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  1. If my memory serves, early Lachenals didn't have reed trademark on the palm rest. Can anyone give me the exact year of the first trade mark ? edited: I came across the answer http://www.concertina.com/chambers/lachenal-production/index.htm 2. Anglo System Without trade mark = 1862–1879 With trade mark = 1879–1933
  2. I have two German concertinas. The left one is triple and the right is double reeded. I cannot tell difference by appearance. But the weight is very different. Triple one is about 1.5 kg and double one is about 1.0 kg with these example. Regarding to the sound, triple one is louder, but there are some silent reeds so I have to fix them to compare. Hope this helps. -- Taka
  3. If my memory serves, some Irish player called C/G box as "D" concertina and Bb/F concertina as "C" concertina. So, the one on ebay might be C#/G# or C/G in old philharmonic pitch ....... Aflat/Eflat I think.
  4. Japanese photographer/novelist Synya Fujiwara wtote a novel titled "Dingle no irie (Cove of Dingle)". In that novel an old Tinker named Angus who lived in small island said he made various instrument including tinwhisle, flute, fiddle, small harp ,mouth organ, bouzouki, bodhran, and concertina with available material. Unfortunately this is Japanese novel and no translation available ...... -- Taka
  5. For example, you can hear a sound sample of triple reed concertina(octave tuned) here. I thought Mrs O'Dwyer played triple reed one but I misunderstood. The example above was double reed. -- edited for correcting information
  6. Dear Neil, Thank you for your input. Viewing detail of your reedpan photo, its for 30b, not 28b. So my guess is that it was carried over from 30b standard parts for some reason (temporary parts shortage?). Anyway it is rare I think. Best regards, -- Takayuki
  7. I opened my 22b and found that there was extra space to accommodate 24th reedset but without reed chamber like above.
  8. Thank you for sharing the music and photos! More than a decade ago I purchased a limited print signed by Peter himself in which Mick Mulcahy & Gerdy Commane played together. It is mt treasure and still hanging on the wall of my room. I am very glad to see other photos :-) -- Taka
  9. Photos are in original thread ...... http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18865
  10. It is is not a video clip but I found a "Tommy Elliott with his ‘breakaway’ concertina" (pdf) in a Fig.9 of PICA #5 2005 (page27, page 12 in that pdf). It also says "Tommy played independently on each hand"! -- Taka .
  11. My guess is for clown act as Jim said above. Concertina museum has similar (but miniature) Wheatstone which has dovetailed separable bellows.
  12. Thank you for your input. As the sound characteristics, I couldn't hear any difference except for the sound volume of the 3rd reeds. People who have better hearings may notice.
  13. I recently got two Scholers with triple and double octave. Both are same in size (about 7.5 inches across the flats) and very similar in appearance but inside are completely different. Triple one has large reed plate like mouth organ nailed to reed block, and double one has ones like accordion waxed. Does anyone shed the light on when Scholer change the reed plate from mouth organ style to accordion style ? (I thought mouth organ style is older but I am not sure ......) -- Taka
  14. Thank you for sharing the photo and video clip. He is now during the Japan tour and I will take his workshop on Sunday afternoon. -- Taka
  15. Thank you for clarifying the situation. I realize why the PICA volume 10 was credited as 2013-2015. I thought, as Chris said above, concertina library might be appropriate place but I now understand the situation.
  16. In the recent ebay listings, these odd ones cought my eyes. This German one seems to have LHS of Anglo(bisonoric) and RHS of piano-duet(unisonoric). And this rare Jones has 20-button diatonic(bisonoric) core with chromatic buttons(unisonoric). I am not sure if these systems were useful in some situation, but anyway, interesting. -- Taka
  17. Thank you all for your insights. I got one from ebay and that was exactly the same to Ken's Bastari. I replaced button sleeves with 3x6 silicone tube as Geo Salley suggested in his article. The result was not so bad but some buttons, especially which has longer lever, tend to stick in. Anyway I enjoyed repair job. If I could make the new set of buttons, the replacement would be the next step.
  18. Hi, I reckon this one currently on ebay looks similar to the one in this old article. In the first photo, I think I can see the round pad through the third slot just right of the Bastari logo. What do you think about this ? -- Taka
  19. AFAIK Randy Merris collects serial numbers for study purpose (I recall I provided a few numbers to him), but maker's official ledger no longer exists. -- Taka
  20. Hi Dowright, Thank you for your insight! Your data is undoubtedly more precise. I found that two-row(20/22/24) and 3-row(26-36) are almost even. My data is quite biased... -- Taka
  21. Hi there, From 2007, I watched ebay concertina listings on a weekly or daily basis. Then I categorize this Lachenal big data (actually not so big, only 769 records, it is less than 0.5% of tatal 200,000+ production) by their button numbers. There might be some duplication(same instrument from different seller) or missing items, but here it is. As expected, 20 button accounts for the most, then 30 button. To my surprise, 24 is less than 22. I do not think it precisely reflects the entire distribution of Lachenal production, however the result was interesting to me. And that was the
  22. Amazing great! I saw rectangular origami bellows somewhere (if you googled 'Papernica' with image option, some photos will come up), but hexagonal is superb!
  23. My guess is English. The fretwork is very much looks like Stephen's Nicholds (photo [17]) but button layout is quite odd. Air lever shape, chamfered ends and end bolt shape looks like early Jones in the same page (photo [19]). And side vent reminds me of this photo of early Jones from Stephen. If anyone here (not me ) win this auction I would like to see the note layout and inside photo. Very interesting one. -- Taka edited for typo.
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