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  1. I just bought the Hardigg case Here for $44.95, free shipping.



    Does it fit? I took my 'tina to the dealer today, and the case would have been perfect, length and width, but needed another inch in depth. Built like a tank, but I could not put any padding in, and that meant the wood and bellows would be scuffing on the bare plastic.



  2. [


    Hm. Orion Cases has them for rather less...also B&H Photo and the aptly named hardiggdistributor.com. Although if his quote is for the case with padded dividers, it's closer to these examples--the cheapest option is to get the case empty and block and line it yourself (I'll get around to it sooner or later...).



    That's interesting. The price quoted to me was for the one with padded dividers (iM2075-X0002), so it is close, but who would think that some nylon covered foam pads would add so much cost.

  3. I was here today:




    A thoroughly amazing display of simulations, that you should never let your kids near unless you have a few million for the play room, anyway, what do I come across but a vendor displaying Pelican Cases, and he has the 2075. It sure looks like a good fit. My American Tourister case, which has served me well, just died when the lock broke off. I am going to drop in on the vendor's local office for a fit check. The case is sort of industrial, but looks really tough. His quote is $69 new.



  4. Start by doodling around during a thunderstorm. Evolve the doodles into a tune, which is really an improvisation construct that you can play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes.


    Get addicted to the play of chords and left side vs right side counter melody. Play until the family's ears begin to bleed.


    For me there is no way to work a new tune other than playing over and over. I try to avoid the family during this painful period. My first original tune, which I like quite a bit and play frequently, was named by the family as the Ear Worm Song.



  5. I wonder how many others do this....


    I find lately that my greatest pleasure with my 'tina is not playing old or new songs that are written on paper or well known. I have a lot more fun just improvising melodies and chords.


    I call this pourch music (or in the right season firefly music) since the best thing is to sit on the pourch, maybe with a candle and some Jameson nearby, and just make up mellow tunes.



  6. This may not be the most substantive answer you get, but any chance to post a video of mine is to be taken. Here she is, filmed by Bob Tedrow before he shipped it.



    I elected for a baritone because I was having a high frequency hearing problem due to a small brain tumor which made some frequencies actually painful. The problem has releived somewhat following treatment and now I am hopeing to get a standard someday.



  7. Played for the first time at a pub. The owners stood me a Bass Ale, and then one of the patrons got me a refill. I guess by the standards of this string I finally qualified as a musician. It was a lot of fun, but this wasn't a real hard core Irish music crowd despite the Irish Pub name, and I am not sure they really connected to my playing. Now if I could do the Beatles on concertina.....

  8. This is exactly the case I use for my baritone, right down to the color.


    A little padding inside (and an extra strap for security) and it is perfect. I found a second one up for grabs on the local Free Cycle, and snatched it up for when I get 'tina number two.





  9. My baritone has 10 folds which is probably over kill. I still have to know how to work the air button while in the midst of a tune, and playing at long extension is clumsy; however I never get into a position where I am stressing the bellows by trying to eke out just a little more note.


  10. Am I a musician

    I only know one tune well enough to play in the pub.

    Sunday afternoon I played this tune.

    Later on someone came up to me and said would you like a drink, I said, pardon,

    he said all the musicians get a free drink.

    So I guess I must be a musician.


    and I'm off for my free drink next time !!





    That is a great story. That is kind of the way I feel when, instead of just listening, someone asks me "do you know ________?" I figure if they think enough of my playing to want to hear something specific, I must be doing OK.


    I posted about another occurance, the gist of which was that I gathered a crowd at a playing event, ended up playing about twice as long as I planned, got asked to repeat some songs, and in the end got video streamed to someone's family that wanted to hear a tune. That was a great night :-)

  11. When I learned to play the trombone in the 5th grade, and continued into high school, I was not a musician.


    When I dabbled with the guitar, coronet, and flute I was reaching for it.


    When I really worked at the fiddle, and started playing in public (nearly having a heat attack each time), I was getting close.


    When I took up my concertina, no lessons, no teacher, only a fingering chart, and found that not only could I play it, but all those songs trapped in my head could come out; then I was darned near close. Every time I busk for craic and get smiles, or complements, but most of all requests, I think I am darned close.


    My daughter has a music degree in low brass. If it's brass she can play it, and a whole lot of other instruments too. She can also discuss music theory and improvisation in ways I cannot begin to understand; but she doesn't really have the interest in playing for fun in public. I hopes she finds this later on, like I did.


    I suppose my real bonafides might be something that took me by surprise. When my daughter applied for the music program she had to explain why she wanted in the program. She wrote a letter explaining how she had always had had music in her heart, and had heard music and been given the opportunity for lessons all her life; how she had been inspired by her father to learn to play an instrument. She topped it off with her surprise when she found that the old man was a trombone player (before her time) just like her.


    I have that letter framed in my office.



  12. I love to busk for craic, and have been offered some coins occaisonally, which I decline and just say I'm doing this for fun. There isn't really any particulr friendly place to truly "open your case" as you put it, in Central Florida, but if there were I would really enjoy giving it a shot.


    A little later this fall I am going to join some friends from the local Accordion Club and play at a festival here. It's fun to show up with the Anglo as all the piano accordion players are fascinated by the little thing.



  13. Wow, a Rochelle goes for 370 pounds? It goes for $350 on this side of the Atlantic.


    Yeah, see? That's what I'm saying. I'm surprised to say it, but I'm having trouble finding a cheaper one denominated in pounds.



    Are we really communicating clearly? What I can buy for $350 here costs almost $600 in the UK?




    For our OP, I started on a Rocelle and moved right away into a Tedrow. The Rochelle sounded pretty good, but was very stiff (and kind of butt ugly). But it was perfect in layout for learning the Anglo.

  14. I am living in the UK at the moment. was looking on some websites which are doing special 'beginner packs'. One is a Rochelle which is advertised as £370.


    These prices seem to reflect the market quite well. None seem extortionate, and none are a smoking deal.


    I have to note that I would have expected similar figures if the prices were quoted in American dollars. Are cheap concertinas cheaper in the US, then?



    Wow, a Rochelle goes for 370 pounds? It goes for $350 on this side of the Atlantic.



  15. all I can think about when I see these prices is that I'm glad I got my custom built box from Bob in Alabam before he figgered out what they could cost.


    best of luck to you, sorry you can't keep the old girl.





    I believe Tedrow concertinas are undervalued and a good buy. As you imply, they will not always be that way [undervalued I mean, they'll always be quality :-)].




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