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  1. This book was re-issued by the EFDSS under the title : Classic English Folk Songs http://folkshop.efdss.org/Books+and+Publications/Classic+English+Folk+Songs.html Enjoy! Paul.
  2. Yes. I have been using it for a couple of years now. It does all that I need, and more besides. Good at the price. Although there are no facilities for importing/exporting files in any other format, the promised version 2 will be able to handle ABC files. Paul.
  3. I concur. And one piece is definitely more than enough to do TWO 48 stud concertinas, both key bushes and key cross-hole bushes.
  4. I don't think that is a diatonic instrument. Looks (and sounds) like a Duet fitted with thumbstraps instead of handstraps.
  5. Is it possible that this was originally a Duet and it has been converted to an 'Anglo'.
  6. Michael, Have you tried John Boddy? (http://www.john-boddy-timber.ltd.uk/) Paul.
  7. I am also left-handed. I play ECs, so I have a truly ambidextrous instrument. I do find I support the Right Hand end on my Left leg when playing, however, a position for my left arm that feels more natural to me as I also play piano-accordion. I have always thought that left-handed accordion and melodeon players had the advantage of supporting and 'working' the bellows with their stronger arm. Paul.
  8. At the risk of stating the obvious, it very much depends on the vocal range of the singer, and the range of the song. For myself, I often find F to be a good singing key, and it can be played fairly easily on a C/G anglo especially if you are mostly playing chords and not too much melody. I have a baritone in F/C which is nice for singing with. I appreciate that one can play in various keys on eg C/G but what home keys do people prefer on their concertinas. It would be nice to have an array before me but I haven't If anyone can direct me to any CDs or YouTube clips I'd be grateful I know Steve Turner told us in a workshop he likes a lower timbre. Brian Peters and ( I think ) John Kirkpatrick use an Anglo Tenor /Treble for accompaniment and I know people who play fiddle and sing to that, equvalent to the RHS of the Anglo I suppose I'll just have to mess around with a keyboard to see what suits the keys I like singing in. (F, C, Bb, Eb, Dm) I commented elsewhere that I find it very hard to join in with hymns f I go to funerals or weddings in church but not at carols in our South Yorkshire pub sings (piano or electric organ or best unaccompanied). I wonder if the church kicked out the village bands and their keys when they put in organs, or was it choristers that replaced the congregations chosen keys?
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