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  1. Of course! Slipped my mind, I should have remembered. Anyhow thanks - and Shalom! JanW
  2. Hi, A 32 button anglo said to be "end of 19th century ". What dopest the "PA" stand for? regards
  3. Mikael, check your messages, I sent a PM.
  4. Grattis Mikael - you beat me!
  5. Thanks Dave, much appreciated! It does not explain the different number on the paper label found on the bass side, 158745, though. /JanW
  6. Thanks Dave , I fully agree with you, and more so when I finally managed to unscrew the bass side reed pan see the photos, which is a good illustration to what you write. Here the number is divided between two chambers, giving the number of 149497, The 7 being missed in the corresponding stamping on the treble side. So, the year 1897 still stands, I suppose. /JanW
  7. OK I now have a Lachenal anglo from approx late 1897. BUT, the plot thickened as I, on unscrewing the bass side discovered a crumpled label I had not seen at first: 158745. This would give a treble side from 1897 and a bass side from 1898 or even somewhat later. As soon as I have managed to unscrew the bass side with screws in one piece, as of now they are stuck as in welded, I may determine if the label number corresponds to any number on the reed plate. I'll keep you posted.
  8. OK, friends, thanks for good advice, here are my comments: Here's some photos. Responding to Takayuki: Yes it's the latter, and, see photos , it's 14949(x) And, responding to Seth: Judging from earlier entries from Dowright, my instrument would be dated to 1897, see below. Anglo No. 197411 made in 1926. No 174914 - circa 1903 Anglo No. 183566 dates to circa 1910. Anglo No. 174914 - circa 1903 Anglo No. 151069 - circa 1897 Anglo No 149300 1897 Anglo No.147189 is from circa 1896 Anglo No. 144430 in 1896 Anglo No 128130-
  9. Thanks Seth! And your instrument is indeed an anglo and not an English (With, I suppose, another numbering system)?
  10. Just bought this 31 button Lachenal anglo. serial number 14949. Judging from earlier entries this would mean early 1890ies. Or am I completely wrong? Best regards to all, thankful for every bit of history here.
  11. Better than what? Are you selling it? Your avatar suggests that you play some sort of concertina... anglo or duet? I have no idea what those numbers on the bellows might mean. Definitely not the serial number (which can be found stamped inside), since Lachenal serial numbers for duets never went beyond 4 digits. Hi JimLucas No I am not selling. I was referring to better bids as to my history theories.
  12. So, what's this then? A MacCann Duett with the patent nr 4752 (MacCann?) stamped onto the wooden handle bar. But as to age and other history i am lost. It was bought in an auction in Sweden recently and probably belonged to the "Salvation Army immigration" wave to Sweden around the turn of the century 1900, not later than 1910. Any better bids? Ahh yes it also has a number stamped into the left side outer rim of the bellows, 181 0 71. Any clues? thanks
  13. Hi all, Selling my 1 1/2 year old Rochelle anglo concertina: 30 b C/G. In good shape More info here: http://www.bandoneon-maker.com/nieuwe_pagina_31.htm Demo on youtube: One mod made: c#/d# (RH 1stB outer row) has changed bellows directions. HAS NOW BEEN CHANGED BACK TO ORIGINAL. Excellent starter instrument. Selling as I'm moving up to a Sherwood. New price 260 euro inkl shipping in EU-land. My price: 200 euro (or bid) shipping not included. Included is original gig bag and tutor. Mail or PM me The Liraman
  14. Thanks Ben Otto. I found the layout already, but the youtube film was a first. Great! My question about the drone button was because some players alter the drone to suit some other key they usually play in.
  15. Correct! But it is quite low for this one. Looks like a great instrument, but I never get used to the Ebay ways. Yesterday (2nd of June) the item was up to 520 USD. I placed a bid which never showed up and even the 520USD bid doesn't show in the bid history. It doesn't really matter now as it has jumped to over 600USD but it seems odd... As this instrument has 40b does it have a "drone" button? And what's the button layout as to notes over the more common 30b? The liraman
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