case for my new to me 1926 Wheatstone. I also got the 3 CD set of English Concertina music along with several more CD's on Morris tunes. I even got the Concertina Workshop book and CD. Pam Howard BRasstown, NC
  2. Leo Oh THANKS, that is going to be very helpful. I am somewhat od a ditz with computer stuff, but I think I can follow the instructions. It is worth a try! Pam Howard BRasstown, NC Hi Pamela I'm glad you asked: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...ost&p=63136 This is also worth a consideration: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...ost&p=83421 Thanks Leo
  3. This may be a really lame questions, but can I record a YouTube video onto my computer to keep? Or could I down load some of the concertina lessons onto my Creative Zen with a video screen? I have a friend who recorded a song for me on YouTube and I would love to save it onto my computer. Thanks Pam Howard BRasstown, NC
  4. Hello Alden The reason why I decided to try my hands at the English Concertina was I have been playing tamboureen in a Morris band in Brasstown, NC for the past 6 years and I wanted to play melody! In May of this year I met my first concertina, a Wheatstone and I just thought it was the sweetest music I had heard. Since there was already two sometimes three larger squeeze boxes in the band I decided that a little english concertina was fitting. We have a rather large funky band...tuba included! I bought a beautiful Stagi, 48 button tenor and it served me till about two weeks ago when I found a lovely Wheatstone, English 48 treble. Of course the cost was three times as much, but in the 6 months that I been at this, I have been really practicing and it shows. I made the decision to upgrade because I had stuck with it and feel like I am really serious. Besides it is way more fun to play melody in our band. I started out playing the viollin/fiddle, but I knew I didn't want to carry a fiddle with me when we dance out. When I bought my Stagi I got what I could afford at the time. I did buy it new, so I don't think I will have a problem in selling it. When I knew I LOVE playing, I started saving my money to get a Wheatstone! Pam Brasstown, NC >>>>How long have most of you have been playing and why did you start playing in the first place? Why do you keep playing?<<<
  5. >>>>I am taking concertina lessons and am very motivated to practice. Where do you practice?<<<< Yvonne I came across your post about where to practice and have enjoyed the responses from everyone. I would love to say I am taking lessons, but there is a real lack of English Concertina players where I live. I am lucky enough to have a husband who is so excited that I am trying to learn to play. He puts up with a lot. I have been at it for 6 months and I can see a real improvement. Also getting a Wheatstone helped a lot! Anyway I have been known to go and practice in the car or just out in the woods. We don't have close neighbors. But I also own a Yarn shop. Not all the time do we have customers, that is not good ...but... When there is no one in the shop I will get my concertina out and practice. I am getting brave enough that I try to keep playing when customers come in. I think it helps to build confidence. Last week I was playing and a woman walked into the shop. As soon as she walked in she turned around and looked up about the door and stated that was the weiredest door chimeshe had ever heard <G> Pam Brasstown, NC
  6. Thanks for posting this web site. I live in a very concertina depressed area I did get together with another English 48, player a few days ago and we taped some some songs so I could use to learn to play. Problem is my friend who is already a great player lives in another state so I don't get to work with her much. Having access to this BBC site will help me out quite a bit. Thanks! Pam quote name='HallelujahAl!' date='Jul 19 2008, 05:51 PM' post='75514'] Hi, most probably someone has already flagged this one up ages ago - but has anyone visited the BBCs virtual folk session play along site? I have only just discovered it today...what do you all think? Virtual Folk website on BBC Radio 2 AL
  7. Allison It sure was a delight meeting you, so glad you came into the shop! I have been planing to e-mail you, but keep forgetting to get your card our of my concertina box. I am off to day taking a class at the Folk School. Will e-mail you soon! Pam
  8. BTW...that was a great picture you drew!!! Very helpful. Thanks Pam
  9. Thanks for the description. No, I wouldn't weave a scarf to go around the instrument. But I do know tabletweaving ( as well as scarf weaving). Anyway it makes a very tight band. But, going to the store and getting something already made is not such a bad idea either. Thanks for the advice! Pam OK, I made another makeshift drawing: Gray ribbon is Velcrow strip (no glue or glue is up to you. For Stagi use glue, no big deal. It will come off in time, so you'll have to redo it) Person with concertina is you (approximation). Note, that Velcrow is wrapped around with ends sticking out. This end you can loop and fasten with paper stapler of large size - it holds well and is easy to undo. One loop is on top of instrument, another on the bottom on the other side of the instrument. Buy cheap $10 or less camera holders or anything that has belts with hooks. Cut off the hooks and use them to connect Velcrow with... I recommend accordion shoulder belt. One end of the belt goes over your shoulder and into the top loop of velcrow wrap. Other goes under your, excuse me, armpit, and into bottom velcrow loop. You can stand, with one and of concertina (where loop is on the top, probably) propped up against that six pack of yours, the oher is free to work the bellows, accordion style. All and all $20 max and about 1-2 hours of work. Looks elegantly, works solidly, allows for better dynamics, saves bellows. I would doubt usefulness of soft woven scarfs. They will stretch and become a rope. You don't want a rope around your neck, unless you one of those... I would recommend high quality shoulder belt, not a soft chinese one, it slips. But it's up to you. Any leather belt will do nicely, and even those adjustable synthetic shoulder belts from $10 camera pockets you bought for hooks, will work just fine. Now back to work (yep, and it's 9:25pm) Enjoy "knee free" concertina playing.
  10. Sorry about your files. I am a weaver and after seeing the photos that were shared with me, I think I can weave a nice size neck band. Hopefully I won't hurt my neck. Pam
  11. Oh Thanks! This has been really helpful. There was one photo of making a strap that wraps around each end of the Concertina. Since I am a weaver and I can weave bands, I think I can do that one and not do any damage to my instrument. Thank you for sharing you information! Pam
  12. South, western, north!! no Eastern influence?? :lol: Opps sorry, I forgot that this is an international list. The lower right corner of the eastern part of the United States is called "the South. I live in the state of North Carolina, but looking at a map I am as west as you can get right next to the Tennessee state line. Anyway I am finding that most concertina players are located much north of me on the eastern coast of the US.... Has anyone put a neck strap on their concertina? I sure hate to just drill a hole in my new Stagi. Thanks!
  13. I have a Stagi, English Tenor, 48 buttons. I think that I am going to need put a neck band on my concertina because when and if I ever get to playing I will be standing. DOes anyone have a picture of their Stagi showing where and how they put a neck band on it? Again...any English concertina players in the south??? I live in Western North Carolina. Thanks! Pam
  14. I am the proud owner of a Stagi 48, button, English, Tenor. I downloaded the Frank Butler book from this site and have been having a great time with it. But I would like to know if there are any other concertina players in my area. Also if there is anyone who would teach lessons. Has anyone thought to create a utube video on the lessons from the Frank Butler book? That sure would be helpful. I have found lots of books and DVD's on the Anglo, but very little on English. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Pam
  15. Pamela


    I have just bought a Stagi 48 button English tenor. I have been having the best time working with it, but I need to find other concertina folks who are in my area. I would also like to find out about where one finds a good beginning teacher for the concertina. I live in Western North Carolina, USA. I did download, off of this fine site, the Concertina Book written by Frank Butler. This book has helped me a lot. Are there any DVD's out there on the English, 48, tenor????? I find a TON of Anglo. Thanks! Pam
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