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  1. More or less in sequential order, I have played and mostly dropped away from:


    Bass Trombone






    Anglo Concertina (Baritone)


    I probably could pick up the trombone again without too much effort, and I recently started working on my fiddle music again, but the one I will never give up is my concertina.

  2. Best of luck to you Larry,


    Last year I had to be away from home for 6 weeks for radiation treatment. I stayed at the Hope Lodge in Atlanta. One of the very best nights I had was when, near the end of my nightly hour of 'tina practice in the fireplace room, a group of folks came in and made requests and kept me playing a half hour longer than I had planned.


    Music is therapeutic for both the listener and the performer.



  3. Dan,


    You raise an interesting issue for me. I have a psychology degree, and I am a trained hostage negotiator. This guy was hit and run, and I had no chance to talk. Of course I am not there to be a counselor, but if he had sat down and said my music made him sad, or just simply he needed to talk to someone, I would have worked with him. I knew when it happened that this was a place to let things roll off, but I always worry that I am intruding on folks when I play. Good post. This will help me remember where I am and what I am doing.

  4. Dan,


    I would never act out in the hospital. I know it is not necessarily a happy place. Didn't make it fun though. The lady who invited me to see the old 'tina was attending to her husband who had heart and kidney problems, and I gave her my happy thoughts. I have been practicing Happy Birthday, for the next time they play Brahms Lullaby :-)

  5. I'm playing my regular gig in the hospital atrium. I play once a week on a week day, but also usually play a day on the weekend. No one else plays on the weekends. I got a half dozen smiles, waves, or thumbs-up; one woman asked for some Italian songs I unfortunately did not know, and one woman informed me that she had her husband's, father's concertina and took my number so I could come by and see it.


    Then as I was about to play my final song a guy came up and said (quoted exactly) "That is the most obnoxious crap I've ever been forced to listen to."


    Well, all I said was "sorry." In another venue I probably would have said something like "Thanks for sharing that, I bet that makes the rest of your day better a** hole." I guess a lot of folks here would have told him to bugger off.


    Never had anyone go out of their way to ruin my session before.



  6. Played in a very public forum today, and got a little off track right from the start. Went right into anxiety mode, but refused to quit, so I shifted into some very familiar tunes instead of what I had planned to play. Worked out OK, and I recovered after awhile.


    As a result I got very sweaty hands, which really seem to make my 'tina's buttons go slippery. I also think wet hands (usually from playing outside in the heat) contribute to my chronic destruction of left hand straps.


    Out of curiosity I looked to see if there were any athletic products to keep hands dry. Anybody used Dry Hands? www.dryhands.com




  7. I asked Bob Tedrow about leaving the 'tina in a hot car. He told me not to leave it anyplace I wouldn't leave a small child. Good advice. I have just grown thicker skin, and I take the case in where ever I go if I have it (and I almost always have it, sort of like carrying a paperback book around). I do usually explain that I have a musical instrument that I did not want to leave in the car.

  8. When I first played for the Central Florida Accordion Club no one knew what a concertina was. In discussion they also did not think of a melodion as anything but a small accordion. The club is dominated by big old piano accordions, but I thought they'd know what other free-reed instruments were.

  9. Ran a garage sale yesterday, and had my concertina to kill time. A lady in her 70's walked up and looked at a few things, then said in a french accent (referring to my playing), "ah that brings back memories, I used to live in Paris." I started playing The Song from Moulin Rouge, and she listened for a minute then said "I must leave, I'm starting to cry," and she walked back to her car and left.


    Today, a lady (the same lady, I did not recognize her) comes back, and after a few moments says "Aren't you going to play for me?" Well I recognized her then, and played her song again. As I am doing it she turns to a lady companion, and says something like "see I told you so", and they listen until I finish, then talk about Paris for a few minutes before leaving.


    Overall, a nice experience.

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