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  1. Hmm..... too late for me! Just tried to wallow through said 'personal message'. Hope my laptop protection can survive any potential infection...... but at least it's got me in contact with you guys. Two points: 1. About a year ago my Dipper CG anglo was stolen in Dublin. The thief even had the audacity to phone me and negotiate a 'ransom' (my card was in the case). All to no avail - he never showed. Just woould like to put the word out again in case anyone knows of a Dipper being sold. It has a couple of modified features which could help identification. I have a Jeffries now but really miss the Dipper. 2. Any recommendations for getting hold of new end-plates? Cheers banjo1
  2. Hi Sean I'm interested in your Suttner. Sent you an email last week, to the address you gave but no reply. I get to Dublin fairly regularly, so maybe I could get to see you. Where abouts are you? Any likelihood of you heading across to the UK in the near future? Paul J (Southampton, UK)
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