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  1. Very cool. I have a fiddle book with a very large number of Civil War tunes that I play from, but they don't always translate well. I will buy your book and give it a try.


    I have spent some time sitting under a tree at the Manassas Battlefield playing Civil War tunes on the tina. Hope I pick up a few more from your book.

  2. What in particular? I assume you're asking about whether they get uptight upon seeing the concertina in the xray machine, yes?


    What I've done so far, having read such advice on both concertina and melodeon forums, is to give the security folks a heads-up when I send the cased concertina through the machine. That way they don't get concerned seeing a small box full of metal levers and buttons and all. Since a lot of people don't know what a "concertina" is, I just grit my teeth and call it a "small accordion".


    I come from a military background, and to a man my friends have been confused by the name of the instrument since "concertina" means that spiral-looped barbed wire the military uses. I usually have to explain that the wire is named after the instrument, not vice-versa.



    General Purpose Barbed Tape Obstacle and I are good acquaintances. I already planned on calling it an accordion, good to hear that helps.

  3. I joined the Florida Accordian Association and started going to monthly meetings for a venue to play. I was astounded that these guys had no idea what a concertina was, and had never seen one. I have never come across another player. Closest I ever got was someone who invited me to see the concertina that deceased grandpa had left behind. I went looking for a treasure, and found a very cheap plastic toy. As it was I could do a scale on it, which was apperantly more than grandpa ever accomplished.

  4. My brother loves the 'tina. He says it is the craziest instrument he's ever seen and doesn't know how I can play it, and he's a concert bassonist!


    He's been nagging me to have more sea shanties. Anyone want to reccomend a music book for them?



  5. I just got out from a very boring week in the hospital. I would have loved to have my baritone, and the hospital said it was perfectly welcome as long as I only played before 2100 hrs.. I just could not bring myself to risk its theft.


    Has any one used these products to secure their instrument eXomesh® Gear Bag Protectors . I think this might have done the trick.


    Mine is cased in a converted American Tourister Train Case, so the camera bag version might work.



  6. How about The Foggy Dew? It's in O'Niells, and is a mournful march written to remember the Easter Rising.




    For someone with the right rebel bent perhaps, but not a lament. This made me wonder if I Wish I Was In Carrickfergus might not work as well.

  7. I have always liked how Eternal Father sounds on my baritone C/G. I do a medley of Nearer My God to Thee, Eternal Father, and Amazing Graze.


    I have not had the opportunity to do this, and missed a chance just because it did not occur to me. Not too long ago I was a pall bearer for my best friend's monther, Kathleen. My friend's parents were proud of their Irish roots, and I wish it had occurred to me to work in a rendition of I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen. Not exactly traditional, but I think she might have liked it.

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