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  1. I've heard Lackenal, Latsenal, or Lashenal.
  2. The Irish Concertina Company now lists new EirĂș Concertina .
  3. I found a photo of the concertina on his website. http://akira-kita.tumblr.com/use
  4. I once heard that many vintage Ab/Eb concertinas were tuned down to G/D (I own one). I, too, am curious if it had negative effect, including retuning from old pitch to modern pitch.
  5. I cannot measure actual card size from outside of the bellows, but Frank Edgley instrument has deeper bellows than Lachenals here.
  6. I asked that company about overseas shipping. Unfortunately it is not possible at now. But they said they had similar inquires and they are considering, so maybe in the future...
  7. Japanese company "Jabara Party" sells concertina motif accessories . Double scroll fretwork seems to be based on Jones one. I recall Alex Holden made beautiful metal earrings in the past. These Japanese ones are made from acrylic.
  8. This is slightly off-topic but Red Cow Music now lists 24 button Lachenal on sale. If this is in C/G it must have c# on the extra button.
  9. I have seen German made 28 button model 3 times in the past on eBay. One of them was in C/G and rest of them were unknown key combination. The example photo is from eBay.
  10. Thank you all for the information and opinions :-).
  11. Found this on ebay. It says " The reedpans are made of Perspex " and " Perspex reedpans will not warp in fluctuating weather or humid conditions. " Perspex is a kind of acrylic. Is it good for readpan material ? Did anyone try this except for the late Koot Brits? Edited to add: I searched this forum with the word "Perspex", I understand that Willie Van Wyk also made Perspex reedpans.
  12. Just found this one on ebay. Raised portion is rectangular shape and it is new to me. Is it normal for Jones instruments ?
  13. At first, I thought it is an ex-salvation army instrument. But noticed that it doesn't have metal parts which accept band lyre. My G/D (originally Ab/Eb) Lachanal has metal parts on the LHS (see photo). Is it normal for Jeffries without such metal parts?
  14. Never heard of that too. But Concertina Connection once sold an 30 button anglo concertina (not English though) as a DIY kit. (no more available)
  15. I too would love to see the photos. I own metal ended 24 button by Frank Edgley but it is larger than 5-7/8 inch across the flat. I would like too see the difference especially in the fretwork pattern.
  16. Thank you RAc for clarifying. I understand the layout.
  17. It's not 68 button but if 55 button is enough, The Box Place currently sells one.
  18. Just FYI, there were old webpages by Bob Tedrow: How to upgrade and hot rod an Italian concertina (archive.org).
  19. McNeela music now lists new Curlew concertina along with Phoenix concertina.
  20. I might be wrong, but the bellows paper looks like Jones to me.
  21. I own one of his miniatures. The core layout is C row of C/G anglo and with C#/F# accidental on LHS, c#/f# and c#'/d' on RHS.
  22. Parallel reed pan is odd for 32 button Lachenal, but hooked action looks like Lachenal to me.
  23. Just noticed that number on the label(#24717) and reedpan(#10572) are different and this one has numbered keys. I digged my photo archive and found that #22298 didn't have numbered keys and #11513 had numbered keys. So I think whole end or label was replaced sometime and #10572 is correct. In my understanding early Lachenal didn't have reedshoe trademark (before 1878?), so I too think it is an early Lachenal. Edited to add: I just found that Barleycorn currently sells 22 button Lachenal #22301 with numbered keys. So #22298 might have numbered keys (my photo was unclear and that was my mistake).
  24. Also from ebay 2011, the fretwork is simple though the photo is not very clear.
  25. I once saw a wood end English Jeffries on ebay July 2011 (I didn't bid on it) which seemed to have radial reed chambers. The photos are not clear but through the bellows reed layout looks radial.
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