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  1. American Tourister Train Case. You can get it on Ebay. Gut it and pad it. this is a great concertina case.
  2. For some reason, a second photo did not connect.
  3. My Tedrow baritone. Amboyna, 10 folds, brass and bushed buttons.
  4. Hi Gerry, mine is also a Tedrow baritone. Actually the infamous Youtube "enormous extension" 'tina.
  5. It's me; at Bob Tedrow's shop, and playing at the local accordion club.
  6. More or less in sequential order, I have played and mostly dropped away from: Bass Trombone Guitar Flute Trumpet Violin Cello Anglo Concertina (Baritone) I probably could pick up the trombone again without too much effort, and I recently started working on my fiddle music again, but the one I will never give up is my concertina.
  7. Is it the same sound on the push or draw? Sounds like air is getting to one of the reeds without the button being pushed. NNY
  8. Not a concertina, but my kids made me watch this and then belly laughed about how it would have been so much better with a 'tina.
  9. I feel somewhat embarrassed now about being so put off by the incident. Thanks to all of you for helping me get my mind right. NNY
  10. Best of luck to you Larry, Last year I had to be away from home for 6 weeks for radiation treatment. I stayed at the Hope Lodge in Atlanta. One of the very best nights I had was when, near the end of my nightly hour of 'tina practice in the fireplace room, a group of folks came in and made requests and kept me playing a half hour longer than I had planned. Music is therapeutic for both the listener and the performer. NNY
  11. Dan, You raise an interesting issue for me. I have a psychology degree, and I am a trained hostage negotiator. This guy was hit and run, and I had no chance to talk. Of course I am not there to be a counselor, but if he had sat down and said my music made him sad, or just simply he needed to talk to someone, I would have worked with him. I knew when it happened that this was a place to let things roll off, but I always worry that I am intruding on folks when I play. Good post. This will help me remember where I am and what I am doing.
  12. Dan, I would never act out in the hospital. I know it is not necessarily a happy place. Didn't make it fun though. The lady who invited me to see the old 'tina was attending to her husband who had heart and kidney problems, and I gave her my happy thoughts. I have been practicing Happy Birthday, for the next time they play Brahms Lullaby :-)
  13. I'm playing my regular gig in the hospital atrium. I play once a week on a week day, but also usually play a day on the weekend. No one else plays on the weekends. I got a half dozen smiles, waves, or thumbs-up; one woman asked for some Italian songs I unfortunately did not know, and one woman informed me that she had her husband's, father's concertina and took my number so I could come by and see it. Then as I was about to play my final song a guy came up and said (quoted exactly) "That is the most obnoxious crap I've ever been forced to listen to." Well, all I said was "sorry." In another venue I probably would have said something like "Thanks for sharing that, I bet that makes the rest of your day better a** hole." I guess a lot of folks here would have told him to bugger off. Never had anyone go out of their way to ruin my session before. NNY
  14. Played in a very public forum today, and got a little off track right from the start. Went right into anxiety mode, but refused to quit, so I shifted into some very familiar tunes instead of what I had planned to play. Worked out OK, and I recovered after awhile. As a result I got very sweaty hands, which really seem to make my 'tina's buttons go slippery. I also think wet hands (usually from playing outside in the heat) contribute to my chronic destruction of left hand straps. Out of curiosity I looked to see if there were any athletic products to keep hands dry. Anybody used Dry Hands? www.dryhands.com NNY
  15. One of the sets I play is all WWI tunes. One of which is Lilly Marlene. I bet that is what this soldier is playing. NNY
  16. Spent an hour playing my concertina in the atrium of the local hospital. Great acoustics. I am now on their list of volunteer musicians. I expect I'll doing it about once a week. NNY
  17. I asked Bob Tedrow about leaving the 'tina in a hot car. He told me not to leave it anyplace I wouldn't leave a small child. Good advice. I have just grown thicker skin, and I take the case in where ever I go if I have it (and I almost always have it, sort of like carrying a paperback book around). I do usually explain that I have a musical instrument that I did not want to leave in the car.
  18. Indeed. You will note that my case has the normal latch, and then a strap (actually a web gun belt) with a very robust clip over the top. My concerns were exactly as you stated. The only accident I've had with it was a tumble out of the car when the door opened. Almost killed me, but didn't hurt the 'tina. NNY
  19. very interesting look. Mine isn't sexy, but it sure protects well. NNY
  20. Just felt like posting some pics of my 'Tina's case. That's el Gallo Loco, who guards it for me.
  21. This is my Tedrow C\G Baritone. Even with all those folds I occasionally have to tweak the air button while I'm playing. With practice you get the feel about how much to increase the pressure to maintain the note even with the air button open. You can really crank out some bass with this 'tina. NNY
  22. When I first played for the Central Florida Accordion Club no one knew what a concertina was. In discussion they also did not think of a melodion as anything but a small accordion. The club is dominated by big old piano accordions, but I thought they'd know what other free-reed instruments were.
  23. .....is a good day. Just added A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square and We'll Meet Again. That rounds out a medley of; It's a Long, Long, Way to Tipperary Bless Them All Lilli Marlene The White Cliffs of Dover A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square We'll Meet Again NoNaYet
  24. Ran a garage sale yesterday, and had my concertina to kill time. A lady in her 70's walked up and looked at a few things, then said in a french accent (referring to my playing), "ah that brings back memories, I used to live in Paris." I started playing The Song from Moulin Rouge, and she listened for a minute then said "I must leave, I'm starting to cry," and she walked back to her car and left. Today, a lady (the same lady, I did not recognize her) comes back, and after a few moments says "Aren't you going to play for me?" Well I recognized her then, and played her song again. As I am doing it she turns to a lady companion, and says something like "see I told you so", and they listen until I finish, then talk about Paris for a few minutes before leaving. Overall, a nice experience.
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